Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War on Nachos

Tuxedo, RPF Empire – After being defeated from the Champions Cup by the Nachos. A lot of tension has risen that has sparked a war between the two armies.

It was only a week ago when the RPF fell to the Nachos in the Champion Cup semi finals. This was a huge unexpected victory for the Nachos who will be facing the Water Vikings later today. It was only until yesterday the RPF have declared war upon the Nachos army. You can see the declaration below.



Many RPF have been getting bored and want war. Therefore the RPF leadership decided there is no better thing to do other than a classic RPF vs Nachos war. This war will benefit RPF in many ways, as we’ll gain a lot of servers, and it will be fun.

RPF states in the post that they mainly declared war out of pure boredom.  They consider this war a “classic” war as RPF and Nachos have had previous wars in the past. Almost all invasions are AUSIA and UK. They have also set up rules towards the war and says that if any of the rules are broken the Nachos will lose their nation. You could view that Here  .They also say that the war will benefit them as they believe that they will gain a lot of servers.  They have set up invasions starting tomorrow on the 8th of November.

The Nachos have not made a statement on the war. They have only responded by raiding the capital of the RPF.  RPF did show up to the raid as well and both sides claimed victory as each sides got a max of 12+.


RPF and Nachos at the raid of Tuxedo.

Both armies have taken a fallen over the recent weeks. As RPF lands in 9th of this weeks top ten and Nachos landing 4th of SMAP. This war looks like it will be a close war and an interesting war as we see two rivals go at it once more.  Still the Nachos have not posted any defenses as they are mainly focused on the Champion Cup Finals but according to sources from Nachos chat they will fight the RPF.

What do YOU think? Who will win? Nachos or the RPF? Will there be any rules broken? YOU DECIDE! Comment your opinion!


15 Responses

  1. 1st. RPF made a mistake. they r going 2 get rekt soon.

  2. And the battle tonight shows what’s coming towards you, RPF. We just maxed 39(40 meh).

  3. I like nachos and all but out of the 40 you maxed 25 weren’t in nachos. Just people who hated WV. I believe that this war will result in RPF victory, however, it will be intense to watch.

  4. meh, I can’t disagree on that tbh…

  5. Good luck, RPF! This will be awesome!

  6. RPF forever.

  7. u gonna demand mod on dcp now?

  8. Lol, so we are back to 3 Armies at war with DCP. They did the right choice, DCP is toxic and needs to die.

  9. Rpf….Are you ready to eat those nachos up

  10. We already have, we just need to get rid of the crumbs.

  11. O rlly? Cus we put a deadly salsa on our war chips. It will be matter of hours until you die…

  12. Great, now I have the lyrics to “Toxic” stuck in my head.

  13. Bunch of rebels

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