December @ CPAC

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa that you celebrate, we will be providing you all with a joyous experience this month, which will include some original classics, as well as brand new and original concepts geared to keeping you all entertained, interested, and most importantly: engaged.

With snow falling, days ending sooner, and calendars being marked for the big day, as well as excitement for over a week off from school, here are some of the events to keep you coming back for more before, during, and after the holiday rush of this season.

Christmas Chaos Tournament


The famous tournament, now in it’s 5th year, is one of the biggest tournaments of the year, as it is an army’s last shot at proving they are the best before the end of the year in a series of huge battles. This one is more straight forward, and throughout the coming weeks you’ll be seeing an interesting tournament unfold. We’ve already seen two huge upsets, with the Cumshooters and Gigi Hadid winning their first round matches, but there is certainly much more to come within the coming weeks.

CP Army Servers Release

The CP Army Servers, which is the official CP Army Private Server, will be releasing very soon, and just in time for the holiday season. With a tremendous server capacity, and the ability to host a large amount of combat all at once, the CPA CPPS may certainly be a revitalizing effort for Club Penguin Armies. The release, which is at the time of writing only 4 days away, is certain to be an outstanding event, as it has been over a year in the making.

End of the Year Awards

The End of the Year Awards, which have been one of the most exciting ceremonies for the past few years, can only truly be matched by the Person of the Year voting, however in specifics, the End of the Year Awards highlight the accomplishments of leaders, soldiers, and the hardworking staff of CPA Central. Our voter turnout increases every year, and we hope that with the immense excitement, we will be seeing even more involvement in this year’s special event!

Advent Challenge

The annual Advent Challenge, which awards viewers for their daily consistency as well as knowledge of CP Army and CPAC history, is back on this year, and is already, at the time of writing, on it’s second day! The Advent Challenge is evolving as a classic, and improving every year with the development of new and better mechanisms of functionality. The Advent Challenge has a new question every day, and the winners earn raffle tickets that can be used at the end of the month in a drawing for xats, powers, or other prizes.

Person of the Year

The Person of the Year awards, a la Time Magazine, commemorates the most significant figure to defining that year, be it the best leader, the most loyal legend, or the greatest villain. Our past winners have been Waterkid100, Elmikey, and Flipmoo, and with the 4th year of this award, and while we’ll be interested in seeing who the public thinks defines the year of 2015, or as it can be referred to, the age of Multilogging. Will this year’s winner be a great leader, or a shocking antagonist? It’s been decided by actions, and voting, along with CPAWM deliberation, a victor will be chosen.

List of Dates

The List of Dates, which will be making a grand return this year, is something that most of you will not want to miss. This provides a list of every single important event that occurred during the year of 2015. This is an extremely large project that is worked on by a large amount of staff workers. For those looking to reminisce and those who love nostalgia, this is definitely something that you’ll enjoy, especially if you’re hopeful to recollect on some of your great actions this year.

Top Ten of 2015

Keeping constant with last year, the Top Ten Armies of the Year will be released again this year. This is a list compiled from every single Top Ten in the year of 2015 that details who was able to hold dominance throughout the entire year. This was a fan favorite last year, so we are very excited to see even more positive feedback this time around. We all are aware who the power players were, but we’ll be leaving it all up to the statistics!

Are you excited for December @ CPAC? Comment down below!



CPA Central CEO


15 Responses

  1. lol cool


    sorry i spilt hot coco everywhere

  3. No Christmas Graphics? No Christmas Site Hunt? 😦

  4. I always love it when the awards come out (WARY) #LoveAwardsForLulzM8t

  5. M8tes* oops lols that fail

  6. Noob Of The Year 2015 is gonna be good lols

  7. Its clearly gonna be Phin tho

  8. LMFAO I know she isn’t stupid like some people like to think but I can agree with noobiness

  9. The graphics are a given, and shh it’s a surprise!

  10. im looking forward to it

  11. I agree. The heat SWAT is receiving right now from CPAWM for multilogging is indeed “HOTHOTHOT”.

  12. no fuck u phin will be person of the year with her salads

  13. Phin for spokesperson of Pillsbury

  14. Mach, been a while bud but gosh l can’t wait to see the coax graphics… I need my collections to be filled in after l see it, in my photobucket! Miss you man!

  15. u read my mind

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