How and Why Do Armies Die?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Offices – Every week, new and unheard of armies are added to the Top Ten. A lot of them die quite quickly and the reasons are unknown. In this post, I will be telling you a few ways about how armies die. If you can spot the signs of an army’s near death, you can try and stop the army from dying.


Announced Death/Closure

This is the most obvious way that armies die. A leader will announce the death of their army on the site they use for that army. For small armies, the post of death is usually quite short. On bigger armies, the post of death is very long. The only way to stop the leader closing the army is to either persuade him/her to not close the army, ask them to give you leader if they don’t want to lead anymore, or get permission from the leader to bring back the army at a later stage. An owner cannot announce the closure of an army unless the leader gives them permission. A leader leads the army and makes the decisions for the army. An owner helps the leader when requested, maintains order and does as the leader says.



Another way that an army can die is that another army kills it off. As Oagalthorp (ACP Creator and Legend) once said “If you want the tallest building in the city, you have two options. You can either build the tallest building, or tear down all those that are taller than yours.” In other words, Oagalthorp is saying that if you want the biggest army in the army community, you need to make the biggest army or kill off he other armies that are bigger/better then your army. To kill another army, you must go to war with them and capture their servers. If an army has two servers or less, they are an invalid army. To resolve this situation, you need to try and reason with the army who is attacking you or kill them. If they are bigger then you, this is a hard thing to do.


Retirement Or Inactivity Of A Leader.

If a leader retires or goes inactive, the owners in the army need to step up and control the army for the leader. This is a real test, and it shows who is and who is not a good owner in that army. Before a leader retires, they need to think about who will take up the leader position if that army. If they get the wrong person, the army could completley fall apart. If the army dies whilst the leader is away, the person who was in the charge of the army whilst the leader was away would be in a huge amount of trouble. This is exactly what happened in a SMAP/CPAC army known as Heat Warriors. In their third generation, Keynikki (the leader in that generation) went away for a two week holiday. She put a owner in charge named Sonic, who was one of the creators of Heat Warriors in their first generation. He was busy with another army at the time, and he let Heat Warriors die. Keynikki returned and was fuming about the death of the army, but she did nothing about it. To resolve an issue like this one, you need to try and get in touch with the leader who has gone inactive/retired immediately. If you cannot, contact the creator/former leader of the army and ask for their advice.


Bad Owners

This is the most common reason why an army dies today, which may surprise some people. When a leader is the only person who is working in an army, (e.g. recruiting, making events) the army begins to fall apart. In a big army, leaders need to be ruthless and get rid of owners who aren’t working well enough. However, it is becoming known that some owners in different armies are lying to army leaders* more to make the leader think they recruit a lot. For example, an owner might have ‘AUTOTYPING‘ in his/her name, but it doesn’t mean that he/she actually is auto typing. Sometimes, the owner might be on a different site on their computer or doing something else. A good way to found out if owners are lying to you about recruiting on Club Penguin is asking for the server they are going to go on and their Club Penguin name. Fifteen minutes after they say they have logged on, check that server to see if they are online. If they are not, you know they are lying to you (unless they have a true excuse).


* This happens rarely. About one out of sixty owners lie to their leader about recruiting.

I asked people in the army community a question. The question was: “What is the main reason that Club Penguin armies die?” I asked them to only give one answer, and their opinions were quite varied.


Screenshot at Nov 28 22-27-37



What do YOU think? Are there more ways that armies die? Does it matter if an owner does not recruit? We want YOUR opinion! Let us know your opinion in the comment box below!

CPAC Reporter


16 Responses

  1. I like how you kinda used the RPF image in that. K.

  2. Here’s the general circle of life for armies:
    >leader creates army
    >leader turns to be legend and leads the army to glory in CPAC, battles, wars etc
    >6 months later, leader retires
    >noobs hired to lead the army
    >everyone leaves army
    >rinse and repeat with new army

  3. I didn’t literally mean RPF had bad owners. It was the only appropriate picture I could find.

  4. Tone, do you have autism?

  5. No, but I think you do.

  6. I know myself too well

  7. Armies don’t die because they will always live on within our hearts <3.

    No homo

  8. “* This happens rarely. About one out of sixty owners lie to their leader about recruiting.”

    Where the hell did you get that statistic?

  9. Your posts, which are usually 3 paragraphs and separated by random and usually unrelated pictures, have a potential that hasn’t been reached. It’s unfortunate that you bring across interesting topics (some of which have been posted on dozens of times before) and try to summarize some of the biggest issues in a few sentences.

    With time, your posts will evolve and become much better. However, for next time at least, please do research before including completely false statistics: “This happens rarely. About one out of sixty owners lie to their leader about recruiting.”

    Your post, with close attention being paid to it, had several bad things that I hope can constructively increase your post quality and benefit your overall content. There were several spelling errors, and a clear poor word choice. Your post also lacked the sophisticated vocabulary expected of a reporter, and would be considered below average by high school standards.

    To conclude, be that as your post may be interesting, I hope you re-read your post and see what you could have done better. Please don’t take this the wrong way, as I only intend on attempting to assist you. Bring it to my attention if any of these details filled you with consternation.

    -> Mach <-

  10. He made it up xD

  11. Good post. Interesting to read because it’s actually true.

  12. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.

  13. I predict CP Armies to officially die by 2019 at the earliest and at the latest 2069 huehuehue ohhh teh lulz man

  14. especially true for nachos

  15. l0l heheheheehhehhehehehheh $wigga man you the bombbbb you so crackmeme sauce sauce :D:D:D:D:D):DJPDJO:LENK lol u must get tha Pu$$~Y


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