Whats Up 11 Inducted into Doritos Leadership Following Mustapha10’s Retirement

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Following the departure of long-time Doritos leader and legend Mustapha10, former leader Whats Up 11 has been inducted into the leadership role once again.

On November 3rd, just two days ago, it was announced that Whats Up 11 would be rejoining the Doritos leadership alongside Bam117 and Brad. This surprising news came swiftly after leader Mustapha10 declared his retirement from the army and community as a whole, after having led the Doritos since March this year.

Whats Up 11 gave the following speech in his introductory post on the official Doritos website, which outlines his passion for the army, as well as his future ambitions:

Most of you know me by the name Agent 11 (or Whats Up11 on CP). I’ve finally made my return to the Doritos after I made the grave mistake of leaving the Doritos for the Ice Warriors around a month or two ago. While Mustapha is gone, I will be taking his place. I’m honored to be leading this legendary army again, and I won’t make the mistakes I made last time.

While Mustapha is on leave, we must work as a family and make the Doritos #1 again. I am ready to get to work to become the best again, but are YOU? We must work together to be the best! United we stand, divided we fall!

The addition of Whats Up 11 to the leadership comes with the hope that the Doritos can now restore their former legacy that they have worked extremely hard to build over the Spring and Summer. The army has reached the first position on the Top Ten many weeks in a row, and has without a doubt proven to be a dominant and fearsome force. However, as of late, the Doritos have begun a gentle demise. With less weekly events occurring and their size average slowly coming down, their position in the Top Ten has recently been dropping. For the first time in a very long time, the Doritos did not manage to achieve a top 5 position in the most recent edition of the Top Ten Armies – they were instead placed at 6th.

The most recent Doritos event took place more than a week ago – on October 28th – where they claimed to have defended their capital server ‘Summit’ from the Light Troops. The sizes at this battle would have disappointed them, as they only managed to achieve an average of 25-30 troops, where as this Summer they were averaging much higher sizes of around 45-50.


More recently, however, the Doritos have been mass invaded by the current number 1 army, the Water Vikings. Despite a treaty preventing any war between the armies ending on November 1st, the Doritos have continued to ignore the invasions. Whether or not this is because the Doritos are scared of the Water Vikings or do not believe they can win is very much unknown, but has caused a lot of debate in the recent weeks.

When Whats Up 11 last led the Doritos, they were achieving much higher sizes and were having a larger quantity of events. After serving as a leader of training for some time, Whats Up was then promoted to the rank of leader on September 13th, alongside Freezie66, following the retirement of Doritos creator WweBestFan. From here, Whats Up led the Doritos to respectable and admired sizes. An event of the Doritos under his leadership is shown below, where the orange army is arranged in a circle formation while executing an ‘E+P’ emote tactic.

With Whats Up 11 now inducted into the Doritos leadership, there is a hope that the Doritos can restore their former glory and climb themselves back up the Top Ten listings. However, with the retirement of legend Mustapha10 still fresh in the mind of those in the army, can the army put this behind them and move on? Or will they continue to crumble?

But what do YOU think? How will the retirement of Mustapha10 affect the Doritos? Will Whats Up 11 help to restore their recent demise? Comment with YOUR opinion below!

Mister Max

CP Army Central Vice President


25 Responses

  1. atleast it isn’t a wild animal leading DCP I hope he can lead DCP well

  2. Mustapha has been extremely inactive hardly coming online, but did NOT RETIRE

  3. Mass invaded by the number 1 army? WV max 25 and have a trreaty with us, now that its over we will crush them with ease

  4. the treaty ended as soon as you raided frostbite TO OUR ACCORD, the treaty ended 5 days ago TO YOUR ACCORD. you are legit the dumbest nigga i’ve ever seen. you can’t wriggle out of this shit storm you’ve nose dive into.

  5. First of all, the treaty expired on November 1st. It is currently November 5th. According to you, the Water Vikings are small and only max 25. But there is one problem, you guys have not showed up to any of our invasions. If we are so small, why can’t you even put up a fight? You guys are small, you guys are frail, you guys are dead. Whatsup 11 won’t do shit. As far as I’m concerned he’s one of the biggest hoppers in armies that has never been relevant in the community. Making him leader just shows how insecure DCP’s future is. Good luck DCP. Hope you show up at our next invasion @ 9 pm uk 4 pm est, 3 pm CST. See you there.. hopefully

  6. WV maxes 25, but is 5 spots ahead of DCP. Does that mean they max 10 :(?

  7. Having only 1 event a week shows a sign of weakness and instability within the army, and even worse, the 1 or 2 events that DCP tend to have each week now are less than mediocre standards. This DJHD guy clearly has no idea what he is talking about and his view on the community has obviously been faltered by Mustapha’s propaganda posts (which are often published under different people’s names lol), may I remind you that WV does not max 25 and at DCP’s most recent event (which was EIGHT days ago) they barely managed to reach sizes of 23.
    You are blissfully unaware.

  8. 1 event that maxed 20

  9. Without the multilogs.


  11. lol no, he is as bad of a leader, if not a worse leader than musta

  12. it was the 1st of november 6 days ago?

  13. WOOO PARTY!!!!

  14. I hate Adam Sandler

  15. dont bring ur multi logs this way i will smack the paki out of you

  16. Is it because I called you out on DCP chat when xat was hacked? =)

  17. hopefully hes not going to waste everyone’s time and make DCP an army rather than him and three others on 8 accounts each

  18. no, it’s because I’ve seen how you lead, terrible, just terrible

  19. yet you didn’t know me until the xat hacking lmfao
    k kid
    tell me when you do something productive

  20. Nice job for mixing me up with Cargo, LOL!

  21. Wait musta left well gg :

  22. Have fun 11

  23. where have u been epic 😦

  24. actually 11, cargo was an epic leader lmfao

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