WV/Nacho War – The Battles so Far

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – On the 14th of December, the Water Vikings declared war on the historical Nacho army after many strong tensions between these two Top Ten armies. A few battles have occurred and the results have been quite interesting…

❗ Current Situation ❗

➡ To begin with, the Water Vikings and the Nachos are respectfully ranked 4th and 5th which makes this war quite fair for both parties. It is undeniable to say that the Nachos have a stronger US division than the Water Vikings since they have earned 16.40 points in our latest Top Ten while the Water Vikings got 8.33 in the similar category. However, WV did manage to get a better score in their UK division which boosted their total score which is 17.29 ( 16.40 for Nachos).

1. Light Troops [+2] [86.12]

2. Dark Warriors [-1] [70.50]

3. Army of CP [-1] [67.59]

4. Water Vikings [+1] [63.79]

5. Nachos [+1] [52.40]

6. Ice Warriors [-2] [49.83]

7. Golds [NEW!] [44.00]

8. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [39.20]

9. Chaos [+0] [37.75]

10. Romans [+0] [37.41]

❗ Water Vikings’ Raid of Fjord ❗

➡ Even though the event wasn’t an official battle, there was still a battle between both armies. The results ended with the Water Vikings claiming the raid to be successful. On the other hand, the Nachos didn’t make any post seeming to find the raid irrelevant.

It should also be noted that a group of black penguin bots has raided this battle. The same bots has raided various other battles such as the Dark Warriors/Golds Christmas Chaos battle. It is still unknown if any army is responsible for this, however, we do know that the bots is owned by a user named Vex and that he has been spotted on Light Troops and Cuc0mber chat.

Water Vikings reached sizes of 14

Nachos reached sizes of 9-10

❗ Water Vikings’ Invasion of Ice Pond ❗

➡ The first battle of the war was quite weird since there was an apparent time issue. It seems that the Water Vikings misconducted their time conversion for some time zones by some hours. However, this didn’t stop both armies from logging on and battling.

Nachos reached sizes of 7-8

Water Vikings reached sizes of 7-8

Nacho lonely soldier gets tired so stops running :D

❗ Water Vikings’ Invasion of Fjord ❗

➡ The second battle of the war was more interesting than the first one. Both armies did their best, however, the Water Vikings had a clear advantage in both sizes and formations. In the end, the Nacho leader, Camper, surrendered the battle.

Nachos reached sizes of 3-4

Water Vikings reached sizes of 10

❗ Water Vikings’ Invasion of White House ❗

 ➡ On the 2nd day since the war, the Water Vikings decided to invade the server, White House, from the Nacho army. Once again, this battle was raided by a group of bots led by Camelogical which resulted both armies leaders to declare this battle as a tie since they couldn’t battle each other.

Nachos reached sizes of 12

Water Vikings reached sizes of 18


❗ Nachos’ Invasion of Sparkle ❗

 ➡ The battle of Sparkle was the Nachos’ first invasion which resulted into a win for them since the Water Vikings didn’t post about this battle and were clearly outnumbered. Once again, there was a bot raid, except this time, the bots were dark blue. The Nachos blamed the Water Vikings of using bots, however, it seems as if someone wants to frame since we have seen the same bots at the Christmas Chaos doing the same tactics (“Shiver me Timbers” and E+T).

Nachos reached sizes of 14

Water Vikings reached sizes of 6

Picture of bot raid:

❗ Nachos’ Invasion of Great White ❗

➡ In their second invasion, the Nachos reached their top size since the beginning of the war. And so with perfect tactics, sizes and formation, the Nachos came out victorious with the Water Vikings surrendering.

Nachos reached sizes of 18-19

Water Vikings reached sizes of 4




What do YOU think? Who is currently winning the war? The Nachos or the Water Vikings? Comment what YOU think!


CPA Central Executive Producer


14 Responses

  1. Making many AUSIA events when neither of us have them is just dirty.

  2. lol

  3. Come on xat voyo we need to talk


  4. friends vs nachos

  5. I like the points on ACP’s US and Ausia division. Very nice!

  6. Water Vikings are winning. Although it’s a bit more competitive then I thought it would be.

  7. The Nachos once again fail to get enough recognition on this site

  8. Many details left out of many battles and things. But w/e.

  9. Its seems the war could be more interesting if the bots fucked off.

  10. I am part of WaterVikings, The nachos tryed to reset WV CHAT i don’t know but i think the nachos will fail :p :d

  11. ez game ez life

  12. Wrong. Daniel reset the water vikings chat.

  13. WV be defacing Nachos’ twitter omg whoever did it is really weird

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