Light Workers Merge Into the Rebel Penguin Federation

On December 6th, the Light Workers Army have come to a decision to shut down and join force with the Rebel Penguin Federation. What does this mean for the Light Workers?

The Light Workers have come to a conclusion to shut their doors for the better good. With their remaining troops, the Light Workers merged into the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Light Workers had peaked 8th in last week’s edition of the top ten with the Rebel Penguin Federation at 5th, with the new merge things seem promising. The Light Workers had fallen into a state of inactivity and loss of troops and key leaders. Light Workers Leader Maxime had stated this on the SN site:

Today, we got defaced. And I hereby shut down the Light Workers of Club Penguin. We are now merging into RPF and giving them: Matterhorn,Caribou,Bobsled and Rocky Road.

mustas pic.png

The Light Workers were created just a few weeks ago although it is unclear who the leader was in their first generation. This generation had seen sizes reach as high as 15+ reached and reaching the lower parts on CPA Centrals top ten. Below is statement left by former Light Workers Leader Wenny:


According to Maxime, it seems as if the Light Workers had been under constant instability and several issues. The Light Workers had seen the lost of several troops, inactivity, and the several quick retirements of leaders. As a final result, Maxime, the final head of the Light Workers declared themselves dead and merged the rest of the Light Workers in to the Rebel Penguin Federation Army. Below is a quick picture of the Rebel Penguin Federation facing against the Dark Warriors in the Christmas Chaos:

The Rebel Penguin Federation rather being a stable army and peaking sizes of over 30+ occasionally combined with the Light Workers 15+ may reach up to over 40+ this new generation with the merge. The Rebel Penguin Federation had become victorious in the tourney along with the recent disqualification of the Dark Warriors. The Rebel Penguin Federation heads in next round in gears and with open arms accepting the rest of the Light Workers remaining.

So what do YOU think of this latest merge? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation now reach greater heights? Was the end of the Light Workers necessary? We want YOUR opinion! Comment what YOU think down below.


CPA Central Associate Producer


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  1. Wtf does SN have to do with LW…

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