Striking Raiders Declare War on Takis Army

TUNDRA, Striking Raiders Nation – In a not so shocking event, the Striking Raiders have declared war on the newest CPAC Top Ten army, the Takis for a host of reasons.

On December 21st, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the CPAC Top Ten. A new army that managed to break into it, was the Takis Army – known up to this point as a SMAP Army. The Striking Raiders however failed to make the Top Ten due to a lack of events that week. Takis ranking on the Top Ten was met with allegations that they “use allies in events” by the Striking Raiders.

The Striking Raiders first made a post on their blog delivering a “Message to The Takis” as written by Delirious in which they met the Takis with several allegations including ones about them troop stealing and being a “troubled army”. Delirious ended the post saying this:

So Takis, If you choose to continue this action, SR will not hesitate to launch an attack, we may be down, But just know, I’ve turned an invasion into 2 men against 6 to 16 against 6.

Delirious made it clear that the Striking Raiders could possibly be declaring war upon the Takis Army despite them being down. Less than 24 hours of this being posted, Bigmail made the war official with this declaration:

Hello SR,

Yes, we have decided this all week. We hereby declare war on the Takis army. Get ready to get your whole nation invaded in 1 day Takis. Our reason of war was because of your stupidity of recruiting our troops. All SR, if you see a Taki on our chat, they must be banned forever. In just 1 day, we shall take your whole empire Takis, so prepare for doom. We shall make you pay for your actions. We shall take revenge for the Greeks, and end you once and for all.

As you can see, Bigmail openly stated that the Takis have been making many stupid decisions such as chat recruiting and he feels as it’s the Striking Raiders responsibility to punish them. In an extremely do-able task, the Striking Raiders hope to take the entire empire from the Takis in just 24 hours.

A recent Striking Raiders event.

A recent Striking Raiders event.

Recent Takis Event

Recent Takis Event

I decided to conduct interviews with leaders of both the Striking Raiders and the Takis Army. I asked both armies about the reasons for war, a possibility of a fun war and I also spoke about one of the main causes, Chat Recruiting with both armies. This is what was said.

Interview with Delirious (Striking Raiders Leader)

What do you expect to gain from the war with the Takis Army?

Redemption, to get the point across that stealing our troops isn’t going to be handled kindly in SR.

Are you happy, or looking forward to this war for any particular reason?


Does the fact that Memmaw fired the person who was chat recruiting bare no effect on you?

The fact Memmaw fired only one of the 3 people who chat recruited is what triggered it.


Interview with Memmaw (Takis Army Leader)

Why do you think the Striking Raiders declared war on you?

I have no clue but I heard Zarpa was trying to chat recruit on their chat so I fired him and I didn’t get the chance to apologize before he declared war!

Are you happy, or looking forward to this war for any particular reason?

I’m not happy because I’ve led Takis since it was born and I don’t want it to die so early over a chat recruiting thing.

…so you believe you stand no chance vs. the Striking Raiders?

I do but at the same time I don’t because I don’t know what they could be doing behind my back and stuff!

As you can see, both armies seem to agree that it wasn’t actually Memmaw who did the chat recruiting. Although Memmaw attempted to fix it with the banishment of Zar, Delirious is still campaigning that there were more chat recruiters that needed to be dealt with. Neither army seems to want to have fun in this war once again highlighting the tension and atmosphere existing between these two units.

What do YOU think? Will this war send the Takis Army back to the SMAP Top Ten? Will the Striking Raiders be able to make a huge comback? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Vice President


6 Responses

  1. what’s a taki?

  2. Lol. I look forward to the conclusion of this war.

  3. Ohhh The armies that should be on SMAP in a regular top 10

  4. here we go. Noob armies coming w/ their little kids fight.

  5. Also the armies that are surviving right now.

  6. Nice post lol!!!

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