The Return of SWAT

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – On October 9th, 2014 we saw the shutdown of a once large army, the SWAT Army of Clubpenguin. This shutdown was enforced due to a deface of both the SWAT chat and site by UMA legends, Step and Daniel. Godplaya’s account was also hacked, and a post was made, shutting down SWAT forever. However, within three months, the SWAT Army has been revived by their creator Ganger90.

Possible Explanations

It was predicted that Ganger90 would revive SWAT sooner or later, due to a post which was visible earlier on the official SWAT website, which said that SWAT would be returning soon.

But now, it has finally happened. The SWAT have hired many new leaders and owners such as Dwain, Zuke and Konrad. Their opening event is supposedly scheduled on 25th December, Wednesday.

Prior to this generation, the SWAT has had many successful generations, and the new leadership will be hoping that, in this state of CP Armies, they can rise to the same respect they once had in the community and max sizes of 40+. However, this is quite difficult for newly created or revived armies nowadays with so many obstructions in recruiting.

Currently the SWAT site is under maintenance. All previous posts have been deleted and currently only three posts are there. No events are listed on the site either.

As of now, the SWAT are currently hiring new leaders, owners and moderators. They will be hoping to get their hands on experienced leaders to help rise SWAT to great heights. Questions have arisen as to how the site has been got back, when it had been transferred to Godplaya’s wordpress account. However, as people can see it now, the truth is that it has been got back somehow and SWAT are continuing with the same site, which will be redesigned soon.

The Way Back

The SWAT had been experiencing a steady rise for a couple of months, getting constant Top 10 spots in CPAC,  but all the hardwork of the SWAT leaders was undone when Godplaya’s account was hacked and he decided to supposedly shut down the SWAT forever and also fire Ganger.

The SWAT were declared dead until now. They have been revived, but to get back to winning ways is not so easy as it was during the summer. This Christmas is one of the worst of times for CP Armies, with the lowest statistical week being recorded. The only hope for a rise can be expected during the Winter break, during which all SWAT leaders and owners will have to work hard in order to get their army running.

Final Conclusion

The SWAT have a high chance of making a good comeback, if they manage to get a few good and hardworking leaders. A lot of things have been described in this article, but a few questions still remain unanswered. That is why I have an interview, with Ganger90, the SWAT “President”.

CPAC – Black

SWAT – Brown

Was the revival of SWAT planned earlier?

This was actually just a thing I considered last night, and instead of making a “returning date”, I did it right now.

What plans do you have for the leadership?

As far as our leadership goes, it is already in action. It was formed in under a day, overnight to be honest, and I believe we will have a great outcome from our leadership.

Do you think SWAT will achieve great heights again?

Of course, our goal has been and always will be to be the best.

Does SWAT have any rivalries with any other army already?

Not yet, but they will develop as we continue to go down the road.

How did you manage to get the site back?

This is our 3rd site, created by Jerry. I got my boy to send me the email and now I am owner of this website.

Any last words?

Return of the Fallen.

We gather a lot from this interview. Apparently, Ganger has made haste and decided to hold events soon after the reopening. It is also stated that Ganger is now the main administrator of the official SWAT website. He seems to think that this leadership consisting of himself, Dwain, Zuke and Konrad will get SWAT to great heights.

What do YOU think about SWAT’s sudden revival? Do YOU think they will succeed? Let us know YOUR opinion by commenting on the box below. We want YOUR opinion.


CPA Central Reporter


19 Responses

  1. We Back son!

  2. >>>>>> SEE THAT SWATS GUNNA BE NUBER 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. This post was extremely well written for someone I’ve never even heard of.

    Color Troblin impressed.

  4. um the 25th is a Thursday… You should fix that..

  5. inb4 swat die again

  6. Gtfo lol

  7. Um Zuke is an idiot… You should fix that..

  8. son.

  9. Boy,
    Just reopened Today, got full chat whole day, got PB’s Secluded.

  10. Never said anything about SWAT im talking about your incapability to lead 🙂

  11. Not to mention Jester also redirected the site

  12. And that’s just counting the posts with the same title.

    buuuuut for once I’m happy that SWAT is returning. We need armies right now.

  13. Hows Fort?

  14. lol, what if godplaya see this?

  15. Or how’s Cul8rsl?

  16. I’m glad SWAT’s returning, we are in need of more armies right now. (:

  17. The twats shall be number 1

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