Katie Crowned New WV Leader

FROSTBITE, WV Empire – In an unexpected move, the Water Vikings coronate an active owner (but a novice leader) into a commanding role. Katie is the newest WV leader, bringing their current leadership count to five.

The promotion was first announced when Bepboy9, longtime WV leader, published a post on the WV site. The post started off with statements from both Bepboy and King Funks with words of high praise for the newest WV commander. It concluded with a statement from Katie herself, showing gratitude for the rank.

Below is an excerpt from Katie’s portion of the post. You can read the full post, with testimonials from Bep and Funks, on the WV site here.

I couldn’t ask for a better army to lead, especially alongside these amazing leaders. Lastly, to all of the people who have watched me get here, thank you so much. You have all inspired me, taught me many things and helped me get to the point of leading this amazing army.

Katie’s career started in August of 2014, when she found herself on the IW site after seeing an Autotyper. Katie remained active and loyal in the Ice Warriors for nearly a year before achieving the rank of 2ic. However, Katie found herself unable to recognize her home army during the King Funks-Andrew24 leadership dispute earlier this year which left IW heavily divided. Alongside many IW owners such as, Mortico, Pham, and Funks, Katie departed from the Ice Warriors for the first time since the start of her career and joined the Water Vikings.

Joining the Water Vikings was one of the best choices, Katie has made. She was apart of the biggest ongoing Water Vikings generation yet. As WV were hitting great sizes and rising quickly during the summer, she also found herself quickly rising through the ranks. She had soon become one step closer to leader, after achieving LIT mid summer. Since Summer, Katie has patiently waited for the day she would  become leader. Finally she has been granted leader on November 29th,2015.

One of recent WV events.

A recent WV event

Katie has gotten much support from all of the troops throughout the army. Everyone feels that Katie will do great as her role as leader in the army. Everyone also feels that after waiting for almost 6 long months, she’s truly deserved the title leader.  Now the Water Vikings main focus is on their ongoing war with the Ice Warriors.

What do YOU think? Will Katie fulfill her role as leader? YOU DECIDE! Comment YOUR opinion!


CP Army Central Rebel Commando


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


37 Responses

  1. To Katie, I apologize that our interview couldn’t be included. My computer had an issue with the hard drive right before I copied it into the post. My entire computer was rebooted. Everything that was on it, specifically the contents of our interview, was lost. Again, I personally apologize.

  2. You’ll do great. Grats

  3. was this rly postworthy… ffs SOMEONE GOT LEADER. LETS MAKE ANOTHER USELESS POST!!! gj cpac

  4. is she cute

  5. we do army news, i dont know what you were expecting.

    sorry, if we start reporting news on donuts and pork chops, ill be sure to let you know

  6. No problem, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to put that all out there, in any form. 🙂 Thank you Gob!

  7. Katie was a good owner in the Ice Warriors and Water Vikings so she deserves this credit of which not many females in this community have been able to achieve, congrats 😀

  8. A new leader in the number 1 army? yes.

  9. I’m a vegan

  10. if you eat nothing but animal food, there won’t be any animals left tho

  11. congrats!

  12. ayeee lets go katieee

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  23. LMAO

  24. Yas Queen slaaaaaay

  25. See Katie? What l told you before that you would have gotten leader before me? See? You didn’t wanna earn leader and you asked me to get it before you, well ld like to but l didn’t do anything in Wv after l left for a long time, but lm coming back. It’s nice that you’re now a leader Katie, l hope you did well with the WV and family. You deserved it.

  26. I didn’t ask you to lol. I said I was nervous about it . And this was before you retired for so many months. Anyway, thank you!

  27. Thank you Chip. 🙂

  28. Thank you!

  29. I try lol. Thank you!

  30. Thank you!

  31. Lolol. Love ya Maid ❤

  32. Ayyyy kill ’em Tesss

  33. Don’t forget to tell the leaders that I’m rejoining, l really need help please. Almost every leaders has ignored, ask or has been busy lately. Please, for the lord of god. If does, l need to ask about adding back to site… got so many ideas lol! :mrgreen:

  34. And l did NOT retired Katie, l temp retired. Remember that? I told you that and l told you that I’m coming back this month. Check my first comment before this.

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