Army Republic Initiates War on Rebel Penguin Federation || Army Republic Take SnowBoard

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Empire – For the past weeks, the Army Republic have been very quiet while hovering around the bottom half of the Top Ten, but things have now taken a sharp turn, with them having recently launched a a huge war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. 

Two days ago, the Army Republic leadership announced that the army would be declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, both former world power armies who have been struggling recently. Ace, Army Republic leader, published the declaration of war yesterday on their website, stating that the reason behind the war would be due to nothing except for the fact that they “need some hype”.

We’ve been having great events recently, but the AR needs some hype as well as some bloodshed to calm us down from hunger of battle. We have nothing against the RPF, but we’re hungry for war. Let’s have a fun war shall we?

Following this, the Rebel Penguin Federation swiftly responded with a fierce statement, declaring: “We may give them 4 feet of Tuxedo. But that is where they shall be buried!” The following day, November 19th, Nikunj67 released a post which stated that the army would now have a focus recruiting, as the army is not prepared to lose yet another war to the Army Republic, their long-time enemies.

Yesterday saw the first battle in the war, this being for the RPF server ‘SnowBoard’, and it ended in an Army Republic victory. While the Army Republic hit acclaimed sizes of 18-19, the RPF only managed to muster up a less competent size of 12. With strong tactics, the Army Republic battled the RPF in both the Snow Forts and Ice Berg. Below is a picture taken mid-battle, with the two armies engaged in brutal combat.

This lead to the Army Republic taking victory over the RPF, and army legend Elmikey surrendered the battle. It is also worth noting that the RPF failed to post the results of the battle, but are now preparing for the next battle later tonight, in which they hope to win by a large margin.

With the first battle of the war now over, and many more battles still scheduled, the direction of this war seems to be set in the Army Republic’s favor. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation seem keen on proving themselves and could potentially turn the war around in the weeks to come. This is a developing story and here at CPA Central, we will keep you updated.

What do YOU think? Who will win this war? What do you make of the Army Republic’s first victory? Can the Rebel Penguin Federation turn things around? Comment with YOUR opinion below!

Mister Max

CP Army Central Vice President



11 Responses

  1. I made a post about this before, but it wasn’t approved…

  2. RPF’s gonna win

  3. RPF needs to rebuilt so I guess AR will come out victorious in this war.

  4. I think flame is throwing his overweight weight around. I think AR will win and no RPF cant

  5. On behalf of the Army Republic, I would like to commend one of RPF’s leader, Clout, for having sportsmanship, giving AR a good fight, and despite some RPF owners being against the idea of a “friendly/fun war”, Clout has remained friendly to members of the AR who occasionally visit the RPF chat.

    Unlike some other RPF owners who are quick to insult and be disrespectful to AR troops even when not at battle, Clout has not done any of such unreasonable acts. It is important that everyone in the community remembers that this is all a game, and wars are for fun, something which Clout has been able to do despite his relatively short experience in our community. Sportsmanship is also a prerequisite for the battles we have to work. Many army leaders lack this today, refusing to surrender even when the results are clear. Even in RPF’s war with the Nachos quite recently, Clout surrendered the war, something which many members of RPF have criticized. In reality, that is a noble action to be proud of, something to be commended, and those who did not do so ought to be ashamed.

    Hate-Wars are unnecessary, and to prevent the cancer of this community from spreading, I strongly believe that individuals such as Clout should be praised and recognized.

    -Superaalden, The Fluffy Sheep-
    AR Legend
    S/M Army Legend

  6. Another hater?

  7. Oh wait you are Gordon. Lmao.

  8. So much for that. Lol.

  9. you say he but clout is really a she!

  10. Content: 8/10
    Language and Structure: 9/10
    Overall: 8.5/10
    Good coverage, only things that could have been added are some specific notes on each army’s performance leading up to the war, and maybe an interview.

  11. The war is over.

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