Editorial: Why An Army Can’t Kill An Army

Klondike, DrMatt’s Office – Today we are looking deep and thinking real hard. Why can’t an army kill one army? Even though we say it in all of the declaration posts. Can we actually kill an army?

Almost in all Declaration of War posts, we see that an army always says that they will destroy and kill the army. They always say that they will make the army suffer. But honestly, can we really do that?


No it’s impossible to actually “Kill” an army. We cannot kill them in real life, and if someone did that it’d be insane. We also cannot kill them on Club Penguin.  The least we could do on Club penguin is throw a snowball at them and they’d say “OW”.

Neither less, taking an armies server doesn’t necessarily kill the army. Yeah so what, an army lost it’s server. It’s not like the army lost itself. You see where i’m getting here in this post? If an army doesn’t have a server then it doesn’t affect them. Armies could still rise no matter what. Server or no server. They could still log on any server and have an event. We honestly take armies so seriously. That I think we forget that we can’t actually bring an army to death. An army can go on without servers. Simple as that. Though they wouldn’t necessarily be considered an army, they’d be something thought, right?


But then let’s not forget we have the server map dilemma. For those, that are unaware of what I am talking about. Last week I have made an editorial on why the server map never works. Feel free to  read it on CPAC site. Armies claim that taking one another server brings the army down. But as i’ve said in the previous post… ALL ARMIES HAVE SAME MULTIPLE SERVERS. Literally 5 armies share one server. It’s constant fighting over who owns who.

Then it’s claiming victory, just by claiming victory. Some think that just because they won a battle. Hasn’t necessarily brought an army a step closer to death. At this point who even knows who wins events anymore besides tournaments. We just both claim victory or armies don’t admit defeat.

In conclusion of this post. Yes, one army can’t kill another. But an army can be put to death itself, if someone shuts it down or if the army clearly has no troops. That is the end of this post. I hope you all enjoyed another editorial by the one and only DrMatt. Feel free to comment your opinions!


Editor in Chief



16 Responses

  1. nice post

  2. back when every army showed up to the majority of events, it was possible to steam roll an army with events to the point where they couldn’t manage.

    its how structured armies would beat hype armies.

    then some idiot got the idea to ignore entire wars, everyone else followed, now battles are becoming extinct

  3. Why do I have feeling this has to do with DCP’s 5 invasion a day quota to get servers back?

  4. LMFAO

  5. I was that idiot. Flexes


  7. Actually, war can kill an army. It may not be through stealing servers, but to suck the motivation out of them. A good example would be the ‘fun’ WV vs DCP war when DCP lost a lot of motivation and lost tons of troops. (Go ahead and deny it) Another good example would be the NDA war where WV got tired out. Although, pulling out of the verge of death just barely, it did struck us hard.

  8. I agree, but since when has that happened?

  9. bc dcp sucks arse 🙂

  10. While they can’t completely 100% destroy them- I hold the theory that they may be able to exhaust an army and disinterest less committed soldiers. Easily the biggest example of this was the Black Wars against ACP.

  11. lol i said nice post and i got 2 dislikes :/

  12. Somebody remembers my old phrase

  13. actually this kills DCP dignity

  14. so what your saying is armies are all about gaining a good top 10 spot, practice battles, “wars” where the opposing armies fight for a week battling it out on cp/xat and banning each other on their respective chats until the war no longer makes sense/has a point(as it ever did) or it no longer satisfies both parties taking part, and my favorite training/recruiting sessions? 🙂

  15. Content: 6/10
    Language and Structure: 6/10
    Overall: 6/10
    While this topic hasn’t specifically been beaten to death yet, I think pretty much everyone has given it some thought. So, in order to make the post meaningful, you need to think a little bit beyond an average person in CP armies. It really would have helped to take a look at the outcome of a recent war, specifically the losing side, to see exactly how it affected them.
    There are a few words in here that don’t make sense. You started a paragraph with “neither less” when I think you meant “nevertheless”. Be sure to proofread for obvious mistakes like using a period instead of a comma.

  16. The only thing that could possibly destroy armies is Anonymous lmfao

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