Uniformity – Is It Important?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Every army has it’s own color and uniform. Even in our real life, uniformity is given great importance. Many schools have their own uniform, which all of it’s students are required to wear. However, what is a uniform actually necessary for? Is it given much importance in the modern army era? Read on to find out.

The Importance of Uniformity

An army is no army without an identity. An identity is a necessity for each and every army, and that is what uniformity does: it gives an army an identity. A means by which people could recognize them. For example, if the Nachos wore the Blue Ball Cap and the Hockey Stick, would anyone know they were the Nachos? Similarly, every army leader or creator tries to give their troops a unique uniform, by which people can identify them as a separate army.

Confusion and Solution

Another problem is that the amount of clothing on Club Penguin is huge, but the number of colors is extremely limited and this can lead to alarming consequences, especially in tournament battles. Two armies with uniforms of the same color look the same to the human eye. The only thing that differentiates them is tactics, which is not enough. So, in order to solve this problem, armies have to wear different colored uniforms than their actual color, which can lead to a loss of size unless all troops comprehend.

The Dark Warriors wearing white in a tourney battle

Importance in Recruiting – Attraction

When a penguin recruits, he is always required to wear the uniform of his/her army. Not only do uniforms give new troops an idea of what to wear, but certain uniforms also attract more troops than others.

Club Penguin has many special uniforms, by wearing which, penguins can perform special dances or actions. Looking at the same old hip-hop dance moves and drilling actions, troops always look for a change, and if that change is brought about by a certain uniform, then it highly increases the chances of a penguin joining your army. In other words, it attracts a lot of troops towards what you have to say and gets them to join your army.

Nowadays, in every 5-bar server, there are 2-3 penguins recruiting. People get bored listening to the same phrases and barely look at them. If suddenly someone wears a green drilling helmet and starts recruiting, most penguins will be attracted towards the sight of the plants that grow out of the cold Club Penguin snow and in turn, look at your recruiting lines. They will do as you say, and with a few more tacky words, you can get them to join.

The Current Attention

Nowadays, uniformity is equally important as it was 5-6 years ago. However, very few armies give it as much importance. Now an army’s uniform mostly lies concealed within 300 words in a single page, without any hyping. If any troops wants to inquire about the army’s uniform, they are usually told to just wear a drilling hat. This, however, is quite wrong. But as they say, who cares?

So, what do YOU think about the importance of uniformity? Do YOU think it is being given enough attention? We need YOUR opinion. Lets us know what YOU think by commenting on the box below!


CPA Central Reporter


5 Responses

  1. Greatest post ever, mostly because of that swag penguin at the start.

  2. hi

  3. Nice job.

  4. This is a really interesting article, well done.

  5. I was paying much attention to uniformity while Metal Warriors were alive, btw i keep telling the Nachos to get rid off the black uniform but they won’t listen, anyone with me?

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