CP Army Central Advent Challenge Day 2

Welcome to the 2nd day of the CP Army Central Advent Challenge. Each day, CP Army Central and SM Army Press will feature a fun activity on both sites. These can include things such as Hangman, Graphics, Trivia, Who am I? and other fun things. 500 Xats will be given away each day on CP Army Central, likewise 500 xats will be given away each day on SM Army Press. You can enter the days contest three times, your first three times will count.

Winner for Day One: 2FUNKY3

Please Private Chat me on at any army chat or Kik me at thatkidmatt127 for your prize. Congrats!


Day Two: Trivia Challenge

Which army has held #1 spot the most out of 2015?


Good luck to everyone who enters. This contest will continue until December 25th, meaning between CPAC and SMAP – 25k xats will be given away.


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


22 Responses

  1. Which army has held #1 spot the most out of 2015?


  2. Water vikings

  3. Drmatt could you please give bepboy9 these cats and tell him to use them for WV.

  4. wv wv wv wv wv

  5. doritos

  6. WV

  7. And if I get anymore from now on can you do this also? Thanks.

  8. WV

  9. Sadly, Doritos.

  10. I will do that when I am home.

  11. WV or IW

  12. Doritos

  13. DW

  14. and yes of course i would vote dw lol :$

  15. Doritos 😀

  16. Actually this is my final answer —————————
    these are the top 3 armies that have maintained their spots

    1T- DCP
    1T- IW
    2 – DW

  17. DCP and IW tied with 13 top tens
    DW with a close 12

  18. DCP

  19. ACP, opps I thought you said 2009

  20. Oi I’m the one who handles the xats :@ You ask me boy

  21. how did u get 2009 from 2015 lol

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