What Appeals?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Offices – The best way to make an army rise is recruiting. Whether it is chat recruiting, Club Penguin recruiting or auto typing, you need to make sure you grab the attention of the people you recruit. By doing this, you need to know what appeals and what people like. In this post, I will dish the dirt on armies and show you that people will say anything and everything to get you to join an army.



Mascots are used a lot in auto typing and Club Penguin recruiting. People will say “JOIN FOR ROCKHOPPER!” or “GARY SUPPORTS US!” The reason people do this is because when a normal Club Penguin comes along and sees you talking about a mascot, they will be interested. Club Penguin players love mascots. If a one bar server (Klondike) had Rockhopper going on to it to meet some Club Penguin players, the server would be full around three hours before he came. When mascots come on the same server as an army when they are recruiting, armies do well with recruits. This has happened to Nachos before. Rockhopper came on the server and Nachos were having an event. They got about 30 recruits from that one event, all thanks to a Club Penguin mascot.



Puffles are the pets in Club Penguin. They are loved by almost every Club Penguin player, and every time a puffle is mentioned, Club Penguin players swarm around the person who was talking about them. People say “TURN RED FOR PUFFLES!” and “WE PROTECT PUFFLES!” in events and when they are recruiting. Now Club Penguin are making new puffles such as dog puffles, cat puffles, golden puffles and so on, Club Penguin is being revolved around puffles. Armies can get advantage of this and pretend they care when they do not. There was one army that named themselves after puffles. They were the Puffle Warriors, a successful army created by KingFunks4. They have had seven generations and have remained in the medium army category most of the time.



This method is mainly used in chat recruiting, but also auto typing and Club Penguin recruiting. On chats, people may PC you and say “Hey! Wanna join the CPAC Army!” If they say no, the recruiter might say “I can give you a high rank… 2ic or maybe leader. But of course, you said…” the recruit will then most likely want to join. It is unlikely they will keep the high rank unless they have had a lot of experience and are good friends with the leaders.

In auto typing, the recruiter will say “JOIN FOR A HIGH RANK!” People will not want to start at the first rank, private, so they will join this army. They will almost definitely get private, but because they are new to armies they probably wouldn’t understand and therefore carry on in the army.



Most leaders and owners lie to get you to join an army. They will tell you that you can get high ranks and that famous Club Penguin people support them when they do not. The famous person probably hadn’t even heard of the army, let alone Club Penguin armies at all. It is better to tell the truth and don’t rise Club Penguin players hopes (or anyone’s) and then cut them in half. They might report you or start raging on your chat, which is the last thing you would want.

What do YOU think? Is it wrong to lie to Club Penguin members to get them to join an army? Do you hate chat recruiting? We want YOUR opinion. Comment your opinion below!

CPAC Reporter


10 Responses

  1. nope. none of this.

  2. me neither

  3. Good post, yes but I know that many people will not agree with it.

  4. Good post totally agree with it. Also the Herbert mascot picture was a good addition to the post.

  5. I just offer them coins and women.

  6. A lot of mascots, but not the rest.

  7. Mainly the reason why I never talk about mascots being involved with the army.

  8. I like my gals blonde and my whisky straight.

  9. Telling people that ‘Rockhopper joined’ or ‘Gary funds us’ will just make them realise that you are lying to them, and they’ll just be put off. Only really stupid people would actually believe that an official Disney representative supports a band of teenagers that only base their battles on CP and don’t use CP for much else.

  10. I joined armies for the battles. They said seemed a fun new way to play CP.

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