Christmas Chaos Weekend One Recap


KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – The first official weekend of battles in the Christmas Chaos tournament are over and we’ve now cut sixteen armies down to just eight. Read more to find out who those eight armies are, and what happened in each respective battle.

Anarchists Cooled Down With Water Cannons

The first battle that took place this weekend was the Anarchists taking on the Water Vikings. Heading into the battle, the Water Vikings were a clear favourite not only to win this battle but to win the entire tournament. The Anarchists however, were feared dead – a fear that was confirmed due to them not showing up to fight the Water Vikings. As a result of this, the Water Vikings advance via forfeit.

Hero’s Fail To Use Powers Against Ghosts

The second battle saw one of the newest SMAP armies, the Heros – going against the Army Republic who won one of the last couple of CP Army Central tournaments – defeating many different armies to win the CP Army Central Back to School Hunt and Kill. The Army Republic went into this battle as the favourites and just like predicted, the Ghosts managed to defeat the Hero’s earning them a spot vs. Water Vikings next week.

Gigi Hadid Starts Fire After Burning Doritos

In one of the biggest upsets of the tournament, the Gigi Hadid Troops logged on in full force in order to take on the Doritos of Club Penguin – an army that was another favourite to win the tournament. The community was shocked at how the Doritos failed to get the sizes that they are used to receiving in the beginning of the match up despite getting bigger as the event went on. In the end, Gigi Hadid managed to pick up a huge upset win due to many questionable formations that looked unclear on the behalf of DCP.

Nacho Army Serves Up Salsa To Redemption Force

The winners of the Champions Cup, the Nacho Army are the army to beat right now due to the fact that they are the current CPAC Tournament champions. Predicting this match was a close toss up between both armies due to the fact that both appear to be on a significant rise. In the end however, the Nacho Army were able to bring home the victory on their road to winning a third CPAWM tournament in a row due to the fact that they had bigger sizes and better tactics throughout the battle.

Cumshooters Erect Past Their Opponents

The SWAT and Cumshooters match up was supposed to open day two of the tournament but was called off due to the fact that it was revealed the Special Weapons and Tactics had indeed multilogged in order to get their seed in the tournament. In the interests of keeping the tournament fair to all of the other armies involved, the CPAC administration decided that SWAT should be disqualified as a punishment for multilogging leading to the Cumshooters advancing.

Dark Warriors Melt The Ice

In another battle that could have gone either way, and by far the most unpredictable battle of Day Two was that of the Dark Warriors vs. Ice Warriors. Following a recent multilogging investigation of the Ice Warriors, the army saw quite a fall whereas the Dark Warriors have seemingly been able to stay out of multilogging trouble and retain high standards. Due to this, the Dark Warriors were able to win in an extremely close battle.

Army of Club Penguin Blinded By The Light

Yet another army that was originally seen as a favourite to win the tournament, the Army of Club Penguin saw itself lose to the Light Workers. The battle saw the ACP get quite a low size with Light Workers managing to be the bigger army at times during the battle as well as having better tactics. This match also saw the return of exposed multilogger and former ACP leader, Trader to an ACP event as he attempted to help the army secure a victory – but this unfortunately didn’t happen.

Rebel Penguin Federation Rebels Against Snowmen

In the final battle of the tournament, the RPF vs. Snow Ninjas (a late seeding) – the Rebel Penguin Federation saw a very easy win against the Snow Ninjas who put up minimum resistance while the RPF enjoyed one of the biggest sizes in the tournament. The battle saw Elmikey return to lead the RPF forces into battle against the Snow Ninjas. The Snow Ninjas then debated surrender on their chat as their second in command, Tryme decided he would go off and watch football.

Will the Water Vikings be able to wet the bed sheets of the ghosts? Will the Gigi Hadid be able to handle the spice of the Nacho’s? Will the Dark Warriors darken the cum? Will the Light Workers be able to blind the rebels?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


16 Responses

  1. LMAO WHAT? a huge upset against DCP ???
    are you kidding me LOL
    B I A S
    > when zing and antonio vote for bs armies
    (zing and ant’s autistic level is over 9000)

  2. No one called Ant judged the battle? It was Me, Mach, Gobby and DrMatt

  3. omfg u moron, first of all, I’m an SN leader. Second of all, I forfeited cause SN would lose anyway. Shut up you biased piece of shit.

  4. Things I found funny in this post-
    1.Will the Water Vikings be able to wet the bed sheets of the ghosts? 2.Will the Gigi Hadid be able to handle the spice of the Nacho’s?
    3.Will the Dark Warriors darken the cum?
    4.Cumshooters Erect Past Their Opponents
    Zing for CPAC CEO.

  5. “Will the Dark Warriors darken the cum?”


    Anywho, this was a great weekend of battles and I know my army had a lot of fun. Next week we’ll be up against WV….. not gonna be an easy one but it will be a fun battle. Also gg SWAT. Aand funny how either elm or silv always re join RPF right when a big tournament is about to start. None the less if we beat WV, i’m coming for you RPF. 🙂

  6. but are you seriously going by the instance that some 6 man army (filled with helpers) beat the army that maxed around atleast 30?
    Include some pictures in the results and well see what it really looks like

  7. 1. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vane or I’ll get Rocky to reign down on you.

    2. You’re a pretty shit leader then aren’t ya?

    3. It’s not about the winning, it’s the taking part blah blah blah

    4. Quote a line of this that was bias

  8. WOOOOO!

  9. …Pretty sure ACP never maxed 30, and at times – Light Workers were bigger.

  10. ZING 4 CEO. This post was written perfectly. Fuck the biased claims. Butthurt? Deal with it somewhere else.

  11. “at times” so the army full of helpers should really be counted over the actual army itself?

  12. Ya. Marina get your head out of your ass already?

  13. Eat my dick fag boy, go get bent by zing and the rest of you tools LOL

  14. …Can I eat some of your dick?

  15. You probably say that by the experience you’ve had with Musta, xD.

  16. Light Workers were consistetly higher in size than ACP. Neither army maxed more than 13, so I don’t know where you’re getting the number 30 from.

    As for DCP, that battle was honestly embarassing for DCP. I was told DCP originially planned not to log on at all, but decided to anyways. It’s a fair excuse for their poor performance, but if you’re army didn’t perform at its very best, can you blame us for voting for an army that did?

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