Top Ten Armies: 11/22/15

As the annual Christmas Chaos tournament prepares to start, we bring you another Top Ten. This week we see a large shake-up throughout the Top Ten, as every single army has changed positions. There is also a short message at the bottom of this page that I highly encourage you to read.

1. Water Vikings [+1] [85.86]

2. Special Weapons & Tactics [-1] [80.93]

3. Doritos [+3] [70.97]

4. Army of CP [+1] [68.48]

5. Army Republic [+2] [61.57]

6. Ice Warriors [+4] [56.50]

7. Redemption Force [NEW!] [54.50]

8. Rebel Penguin Federation [-5] [48.33]

9. Nachos [-5] [44.50]

10. Dark Warriors [-2] [42.00]

To see the full statistics, click here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.


1. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings scratched in a total of 8 events this week. First, they raided Summit and maxed 30. Later that day, they invaded Patagonia with a top size of 33. Next, WV had a training session and peaked at 31 troops online. Their next event was a UK training session where they maxed 36. A couple days later, they invaded Polar with sizes of 43. At the invasion of Skates, the Water Vikings topped off at 41. On Saturday, they invaded Christmas, battling the Doritos and claiming a top size of 45+. Their last event this week was a training session where they maxed 45+.

2. Special Weapons & Tactics:  SWAT kept active this week with 7 total events, starting with their UK invasion of Belly Slide where they maxed 30. At their legends induction ceremony, they reached a top size of 38. Next, SWAT invaded Sleet and topped off at 33 troops online. They maxed 30 at their invasion of Ice Rink, then 37 during an invasion of Crunch. SWAT’s UK division then invaded Rainbow with a force of about 33 troops. To conclude the week, they maxed 35 while invading Glacier.

3. Doritos: The Doritos begin their week with a US training session in which they maxed and averaged approximately 40+, then held an AUSIA training session in which they maxed 32 and averaged 30. To finish off the week, the Doritos had a US battle against the SWAT whilst the latter maxed approximately 35+.

4. Army of CP: ACP had a busy week with 8 events. First, their AUSIA division trained with 17 troops. Then, they had a UK training session and maxed 22. The next day, ACP trained with a top size of 28. At another AUSIA training session, they topped off at 28 troops online. They maxed 21 during a practice battle with RPF, then 20 for a training session later that day. Next, ACP’s UK trained again, this time maxing 23. On Friday, they logged on for another UK training session and peaked at 14.

5. Army Republic: The Army Republic held a US training session to begin the week, maxing 15 and averaging 10, then held a US recruiting session where they maxed 12 and averaged 10. The Army Republic maxed 14, averaged 12 at a US raid of Snowboard in the middle of the week, then invaded the aforementioned server the next day with a max and average of 19 and 18 (respectively) with the assistance of the US division. The army then had a US invasion of IceBound where they maxed 14, averaged 13, then held a US invasion of Zipline from the RPF where they maxed 16, averaged 14. Near the end of the week, the Army Republic held an unscheduled US training session maxing 20 and averaging 19 to end the week.

6. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors continue their rebuild this week, even though they’ve only had one event this week. Their only event this week was a US training session in which they maxed 34 and averaged 31. Although the Ice Warriors find themselves in between a rock and a hard place, they aspire to rise back to the top.

7. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force re-opened their doors to the community this week with only one event this week, that one event being a US training session while maxing 26 and averaging 25. The Redemption Force may have had only one event this week; however, as time goes on they are working to build up their strength to face the challenges in the next week ahead.

8. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF has been at war with Army Republic this week, and logged on for 4 events. They began with a UK practice battle against ACP, maxing 14. Then, they faced AR on Snowboard and claimed a top size of 15. RPF maxed 12 during their defense of Icebound, and 12 again while defending Zipline, which ended their week.

9. Nachos: It was a slow week for the Nachos, who only had 4 events. They kicked things off with a UK training session, reaching a top size of 12. Then, they marched on Ice Berg and maxed 13, followed by a recruiting session on the same server. On Friday, the Nachos’ UK division trained with 13 troops.

10. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors only had two events this week, which was a UK tactic/training session in which they maxed and averaged 15+, then they had a UK event that served as a sendoff for a Chip, now a retired owner from the Water Vikings, the Dark Warriors maxed 15, averaged 13 at this event. Even though the Dark Warriors only had two events this week, they are rebuilding, and as time goes on, they continue to have their sights set to be a force to be reckoned with.


A Message from the Chief Executive Officer

In the past few weeks, we have released four special reports that have called out armies for multilogging. If you haven’t realized already, it’s now out of control. The purpose of it is to make an army look bigger, but all it’s doing is creating the facade that armies are better than they actually are. Our community is slowly fizzling out. If you want proof, look at the SM Army Press Top Ten. Six of the armies are led by the same person. Outside of those six, we have fourteen armies in all of Club Penguin Warfare. Fourteen. Compare that to previous years, where we’ve had upwards of thirty. Competition is dwindling to a minimum. All cheating will do is worsen that. It’s time for us as a community to step up, to revive competition, and most importantly, to stop acting like little fucking babies. Don’t take this experience for granted, because I promise you that you are.

I encourage every single troop, every single leader, every single sentient being in this community to chase success. I encourage you to do it with honesty and with enjoyment. If you want to create an army and achieve success, then do it. Don’t hold yourself back. This community doesn’t have to die. It only will die if we let it. Let’s make armies fun again.



CPA Central CEO

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Philosopher/Historian


136 Responses

  1. First! Booyah :mrgreen:

  2. 3rd? second?

  3. I love our army ❤ Congrats on 1st guys.

  4. yesssss im second

  5. cool

  6. @ RF’s pic “straight outta the dojo” lmao

  7. First

  8. nice job SWAT. we’ll take 1st back this week. 🙂

  9. Great message at the end. Great job WV for getting back on top. DCP.. just keep on multilogging. Pathetic. Watch me get at least 10 dislikes because of Musta, he’s gonna spam dislike this with 10 different proxies

  10. Second :mrgreen:

  11. 9th!!!!!!!!

  12. Congrats to all armies in the top ten, glad to see AR is coming back. Great job to WV getting such a close score to SWAT and beating us! We fell behind this week and we will just get back

    Towards those who are still ignorant to notice Verum’s gone from SWAT and we don’t cheat, you’re the reason this community is cancerous. This community is cancerous because you guys just yell “MULTILOGGERS!” or “CHEATERS.” and “_____ CHEATED TO BE AT THE TOP.” And in the end it’s YOUR army that cheated. But most of the time your army can’t even get 30 on CP.

  13. As if the your note at the bottom will actually change anything, Zak. This community has seen dozens, possibly even hundreds of messages similar to that, and what’s changed as a result of them? Absolutely nothing. The only way to truly change things is to do them yourselves, because nobody else will.

  14. You expect us to stop multilogging but you’re not going to deduct points from or remove from this list armies that are multilogging?

  15. stfu. no1 gives a shit about your bloody opinions.


  17. DW will rise up this week, count on it. Good message at the end but let’s see who takes it serious.

  18. musta doesnt even know what PPTP is i doubt he can use a proxy….

  19. Last time I checked you went emo over my opinions about you

  20. im not emo. and idc what ppl think about me…….

  21. Mustas retired

  22. I agree with the message at the bottom. that’s why I emiled cp to fix the multiple tabs open per computer glitch. If they fix it that will end multilogging as we know it so I hope they fix it :3

  23. Good job, you’re going to kill your own army

  24. Don’t worry Nachos, we’ll be back in the Top 5 next week!

  25. lol shoutout to all those faggots who said i’d make WV fall #matteffect2k15 huh

  26. I’ve made an army. We’ve only had one event this week but we got quite a few on. I’ll try to make a few more events next week.


  28. SWAT still multilogging hardcore… it’s very sad.

  29. this community deserves to die, seeing all the multilogs in the top 10 made me sick

  30. agreed

  31. Where the hell is UMA? RIOT RIOT RIOT

  32. Zach still complaining that SN can never be good… it’s very sad.

  33. Armies are dying.

  34. Instead of god damn complaining about how armies are dying, enjoy its last moments. Stop whining and feeding negative information and enjoy it while you can.

  35. Leaving a message at the bottom of a post won’t help stop multilogging.

    CPAC could start by deducting more than just a minute 10 points for multilogging.

    “CPAC aren’t army poleec!!!! XD”

    No, they aren’t. However, they are in full control of the Top Ten and tourneys so they have the right to remove cheaters from the competitions. If armies have gotten to the point where they’re mockingly referring to CPAC as army police for simply removing cheaters from their competitions, then it proves that CPA is taking CPAC far too seriously.
    CPAC need to stop passively allowing armies to cheat and tarnish their top tens and do something to flush out cheaters from this website.

  36. Also, has anyone noticed that the halloween gfx is still up?

  37. Phin, I have a couple of words for you and I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say this.
    1. No one likes you, seriously no one. You have no friends and you are one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met in my life.
    2. You act like you are superior to us and you actually know something about coding and shit, but in reality you’re just an idiot who had her nudes leaked and trying to be someone you’re not. Face it, everyone in this community knows they were yours and it doesn’t matter how much you deny it, people are smarter than you think.
    3. The word “pretentious” isn’t even enough to describe you. Please, do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up.

    Yeah you might say I was harsh on her but she deserves it, this dumbass needs to learn that she’s not better than anyone here.

  38. For once the whole Top 10 looks relevant again for a week lmfao

  39. Ain’t that the cold truth

  40. LMFAO

  41. Yeah if you mean SMAC

  42. Smgdh

  43. Shots fired though oh jeepers

  44. I laughed hard at that

  45. Raped the haters once more

  46. But, you retired!

  47. Kill em Cul my man

  48. it shouldnt have to take me laying down a fucking law hammer for the community to not act like fucking idiots and gain some common sense

  49. miscommunication between us & gfx people
    i’m gonna lowkey tear my fucking hair out because of it

  50. zak pls

  51. tell me about it

  52. gibe de pusi pls

  53. ken i habe hamburger pls

  54. It always bloody has, if you haven’t noticed in your near 8 years here. Lay down your “fucking law hammer”.

    Multilogging is like athletes using preformance-enchancig drugs, unless the punishments are severe, athletes will always use them.


  56. nachos suck anyways…

  57. and youre over your comment limit again l0l

  58. If Phin was Emo who cut herself, the world would reek of McDonald’s, loneliness, and regret for years to come.

  59. Coincidently, PPTP is also the initials of Phins afternoon snack.

    Pork, Pork, Tacos, Pork

  60. to celebrate, you should convince your masters at seaworld to give out free tix !!!

  61. um no. PORT TO PORT TUNNELING PROTOCOL and i dont like tacos

  62. ok. I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU HAD TO SWITCH TO CAPS. somebody, get this thing a snickers bar, quick

  63. candy is gross…

  64. so r u, but u don’t hear us complaining about it

    …o wait

  65. hmm americans are gullible asf

  66. You’re not British, you’re a fat chick from Texas

  67. poser une question… wtf is a seaworld

  68. actually i am british you bloody bastard. texasvpn m8

  69. no

    you’re not

    fucking idiot

  70. ur home planet

  71. shit nvm, you ARE your own planet


  73. england is actually


  75. stfu noob

  76. ey b0ss i habe de cancer

  77. dont joke about cancer aquabluenoob.jk -hugs aqua-

  78. wtf. bitch starbucks is my life lol. idek what mcdonalds is

  79. and gay ;P

  80. It’s funny because you’ve commented ten more times than he has!

  81. C’mon tell me about what you know about computers.

    Tell me

    Oh you’re gonna google it~ ok!

  82. u ruined the joke… –.–

  83. we can both agree tht half the community is immature, annoying like gobby and chip, and needs to pull their heads out of their arse…..

  84. I disagree with you partially but you’re right about Chip he can be immature

  85. ya l0l. he thinks his comments actually mean something. [this is my opinion anyways]

  86. For once I get support I cri with happiness now (WARY) and most of those old comments were very stupid but the ones I made prior to the end of 2014 werent even close to as dumb

  87. Also it wont affect me If I go over 10 a few times

  88. lmfao. your comments are my favourite bc I always die laughing XDXDXD

  89. (WARY)

  90. The new header looks weird

  91. Ohh gosh you made it look like an Ipod, yep the obsession is real (WARY)

  92. Corny and the purple penguin I don’t like

  93. if u go into the system32 file on windows7 u can change stickeykeys which lets u bypass passwords. and no i didnt google i just know this bc unlike u i do my research in tech class. but i use the teach-yourself books from the library. pretty much all i do during holiday and half term. same for xmas break m8

  94. I actually meant black penguin with purple tie btw Lols

  95. want more- see phineas iw fb

  96. musta and his multilogs be downvoting me

  97. Maybe if people would not curse so much then we would actually get somewhere too

  98. But you know like they say that is just my apparent opinion, nottt

  99. what does cursing have to do with anything tho..

  100. phin does ur fb send or have nudes? musta is willing to pay 10k xats to cyber mmmm hot.. obese parrot kids turn me on

  101. Don’t joke about cancer omg

  102. Phin, you’re a fucking moron. I hope you fucking die. Go on, continue calling the cops on me, I’ll tell them how psychotic your bitch ass is. ~brad

  103. Phin, kill yourself. I hate psychotic morons. Go tell your mom to call the cops on me, I give 0 fucks. No one in this community likes you. All of the shit you get is because of your own actions. Stop blaming others and calling the cops for no reason. I’m tired of this shitty community. People who act like you should just grab their computer and start slamming your face against it. ~brad
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  104. i dont care lmao

  105. hey. stfu



  108. Typical

  109. Children are on this crap

  110. Melodramatic!

  111. That’s what my fans say

  112. Lol, Sorry the first post didn’t show at first. (the first one didn’t count but you’re from texas btw

  113. Lmao

  114. no im not. I SHOULD KNOW WHERE IM FROM

  115. Whoah that was quite much

  116. LMFAO thats also kinda too far there

  117. That I can agree with

  118. Okay first of all this goes to everyone involved with this comment war here. But everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their own lifestyle. Importantly, we live in different countries many of us obviously. Now if you’re going to go as far as to try and talk shit about somebody over where they may or may not live, you can’t simply be taken seriously because that is pathetic. Additionally, people have different views and beliefs, most of which are more relevant than others (Saying the irrelevant are those of anal nut jobs and dingbats). Plus, this is considered in every way Online Harassment which is in some places a crime, whether you all can accept the truth or not. You simply can’t judge somebody’s intelligence over the internet or what type of person they are, completely, because you can’t actually tell how they are actually feeling about anything unless you’re chatting through a fucking webcam, obviously or just a chat where you can hear people talk but can’t actually see them in person, too. One cannot simply call themselves superior over somebody else without legit factual evidence, in this case from an educational stand point. You don’t know everything about somebody’s entire life and especially outside of CPAC or Xat, but no instead people act fake and like foolish ignorant buffoons by making up excuses and jokes just to talk shit and disrespect others, which makes those look like they are the ones lacking of common sense. Those of you probably need to take a Psychology class if you’re really this immature and clueless. It’s not like you have their legit personal information either so just shut the hell up and learn how to act people, for heaven’s sake. Get your heads out of the gutter. Also, nobody gives a darn when anyone thinks of each other in the first place nor do they really wish to believe it in any way, obviously. Simply, mature, grow up, act responsible for once, get a life, and focus on real life goals. You must not be concerning yourself with other people for who they are or their issues that they may or may not have. Welcome to the real world and that’s the truth. But on an important note, most swearing makes you look like a doofus bitch. You’re welcome negative Nancys kthanks. Stop making excuses for everything and work your ass off so you can actually make it in life because it’s not just going to come to you without effort, hard work, energy, professionalism, and competence. I know the difference between what is right from wrong just as I know the good from the bad brains here. Thank you for your time. #ThisShitIsAbsolutelyDisgusting

  119. You’re actually rational so its okay lols

  120. Agreed

  121. If Cpac knows that an army is multilogging why do they put them in like 1 or 2. and then suddenly theres a message that says they dont tolerate cheaters.
    this is pointless.
    This community will better off die anyway. i’d rather CP destroys us than dying of multiloggers

  122. NEXUS!

  123. Just shut the hell up already no one cares

  124. No, the dislikes represent how people hate your stupid comments.

  125. whens the top ten coming….

  126. yeah… ur right

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