Freezie Banished From Dark Warriors Following Multilogging Scandal

FROSTY, DW Nation – After a rather cynical response to our most recent Multilogging scandal post, of which Dark Warriors were the main army of interest, a former Dark Warriors Legend found himself banished from the army he once called home.

Just a couple of days ago, we released a Special Report that proved the Dark Warriors guilty of multilogging during the qualifying round of our Christmas Chaos Tournament against the Ice Warriors. The Special Report mostly called into question Freezie66, former DW leader, who assisted the Dark Warriors in the battle. Due to this, the Dark Warriors were disqualified from the Christmas Chaos tournament. You can read the full report conducted by DrMatt, CPAC Editor-in-Chief, here.

From denials to apologies, we’ve seen just about every reaction to an incriminating Special Report. However, the response post we received from Freezie, former DW legend, was anything but predictable. You can find an excerpt from his post below, or read the full post on the Dark Warriors site here.

I did multilog Ooodledoodle on Sunday. I have no shame whatsoever.

This community means nothing anymore. I condone multilogging, rebel from the incognito governing body that is known as CPAC. They’re the failures of this community, not those who multilog. They have had the influence of armies for a long time, and have never acted.

Freezie66, DW Legend

However, this subject of this post isn’t about Freezies reaction to CPAC so much as DWs reaction to Freezie. Almost immediately after Freezie publicly announced his position on Multilogging, he was banished from the army and stripped of his legends status. The decision was announced by Crazy, DW leader, in a post appropriately titled “Freezie66 Is Banished.”. You can find an excerpt from Crazys post below, or read the full post on the DW site here.

Freezie66 is banished from everything DW related it is as if he never joined this army. Thank you and good day. Let this be a lesson to you all, DW does not condone mulitlogging the slightest bit.

– Crazy, DW leader

In unison, Toysoldier, former DW leader & legend, also posted on the DW site consolidating Crazys decision. After being on DW chat following the two posts, I witnessed the Dark Warriors respond in unity. The entire atmosphere of both the Dark Warriors chat and their site make the message clear – the act of multilogging isn’t condoned under this regime. You can read the full post made by Toysoldier on the Dark Warriors site here, or read an excerpt below.

I have banished Freezie from DW. He has been caught multilogging, and that’s unacceptable here in DW. We try to keep armies fun for everyone, and Freezie doesn’t seem to understand that.”

– Toysoldier, perpetual DW legend

Now, we want to know what YOU think! Did DW made the right decision banishing Freezie, or did Crazy take it a bit too far? Is Freezie right to condone Multilogging? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below! 

El Gobbito the Magnificent

CPAC Dungeon Hegemon




19 Responses

  1. It feels really fucking good reading “Multilogging is bad” on a site that isn’t CPAC.

  2. I think he holds the record for being banished the most times, and Toy holds the record for banishing the most people.

  3. What an idiot. I thought Freezie was actually smart. But, after I read his post.. oh man..

  4. I’ve been ‘on leave’ this past week and this happens.. but DW will keep going on.


  6. Freezie, the real question is why did you multilog?

  7. I loved Freezie so for me this is very disappointing and I mean that I am in him right now considering how nice he was towards me too

  8. Says the DCP girl

  9. Why did Freezie have to go and do this?

  10. what does that have to do with anything?

  11. DCP multilogs, just like DW did. And don’t even say there isn’t proof, because there’s tons of proof.

  12. some ppl nvr lrn.

  13. cmon- id like to see one of your comments that isnt autistic. pls stfu

  14. that doesnt mean I multilog or that i encourage it. Infact I am very much against it so again just because im in dcp doesnt mean anything in this circumstance

  15. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: – Ghost Trooper Club Penguin and commented:
    This is YOUR enemy. Fight for what is right.

  16. Are you crazy??? Crazy cannot banish Freezie come on, what do you expect?? Can he? I’ll be shocked. Freezie has full power and he is a great leader in DW, all time. But this, l don’t like it… That makes my brain messed up and being banished will not be happening and it won’t be true because he will be back after awhile like you guys did with the other DW legends.

  17. Because Toy doesn’t like what DW legends do, and half of the troops before him.

  18. he’ll be back as all the legends who get banished, i don’t see the point. #freemyboyfreez

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