Summer on Club Penguin Armies,Good or bad?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – With the Summer now over in many places in the world, the best moment for enjoying time with your friends due to the lack of intervention in your day at the hands of school. While no school seems as if it would be a good thing for the community, it’s not all pros.

When it’s summer, the troops/warriors have more time to dedicate to Club Penguin Armies. Or so you would thing. This isn’t always the case however, for example: a family has a son of 10-12 years old. They want to go to the beach at 2:00-3:00 of EST. When this happens, the user can be demoted or fired because of not attending to the events. Basically, family planning of events usually always come before armies and things such as holidays would help to eat away at the time you have to spend playing.

Not everywhere in the summer have places such as beaches that you can enjoy and therefore it makes it more likely that family planning won’t come in the way of Club Penguin Army schedules. This is typically a reason for armies being able to host golden ages through July and August – more people off school with more time available.


The Summer time in Club Penguin Warfare helps to generate a lot of excitement due to the fact that there is more people in each army which leads to more exciting battles. For example, a battle pitting the Dark Warriors against the Ice Warriors would be much more exciting to watch with 60 troops, as opposed to 30.

On the over hand, there are reasons for the summer being a negative. Other reason as a disadvantage is that summer is full of big celebrations, like Christmas, or Hanukkah in some parts of the world. That takes more time off to do the battles. Anyways, sometimes there aren’t battles when this happens. However, when it’s your birthday, unless you are a legend, leader or a high owner rank, the battles are still there, so you have to miss it to enjoy the time with your friends.



  • Golden ages start to appear in almost every army
  • People enjoy each time more to battle
  • School can’t stop us to battle
  • Free time


  • If your family has a beach close, then you will have to miss some events
  • Big celebrations may interrupt our possibilities to attend to battles
  • Possible demotions because of this two reasons above

While the summer time is exciting for most, it’s not always the best thing for Club Penguin Armies as has recently been noted by the lackluster 2015 Summer.

So, what do you think? Are there any others advantages or disadvantages? Do you think that summer is good? Why? Why not? Make me know in the comments box!


 CPAC Reporter In Training


20 Responses

  1. Bay for your first post on CPAC. I’m very proud of you. Last year you were just learning how to speak English and now you almost fluently know how to speak English! Proud of you.

  2. Great post, considering the fact that you’ve only started learning the English language, and that you’ve only just started posting. However, you might want to fix where it says Christmas is in Summer.
    It makes sense if you’re in Australia but I mean.. it’s pretty confusing for everyone else.

  3. hey what type of walkers is that in ur pic

  4. I would honestly have to say that the Summer for Club Penguin Armies for the year of 2015, being that I was still in armies until April and still involved with this community alot until the end of July, was half and half when it comes to it being good or bad because of many things. Let me point out the good things first since I have made alot of negative comments lately about this community. The first good thing was that some of the jerky people retired for good or simply left. Next, More armies got bigger sizes than usual throughout. Additionally, CPAC improved a lot more, too. Furthermore, I finally permanently retired. The last good thing is that we are starting to see the reality of this community. Now the first bad thing is that there have been multiple multilogging scandals. Next, there was the botting from the Light Troops army of course. Then, there was the Nachos losing size and almost dying multiple times. Additionally, there was the coups. The last bad thing has got to be when Badboy made fun of a baby that wasn’t living, but good thing he did the right thing to apologize for that and he’s cooler than you think. This community overall in my complete honest opinion is half good and half bad. There are the fair players and then there are the cheaters, along with the abusive and disrespectful egotistic jerky pricks, too. This community isn’t completely hazardous but it might come close if some of us don’t learn how to act. I know this for fact. Stop the multilogging, abusing of troops and retirees, botting, ddosing, doxing, hacking. defacing, insulting, grudges, and the disrespect of others for who they are and maybe this community would get somewhere again. Get real and be legit and serious people because kids are not going to join your armies if you keep showing Negative Nancy attitudes and constantly swear. Set and example for the children and be realistic, and thank you very much. 😀

  5. Classic Lays ‘bruvvv’. i aint no english man

  6. And another disadvantage would have to be arrogance too

  7. LOL

  8. Autocorrect?

  9. bayleef4CEO

  10. Bayleef, your skills in philosophy are growing and they’ll only keep growing. You’re doing an excellent job, and from what I hear, you’ve been making progress on learning the English language. Bayleef, I’m so proud of you.

  11. Agreed

  12. I want to thank to the community for all this support! I had that mistake on the page, thanks Analytic for telling me, because I’m from South America. Anyways, that can apply for Ausias.
    Thanks again 🙂

  13. u lost me at Christmas in the summer

  14. Wow I was actually thanked for something that had to do with another CPAC post, interesting and all those 10 times I got rejected when applying for CPAC seem more bullshitty every day now don’t they? :O

  15. Lmao

  16. Set an example, oops, Lol

  17. I thumbed up this and didn’t even read it! 😎

  18. I havent been around cpa that long but i know that I enjoyed the summer of 2015 in DCP with a short period in LT. In the summer i saw dcp reaching sizes of 50+ constantly and at one point 95+. we beat an entire allience on our owns and we had a great group. The fall hurt us alot. Many troops including mustapha himself became to busy with school and other activities to continue on. And no one should get demoted for not attending an event if they had a valid excuse. and as far as birthdays go i not only went on for my birthday but i got mod that day so i dont see the problem. And at least then there wasnt a post every week on cpac ¨exposing¨ a new army for multilogging. So i dont know if its just me but i loved the summer in cpa

  19. They reached those sizes through multilogs

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