Special Weapons and Tatics Army Closes Their Doors

Mammoth, Former SWAT Army Capital – After being a constant top three army for months, the SWAT Army have finally shut their doors. Recently being led by Badboy, Zeer, Apollo, Ganger, Taco and Lights, SWAT Legend BadBoy has called this generation to an end and a finishing end to the SWAT Dynasty.

At SWAT’s final event, just four days before it’s official shut down statement, the SWAT with posted pictures had maxed around 45+ and averaging 40+. This event was shortly after Apollo’s reported retirement from Club Penguin Armies.

The SWAT Army's Final Event

The SWAT Army’s Final Event

In the midst of their closing, the SWAT Army has faced several allegations twice against themselves multilogging. The question of the SWAT Army closing had been determined as their time was done. However the SWAT had boomed off the beginning of their generation averaging around 20+ at first and engaging in various wars, most notoriously their conquest against the Army of Club Penguin. The SWAT had seeminglessly won the war and swiping all of the ACP’s servers. Despite their multilogging allegations, the SWAT Army had stabilized themselves as a powerful army. Below is an excerpt from the SWAT Army’s officially shut down post by BadBoy:

From the day we were created, we were a force to be reckoned with. Originated from a group of rouges on the server Mammoth way back in 2009, the Special Weapons And Tactics Army became one of the most feared and legendary armies in Club Penguin Army history. Out of those rouges emerged legends, along with troops who would go on to lead other legendary armies in their careers. There has never been an army with such will and such perseverance to become better and thrive in this community. Some would say they know exactly what it means to build an army from the bottom, but none know as well as the creator of SWAT, Ganger90.

Ganger started his career with SWAT, and from that day on, he never looked back. Although he is known for his work in other armies such as the Warriors and Golden Troops, he made his mark in SWAT, and he did it in a big way. He led this marvelous army to victory in wars other leaders dream of winning. He took down armies like ACP, IW, DCP, the Nachos, UMA, and many more. You can’t explain how much he has done over the years for this army and how much of an impact he made in this community. Ganger90 will always be remembered and will always be the air to this army’s success over the past six years.

For years we would say we had unfinished business, and I’m proud to say that our business was finished. Ganger Taco, and I made a promise back in 2012, and that was to get SWAT back to 1st on CPAC. And this year, we did just that. We were robbed of participating in this year’s Christmas Chaos because of biased CPAC staff and haters around the community jealous of our success. Through all the false claims of us cheating, we stuck together, and as a family, we grew, and we stayed a world power for three months straight, won multiple wars, and unleashed hell. This final generation of SWAT, and arguably its best, will never be forgotten.

I, myself, can’t explain how extraordinary this army has been. We have always been the underdog in this community and we have never faltered. I am so lucky to have grown here and have learned from Ganger, and I am so honored to be a part of SWAT history. He has truly made me into the leader I am today. And no matter what CPAC or anyone says, Ganger is a CP Army Legend and will never be forgotten.

I have managed to grab a quick interview with SWAT Legend and Leader BadBoy on his words on shutting down SWAT


Interview with SWAT Leader and Legend BadBoy


Why did you shut down SWAT whilst it was doing well?

Because I felt like it and armies are about to die so I would rather have SWAT closed in the glory we recently reached instead of dying the hard death CPA is headed to

What were your intentions?

It gets boring when 21 year old ceos and acp faggots areconstantly yelling multilog at you when legitimately every major army has been exposed except for WV

Do you have any last words?

Burrs a faggot



What are YOUR thoughts on SWAT’s shut down? Could’ve the SWAT done better? What do YOU think? Was it for the best? We want YOUR opinions down in the comments below!


CPA Central Associate Producer



17 Responses


  2. they’ll probably come back again in like a week.

  3. didnt they just come back

  4. See you soon

  5. tax posting on cpac??? what year is this????

  6. Why the heck you dont check my posts before? I made this and it wasn’t approved

  7. summary: “we got number 1, a feat that no other army as grimy as swat has ever achieved. also, cpa is dying because i say so and i’d rather have everyone last memory be of me and swat rather than legitimate armies. insert swears.” -badboy

  8. It’s tax lol what do you expect

  9. You forgot a lot.

    Firstly, I announced a retirement from SWAT in order to quit without it being to harsh. Two days ago I rejoined WV and I then leaked SWAT’s list of multilogs, thus causing a shutdown for SWAT. After that instance I was removed from legends page on SWAT.

    Majority of this post was from Bad’s closing post on SWAT, poorly structured with very little detail.

  10. “special weapons andtatics


  11. LOLS

  12. That was too quickly to shut down the SWAT, l thought this would last longer the golden age one back when l was 13-14 in 2011-2012? I think… I guess not, but l had a feeling that it once beat the size, but sadly shut down – l could’ve rejoin but l did help you @ your event before this was happening. Sad to see SWAT go, good memories.

  13. Bias.

  14. I found out that SWAT’s shut down might actually be a fraud so that badboy and ganger could restart a new army in a new name. It’s not as much as wwebeastfan leaving IW I didn’t remember to create the DCP but after 6 years he returned to IW and then retired. And please Badboy do not talk to CPAC like that, especially one of our DCP leaders who are now at CPAC(Lord West I think) We bid you farewell SWAt and hope you’ll have a new army that never multilog or frame our army just because someone has the same name but have wordpress as proof they didn’t multilog. Example My brother has almost exact name like me on DCP which is Ryanly2930 and since I know that everyone would frame me for multiloging and get kicked off DCP, I decided to actually say to him to play DCP but not join an army. I hope the retirement is your lesson Badboy and Ganger. And hope you won’t end up like Blue Miner Army just like how they formed an alliance to defeat us and then you showed up joining their alliance, nearly shutting down yourself by giving us all your servers except for Summit.

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