Sprite Retires From The Ice Warriors, Spy and Ghost Return

Klondike, CPAC HQ – With the Ice Warriors having a few crazy months, we see many changes in the leadership as one retires and two return. Will the Ice Warriors become the most powerful army?

It was only a few days ago, that former leader Sprite had retired from the Ice Warriors. He said in his retirement statement that he was getting too old and too bored with armies. Unfortunately while I was looking upon to find that statement, it had been deleted. With Tax and Spikey left as the only leaders, two important former leaders have returned to lead alongside him. On November 4th, Spy had released a post called “Make Ice Warriors Great Again”. You can see his statement below.

Today Ghost and Myself are returning to the Ice Warriors Army as Leaders.  We are here to strengthen Ice Warriors and help make them the best army in all of club penguin.  I don’t like what I see in Ice Warriors our chat has to many mods and owners not following the rules.  We need to host more events and more Ice Warriors need to attend.  Enemies are coming onto our chat and no one is doing anything about it.  We need to build a wall bordering our enemies and ban them forever.

In his statement he talks about making the Ice Warriors much more powerful and making them the best in CP armies. He wants the mods and owners to shape up and start following the rules.  He also explains that they need to start building a wall between their enemies. It may even seem to be that we could see a possible upcoming war in the future.

Since the return of both Spy and Ghost, there has not been any events. But there is an event tonight scheduled for the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors seem extremely excited to see the return of both Spy and Ghost. There has been many ruckus and crazy things happen throughout the Ice Warriors army in the past few months with all these crazy leadership changes, chat hacks, etc.  Could the Ice Warriors finally be settling down?  All will tell at what happens tonight at their event.

Ice Warriors Most Recent Event, October 30th, 2015.

Ice Warriors Most Recent Event, October 30th, 2015.

The leadership of Tax,Ghost, Spikey and Spy seems like it will be a powerful leadership. All 4 leaders are extremely experienced in armies and all 4 leaders believe that the Ice Warriors will become the most dominant army. Only the future will tell for the Ice Warriors whether they rise or fall.

What do YOU think? Will this leadership bring rise and glory? Will the Ice Warriors enter war soon? YOU decide!


CPA Central Reporter


15 Responses


  2. Yay Ghost but ehh Spy hes a jerk at retirees and vets at times

  3. Personally, I don’t think this will change anything unless they bot their way to 1st again.

  4. some high ranked CPAC guy take a look at my application.

  5. Sprite has retired like 5 times already in the past month but yet he stays involved anyway. Please stop with the “retirements.”

  6. Find me 5 retirement posts and I’ll send $500 to your Paypal right now.

  7. You shgould send me $500 regardless bc ur cool and im cool and twenty one pilots is our shit oooo!

  8. This IW doesn’t effect anything she loves last came there – still the same. ;P

  9. Please excuse my grammar of keyboard correcting…(stupid iPhone keyboard) *doesnt effect anything just like the last time l came there*

  10. I agree

  11. Welcome back you guys…?

  12. I don’t need your filthy money. Stick it up your ass, and stick your multilogs, bot script, lies, and propaganda up your ass with it. And unfortunately I could only find 2, since all your posts before your current leadership were deleted on the IW site.

  13. Mach your tits are the reason boners were invented fuck me


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