Top Ten Armies: 11/29/15

NOTE – Major edits have been made in the bottom five of the Top Ten, and corresponding edits have been made on SMAP’s Top Ten.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After the holiday weekend for the US, as well as the opening day for the Christmas Chaos V tournament, this Top Ten features some significant shifts in positions. 

1. Water Vikings [+0] [81.00]

2. Doritos [+1] [80.27]

3. Special Weapons & Tactics [-2] [75.00]

4. Army Republic [+1] [68.63]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3] [62.00]

6. Nachos [+3] [59.00]

7. Mission721 [NEW!] [56.54]

8. Light Workers [NEW!] [53.73]

9. Ice Warriors [-3] [53.50]

10. Dark Warriors [+0] [51.00]

To see the full statistics, click here. *

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  • Special Weapons & Tactics – 15 points (Multilogging)

*-Due to an oversight, Mission721 and Light Workers were left off of our original Top Ten.


1. Water Vikings: Water Vikings kick off the week maxing 46+ at a training session. They follow up by maxing 48 in the Invasion of Summit, in which they successfully rob the Doritos of their capital server. WV goes on to average 40 in the Defense of Christmas, and max 35+ in the Defense of Grizzly. The army also invaded Mittens and Winter Land, maxing 36-37+ in both battles. Water Vikings won the first round of the Christmas Chaos, in which they averaged 33 and reached a maximum of 35.

2. Doritos: The Doritos had their first event of the week defending their capitol, Summit, against the Water Vikings. They had sizes of over 30. In retaliation, the Doritos spearheaded four invasions against WV on November 24th. The two AUSIA invasions, Mittens and Alaska, saw sizes of of 20+. The two US invasions, Grizzly and Pine Needles, saw sizes of 30+. However, the next day was no less active for DCP, invading three servers from WV, averaging 25+, before concluding their war with WV. The Doritos concluded their week with an unscheduled AUSIA event, seeing sizes of 30+.


3. Special Weapons & Tactics: SWAT began their week with an effort to expand their nation, invading the server Northern Lights, with sizes of 45+. Later that same day, SWAT invaded the server Crunch, averaging sizes of 35. On the 23rd, continuing their nation expansion, SWAT invaded the server Cold Front, averaging sizes of 35. On November 25th, SWAT faced an unlikely foe in the form of a bot raid on CP during their invasion of Polar Pear, despite this, SWAT still retained sizes of 40. In their final event of the week, SWAT invaded the former LT capitol Ice Box, achieving sizes of 40+.


4. Army Republic: Army Republic had a very busy week with many battles from its war with Rebel Penguin Federation. First invasion of the week they claimed to max 22, and the next day took Big Foot from RPF with 16.. They continued by having a “double battle” against the RPF, reaching 19. For the Invasion/Defense of Beanie they maxed 20 and on the same day invaded Sparkle and maxed 18 with no one to face. AR had its first unscheduled AUSIA in weeks where they got 8 on CP. They maxed 20 during the battle for White House, and then a surprising 43 at the invasion of Tuxedo. Finally, they ended their long week by facing the Nachos in a practice battle where they maxed 25+.

5. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebels had a hard week with their war against Army Republic. Their week began with their defense of Walrus where they maxed 18. Next they logged on to reclaim Walrus and Zipline, reaching a top size of 15. RPF attempted to take back Beanie from AR in which they maxed 8, later taking back Sparkle and maxing 15. RPF’s last battle that week was against Dark Warriors for the Trump Cup, during which they maxed about 25.

6. Nachos: The Nachos logged on for 6 events this week. First was their UK training on Fjord, next day cleansing Sleet from its empire by maxing 20. They recruited at the Ice Berg with sizes of 10 and then averaging 12 on the same server the following day. And finally, the Nachos win it’s first round in Christmas Chaos against RF in which they reached sizes of 25+.

7. Mission721: The Mission721 open their doors this week to the community, starting out with an AUSIA training session in which they maxed and averaged 12, then held another AUSIA training session where they maxed 14, averaged 13. The Mission721 army maxed and averaged 15 at a UK training session, then held an AUSIA tactics session whilst maxing 14 and averaging 13. An unscheduled AUSIA training session was held in which the army maxed 16, averaged 15 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.29.59 AM

8. Light Workers: The Light Workers began their week with an unscheduled UK training session in which they max and average 8, then they saw a max 17, average of 15 troops at an unscheduled UK recruiting session. The army then had a UK training session wherein the army maxed 15 and averaged 14, then held a US invasion of Matterhorn where a max of 7, average of 6 was reached. The Light Workers held an unscheduled AUSIA training session where they maxed 15 and averaged 7, then had a UK training session, maxing 13, averaging 12. The army invaded Rocky Road with the help of the US division, maxing 13 and averaging 11, then held a US training session where they maxed 30 and averaged 25 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.28.48 AM

9. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors squared off against the ACP in their first event of the week, maxing sizes of 16. On November 28th, the Ice Warriors held a training event on the server Husky, achieving sizes of 30+.

10: Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors with tons of changes in its ranks come up with 2 events this week. Starting off with a battle against Redemption Force and averaged 19 for the first ‘Trump Cup’ round. They ended with a UK training session for Christmas Chaos which they maxed 18.


weekly poll

As the year ends, the Christmas Chaos begins. This year is no different, as we now are underway with our fifth installment of this highly competitive tournament. This week, we asked you, the viewers, who you think will win the Christmas Chaos V. The most popular option was “Other”, with 32.83% of the vote. The next favorite was SWAT with 26.77%, followed by the Water Vikings with 18.69%. The Doritos, who surprisingly lost in the first round, had 15.66% of the vote, while the Army of CP had 6.05% of the vote.


New polls released every Sunday!


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPAWM Associated Producer


CP Army Central Resident Surgeon



45 Responses

  1. I once got over 30 dislikes on a comment.

  2. Good work WV. DCP keep on faking your ausia :P!

  3. Goob job WV & AR!

  4. UMA Should be here

  5. Why the light workers aren’t to your top 10??? On smac, our score was 72 and if u have over 60 u go to cpac!!! wtf???

  6. rip acp

  7. It does appear to me that Light Workers had much higher sizes than the ACP? Maybe this should be checked up upon @zakdude

  8. Once again, this atrocity continues to happen

    Cpac logic: oh they multilogged again well lets just deduct 15 points this time! That will teach them!

    You made a 2000 word post explaining your reasoning as to why swat has multilogged only to deduct 15 points? You claim that your evidence is solid but you refuse to just ban them from the top 10? They still screwed over every single army other than dcp and wv. Like I said, you are promoting cheating by not banning mutilogging armies from the top 10. If swat can do it and achieve a rank in the top 3, what’s stopping every single army from doing the same? The funniest part of your post was that you were blaming swat for multilogging, yet you are feeding them the tools they can manipulate to ensure any spot within the top 5. What was your motive behind publishing that post again? To ruin swats rep? Whats the point in rep when they can fake 30+ troops. You can all celebrate with jubilance all you want, but unless you all take action and realize who is really promoting this abomination, things will never change.

  9. I like swat faked the poll too

  10. Mission721 needs to be calculated also.

  11. Please calculate for Mission721 and the Light Workers.

  12. Good job Nachos! Back to the top 3 next week! 😀

  13. ONLY 15 points? Are you kidding? CPAC might as well put up a post saying “we now condone multilogging” because CPAC either don’t give a shit or they don’t want to use effective punishment against cheaters.

  14. I might just go to each army and tell them to multilog or offer to multi log for the armies myself. Why not? The only possible risk is that there’s a small chance you’ll be caught and deducted a miniscule number of points on the Top Ten.

  15. There’s a new army being pulled for multilogging every week. Yet CPAC continues to deduct no more than 10-20 points from said armies, even though it’s CLEARLY not doing anything to deter multi logs. Does CPAC genuinely think a 10 point deduction is an effective punishment and deterrent, or are they too scared to take any real measures against cheating and hacking in their tourneys?

  16. I’m glad that other people are seeing the big picture here. Lets establish a multilogging army

  17. yup. ima b temp retired frm armies… school n shit. still visiting xat doe. CMON IW GET BACK 2 THE TOP

  18. The only army that could probably get away with multilogging is if someone made the “Newbies of CP”. Then no one could use lack of stamps/items as evidence for multilogging and you could say they’re all new players.

  19. Sure, I’ll talk to you on chat later about it

  20. How is dw ahead of us when they were originally behind us? ?

  21. I just hate Trader. Now ACP had to say good bye and go to SMAP

  22. lmao XD

  23. I once got more than that but I blame nulls and shit for that

  24. LMFAO

  25. I think Toy came back

  26. What good does a multilogging army even do though?

  27. I can’t see any production from that

  28. They should lose half of their points lols

  29. What the hell kind of a name is Mission721 lmfao?

  30. I might need to give some people a piece of my mind when I visit on the 6th of the upcoming month too

  31. lol

  32. … nobody asked

  33. I’m gonna declare war with Mission722 lol.

  34. This is what happens when we cant come up with any more names. We just throw up words and numbers lol

  35. do I give a fuck, no

  36. ^ lol this kid

  37. There are 721 pokemon in existence. The entire army is about recruiting Pokemon people and bringing them to Club Penguin.

  38. Not seeing ACP on here.

  39. join the Star Wars army today at
    to join follow the directions on the site at the bottom post
    hopefully we will be in the top ten this week

  40. i mean top ten on SMAP not CPAC

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