Three Things That Make A Good Leader

KLONDIKE, CPAC Offices – Without a leader, an army falls apart. It is as simple as that. There is no one to look after the army or to bring troops in. A leader does all the necessary things in an army. They recruit, they create a chat and a site, they promote and demote people, they declare war on other armies and most importantly, they create the army. Some armies such as the Light Troops, the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin and very big armies. One of the reasons for that is because they have good leaders, who make the army extremely good. In this post, you will find out three things that make a good leader.


A good leader is someone who can recruit well.

Any leader has to be able to recruit to be a good leader. If a leader does not recruit, no troops will be in their army and they have no chance. The best way to recruit is to auto type. All you need to do is get an auto typing program and then go on Club Penguin. You switch your auto typer on and leave your computer alone. Many Club Penguin players will see the auto typer and join your army. Club Penguin recruiting works as well. You go on Club Penguin and say things to penguins such as “Hey! Wanna come to a great army?”. I find that this way can waste a lot of time as Club Penguin recruiting is only aimed at one person per time. Auto typing is aimed at everyone. The final way to recruit is to chat recruit. You go on a Club Penguin chat (a Club Penguin army chat, a Club Penguin tracker chat or a Club Penguin based chat) and link you chat to certain people, asking them if they want to join. Chat recruiting is probably the worst way to recruit. Many people will report you to a moderator or an owner and they will ban you for advertising. If not, a lot of people will just ignore you or go to your chat for a few minutes and then return back to the chat you got them from previously. If you can recruit well, you are a good leader.


A good leader is a positive and determined person.

A leader needs to be positive and determined about his/her army to be a good leader. If you are always looking at the negatives and you are always complaining, your troops will also look at the army in a negative way. They may leave or become less loyal. An example of a positive and a negative comment of an event can be found below.

Positive/Determined: “Nice try today, guys! We had a great size today and we need to keep that up! We need to work on our tactics a little bit, but that is no problem. If we do better tactics next time, which I am sure we will, someone will get a promotion!”

Negative/Not Determined: “That was a TERRIBLE event. Our size was good but the tactics were horrible. I am ashamed that you could let this happen. You will be getting demotions if the tactics do not improve.”

Both comments highlighted that the size was good and they both commented the tactics weren’t very good. In the positive comment, the leader says that someone will get a promotion if the tactics important next time. which is a good thing to say. The negative comment says that someone will get a demotion if the tactics do not improve, which is a threat. The positive comment starts on the fact that the size was good, but the negative comment starts on the fact that it was a ‘terrible’ event. If you are positive and determined about your army, you are a good leader.


A good leader is a hard worker

To be a good leader, you need to work hard. If you be lazy and get your owners to do all the work for you, you are not a good leader. In an army called ‘The Smarty Penguins’, there was a point where one of the leaders got all the owners to do the work for him. He would bask in their glory and by the end, the whole ownership left the army which brought it crashing down into the army graveyard. The point of owners being in an army is to help the army and the leader, not run/lead the army. If you want to do something well, do it yourself.


I asked some people in the army community what they thought made a good leader.

Screenshot at Nov 26 14-17-18

Screenshot at Nov 26 14-17-57


 Screenshot at Nov 26 14-19-00

Screenshot at Nov 26 14-22-47

What do YOU think? Is there anything else that you need to have to be a good leader? Do you need to be able to recruit to be a good leader? We want to know YOUR opinion! Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. This post is all wrong all you need to be a good leader is:
    1. Being named brigade.
    2. Being brigade.
    3. Women.

  2. Please chill, Tone. Please, please chill out! CHILL OUT!!!! CHILL!!!!

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  4. You just copied a post from November that you made on SMAP.

  5. Rektum

  6. ???

  7. ‘That you made on SMAP,’
    You being myself. I made it, meaning that I can post it where I like. It isn’t copying, as I made it.

  8. This was post taken from SMAP.
    You posted the same comment on SMAP.
    Clap Clap Clap.
    This is a great rap.

  9. No it wasn’t ‘taken’. I MADE the post. I didn’t steal it.

  10. This post was also used on SMAP.
    You posted the same comment on SMAP.
    Clap Clap Clap.
    This is a great rap.
    There we go.

  11. Right…

  12. Lmao. Your pathetic, copying posts from SMAP.

  13. I didn’t copy it for gods sake. I MADE this post on SMAP. I did not steal it.

  14. It’s his post, I don’t think you can post the same post on two sites. People shouldn’t be getting mad that he, Tone copied the post “Three Thigns That Make A Good Leader”, from Smap

  15. Zak said it was fine

  16. Look when u make a post on a news site. The site owns that post. So you would have to ask for permission to post that post on here.

  17. why is leadership green? are u implying acp has better leadership? (cuz they’re green)

    acp bias confirmed

  18. Alright

  19. l agreed with this post

  20. What makes you so sure?

  21. This isn’t ‘copied’ or ‘ripped off’. It’s tone simply reposting one of his old SMAP posts onto CPAC. Call that lazy and unprofessional if you will, but it is far from a plagiarised post.

  22. Looks like the Mrtchy is head priest of the CP illuminati. They’re controlling the media man.

  23. 1.Your name is “Brigade3”
    2.You are not “Brigade” , you are “Brigade3” can’t get laid

  24. I guess philosophy has gone to shit because we recycle posts now.

  25. Copyright.

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