A Look Into the Light Troops “Titan Era” || Light Troops Close and Merge into Blue Miners

ICE BOX, Blue Miners Empire – Despite having just re-opened three weeks ago, the Light Troops “Titan Era” has now been shut down by army legend Waterkid 101, with the troops merging into the revived Blue Miners Army.

The Light Troops were resurrected on October 17th by former leader and legend Dr Matt. This came as a surprise to much of the community as the army had previously been shut down “permanently” by self-proclaimed creator Waterkid 101 just a few months beforehand. Nevertheless, the Light Troops made a grand entrance in their first event back, in which they claimed to have hit sizes of up to 50 in a UK division training session. They continued this sucessful and eventful week by holding two more events. The first of these was another training, although they hit smaller sizes of 30 at this, and the second was the invasion of the Rebel Penguin Federation capital, ‘Tuxedo’. Following this extremely sucessful event, in which they hit acclaimed sizes of 40+, the RPF surrendered the short lived war. The Light Troops then conducted another UK training session, before earning themselves the prestigious rank of third in the official Top Ten listings.

October 17th: The Light Troops return event.

With their previous sucessful week now behind them, the Light Troops kicked the new week off by declaring war on the Doritos Army. With the reason behind the declaration being because of a bad past relationship between Dr Matt and Doritos leader Mustapha10, the Light Troops then successfully invaded their capital server, ‘Summit’, on the Monday 26th. While averaging 30 at this event, the Doritos failed to attend the battle for an unknown reason. They did, however, attempt to re-invade and reclaim their recently taken capital server two days later. This battle was described as “our best event yet” by Dr Matt. The picture below shows the two armies engaged in battle at the Snow Forts, with the Light Troops executing a joke bomb tactic.


The Light Troops and Doritos at the Battle for Summit

The Light Troops website then saw multiple flame posts directed at the Army of CP, Special Weapons and Tactics and Doritos. Following this was a week that experienced a major turn for the army, as they entered a small period of depression. They only managed to muster up 15 troops at their UK invasion of ‘Bunny Hill’ and a feeble 6 in an ‘AUSIA’ invasion of ‘Berg’. However, things took a turn for the good on November 1st, where their sizes rocketed back up in their invasion of Below Zero, which saw them hit sizes of 40. This invasion also marked the end of the war that they claimed to have been victorious in, as they claimed to have taken every single server from the Doritos Empire.


The Light Troops final invasion of the Doritos Empire.

November 2nd saw the Light Troops declare war on a third army – the Special Weapons and Tactics. With two sucessful wars now under their belt, the Light Troops were feeling very confident and exchanged multiple flame posts with the SWAT leadership, before calling the war off 2 days later on November 4th.


The end of the war between the Light Troops and SWAT.

The rapid demise of the army began from here, as Dr Matt had to make his temporary retirement from the army due to severe family related issues. This led him to promote Flen, Cargo and Silent to the rank of temporary leaders in his absence. Unfortunately, this did not last long and was stopped almost immediately by advisor Waterkid 101, who in a post entitled “Sorry”, declared that the Light Troops would once again be shutting their doors. The following is an excerpt from this post:

I was optimistic about DrMatt reviving LT because I was about to have my 1 week off school, so I would be available to help him. However, it is evident that the Light Troops cannot have a stable leadership. For all of you who were excited about the return, I am sorry to disappoint you. I mean, you know something is wrong when Dr Flen is a temporary leader of the army, I hate that kid. The Light Troops will remain dead. The ”Titan Era” will still be remembered as DrMatt’s Light Troops. He did a good job in this generation and he should be proud.

Waterkid 101 then goes on to explain that the Light Troops will not return, and also that the army would be merging to the Blue Miners, which now owns all of the servers claimed by the Light Troops. The Blue Miners are a former top 5 army and were last led by Dr Matt over this Summer, where he managed to achieve sizes of up to 40 at certain times. This revived army now has their re-opening event scheduled for next Saturday, 14th of November.

The Blue Miners over the Summer of 2015.


Overall, the Light Troops “Titan Era” was sucessful – they achieved a range of sizes from 6 to over 50 and established a solid base of recruits, loyal moderators and responsible owners. They also participated in 3 wars over the space of 3 weeks – winning two with the other ending in a neutral peace. However, they were heavily reliant on the use of bot recruiting supplied from advisor Waterkid 101, which made them unstable. But with the Blue Miners Army now continuing the legacy of the Titan Era, we can only expect more drama to come.

But what do YOU think? How well did Dr Matt’s “Titan Era” do? Will the Light Troops ever be revived? What will now become of the Blue Miners Army – will they do as well as their last generation? Comment with YOUR opinion below!

Mister Max

CP Army Central Vice President


31 Responses

  1. Good luck BMA. I wont be around this time tho.


  3. You guys had a good run LT. I hope BMA achieves big sizes again. You guys were a true ally to the Water Vikings and we respect you guys for that.


  5. why thank you !!!!! *kisses*

  6. you had a great run

  7. LT shut forever for the 10000th time

  8. post was just updated your remaining dead I feel so sorry for you guys. I will always remember you and GOOD JOB for making top 3 and also if you were in this army and you join a new one don’t be afraid to say it be brave and spread the word to everyone so they can feel the way I feel. You did great!

  9. Nice. gl BMA. ❤ – Le Corleone

  10. Why don’t you guys take turns riding each other’s dicks some more?

  11. Good Luck BMA! R.I.P Lt 😦

  12. rip lt

  13. lol LT closed down AGAIN? woah look at that LT and Swat were elected for the most shut down multilogging armies!!!!! congrats guys

  14. 1 month later…

  15. I didn’t think this would be sticky. Lol anyways yeah It was surprising to find out that water shut down LT but then it wasn’t surprising so we just merged to BMA and took LT nation for BMA nation. BMA and LT are technically the same tbh since BMA was the real birth of LT..

  16. They flip a coin. Winner gets head, loser gets tail.

  17. Why is this shit stickied

  18. can everyone just declare war on LT and SWAT every time they restart

  19. lol…..kill me please,,,,,

  20. can ya shut up

  21. Yes yes Max

  22. when you say “shit” do you mean my post or the topic??

    😥 cryy


  24. you’re dcp so i wouldnt be calling anyone a multilogger.

  25. by shit i mean general object, i haven’t read it,

  26. You did a great job tho Matt 😏

  27. We’re proud of you bro. 😉 The great Light lives on, as you said, in those dark Hard Hats.

  28. I agree with waterkid, you do definitely know something is wrong when Flen is leader

  29. Doesnt flen have a history of botting?

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