Water Vikings and Nachos Go To War

FROSTBITE, WV Capital – With both armies rising, the Water Vikings and the Nacho army go to war with each other. WIth both armies have ties into armies connected to the so called “Grand Alliance” will this war become part of that alliance? 

With a bad time in the Club Penguin army community with having an “overpopulation” of armies, some say, two armies named the Water Vikings and the Nachos have gone to war after rising tensions and fights after a particular practice battle in which according to Pjayo, the Nachos claimed that they multilogged and used bots at this event in particular and are not gonna go with the WV getting away with a cheated win.

WV doing E+5 at the practice battle that eventually led to the war.

The story according to WV, Advisor/Legend, Pjayo: According to records, after this tensions were still rising about this practice battle, until a WV owner decided to do a joke and pretend to be one of the Nacho owners, according to rumours. This individual, Zing King decided it’d be funny to pull a joke like this and then that also got the Nachos up in a twist and the tensions grew even stronger. During the Christmas Chaos today, the Nachos were spotted cussing out the WV army on main chat and even though it was not shown the WV might have done the same to Nachos. Both armies are responsible for this incident, the Nachos for accusing WV is multilogging and cheating, and the Water Vikings for supposed multilogging and cheating a win for the practice battle. After the Christmas Chaos event was over, Pjayo called a meeting to discuss with the other WV owners about what they should do about this and if they should go to war or not. With the owners and leaders that were available (online) they all decided that war is most likely the best option, but when they did not plan to release news of this yet, the Nachos found out about it, somehow or another and called a meeting for both armies. Both armies quickly showed up to the old Dragons chat room and both armies were up in arms wanting to go war. There was much cussing and much spamming and eventually both armies wanted war.


The Story according to Nacho Leader, Camperjoh64: It all started with a practice battle a couple of days ago where the Water Vikings accused us of multilogging and that usual kind of stuff like bots and cheating. Then someone apparently gave Shivertoe owner on their chat and was playing around on it. That led them to believe the Nachos “hacked’ the WV chat and took it over. Also, today we tried to make peace with a treaty but they denied it making us merge a percent of our troops into their army or become a WV colony or just plain war. 

Following this I went to both chats to here both sides on this incident, I interviewed Pjayo of Water Vikings, a legend and advisor to the army and also Camperjohn, a current leader of the Nachos.

Interview With Pjayo, WV Advisor/Legend

1. The Nachos stated that the Water Vikings accused Nachos of multilogging. What is your response to this?

Hmm. Well, as far as I know, we did not claim that, so I don’t know where the Toast-for-Brains Nachos pulled that one out of. But I do know they did claim WE multilogged, even though we had 25 on chat at the itme of the battle.

2. The Nachos also stated that when they tried to make a treaty with you but you forced them to merge a percent of their troops or become a colony of WV. Is this true?

Now, the merger part is not true. Like I said before -Toast-for-Brains. But colonization was an option presented as well as a percentage of their nation handed over, in which shiver swore me out and WV declared war.

3. Due to the war being in such a downtime in CPA, do you think it’ll effect the war quality?

On the Water Viking side? Not at all. We have been able to max 25 with 15 minutes of recruiting and with a little hard work, 30+ can be achieved. But for Nachos? They have their goal set to 18+.. it worries me.

Thank you for your time.

Interview with Camperjohn, Nachos Leader

Can you explain from the beginning on how the war was started?

It really all started in a pb we had with them a few days ago where they accused us of multilogging and that usual kind of stuff. Then someone, not entirely sure who, gave Shivertoe owner on their chat and was playing around on it. That led them to believe we “hacked” their chat and took it over. And today we attempted to make a peace with them with a treaty, but they full refused and they demanded that ewe merge a percent of our army into them or become a WV colony, or war.

Can you explain why you think the WV accused Nachos of multilogging?

They might’ve thought we were multilogging because our tactics were slower than usual that day I’ll admit. (it was a wednesday) But I’m pretty sure no one in this army multilogs.

Do you know of any reason the WV would supposedly want to make Nachos in a colony or just plain simple war?

I’d say that most of the WV owners now want the Nachos to fall due to some peoples recent actions and just resorted to fully putting us in a corner like they did.

Thank you for your time.

So what do YOU think about this war? Should the WV have not accused Nachos? Should the Nachos not have accused WV? Is most of this post false information? Tell me in the comments!

Lord Jay

CPAC Executive Producer


52 Responses

  1. WV is greatest nation.

  2. Whoops, Forgot to mention the Shiv incident.

  3. Nice post, Jay. 🙂

  4. nachos will win, every time there is some sort of a break coming nachos rise.

  5. Nachos are an army, not to big.. but its an army. They also do very good in war (most of the time).

    WV is made up of a friends-list, fairly large but will easily crumble if nachos invade 3-4 times a day. Their friends will get tired of coming to events every few hours and will ignore/refuse to come.

    I do believe WV will win the first few battles due to their hype, but nachos just need to tire them out for the first week and they will be easy as 1-2-3 in the 2nd week of the war (if it even lasts that long).

    Good luck Nachos.

  6. This is going to be a very interesting war.

  7. nachos will win easily

  8. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can take you seriously by using “toast-for-brains” as an insult. lmao.

  9. haha yes beeky

  10. shots fired

  11. Hold on a minute, if I recall correctly it was NACHOS that accused WV of multilogging at the berg of whatever server it was. We clearly werent as we had 20 on cp and 25 on chat.

  12. Good luck Nachos. (: This will certainly be a interesting war,

  13. Good Luck to both armies. Remember to cuddle up when its complete.

  14. Ya sorry about that one. It’s just I’m not a complete slob like the rest of the nachos

  15. Good luck to Nachos. How about we keep this a clean war? ok?

  16. WV prepare to get rekt.

  17. WV gonna win

  18. This post is wrong. Let out what the Water Vikings have done wrong
    – Impersonated me trying to get me fired from Nachos
    – Tried to force us to give them 7/8 of our land.
    – Stole troops from us
    – Recruited on our chat.
    – Intentionally helped the ACP at the Christmas Chaos
    – Swore at our troops and leaders
    – Abused our troops on their chat.

    The list goes on.

  19. The WV claimed that Nachos accused WV and the Nachos claimed the WV accused the Nachos.

  20. The post isn’t what’s wrong. Either Pjayo or Camper are wrong, so don’t blame me for that.

  21. I blame Pjayo. You’re cute.

  22. The current Nacho leadership is just a joke that isn’t funny.

  23. If you were at that event you could see that this is BS. We haven’t claimed bots until today when Water used some today where as they claimed bots the whole event.

  24. Impersonation – 5ic that impersonated you for 3 minutes and we told her to stop immediately.
    Tried to Force land – Only one I agree with.
    Stole troops from you – If you are suggesting Beauty, we never stole her she came to us.
    Recruited on your chat – Again I don’t know who you could referring to could you point me to who done it and who they recruited?
    Intentionally helped ACP – If we had helped ACP they would have won.
    Swore at troops and leaders – This only happened in that meeting and if I recall correctly when you and Shiver got into our chat you swore and banned troops?
    Abused troops – Again I still don’t know who your specifying about.

  25. Ask Shiv for the proof about the chat recruiting

  26. Every event so far we’ve had double your size…

  27. Which is why you’ve lost pretty much every battle since. XD

  28. 😉

  29. This comment is wrong. Let out what Nachos have done wrong.
    -Impersonating Stromae trying to make out as if he’s responsible for the bots.
    -We didn’t try to force you, it was just an option which you didn’t accept.
    -Proof of us stealing troops please?
    -Proof of who recruited on your chat…
    -Don’t make excuses for not having the superior side. ( ACP are an Ausia based army, to say you didn’t win, that’s embarrassing XD. )
    -You started cussing at wv first which is what led to the conversation getting heated up. ( I didn’t cuss. )
    -You banned every wv on your chat, whereas we only banned them at event time.

    The list goes on.

  30. *struggled to ( My bad I accept that. )

  31. – Proof of impersonating Strom?
    – You threatened us with War. That’s forcing.
    – Ask Shiv
    – Ask Shiv
    – We did win.
    – No we didn’t.
    – I banned no one, I walked onto your chat said “Hi” and got banned.

  32. Zing you have the editing capacity of a walnut.

  33. The same can be said about your owners.

  34. Doubled LT? You stupid?

  35. Syrup is thicker than blood.

  36. you are aware that Drew has no affiliations to Nachos right

  37. you are aware that Jed is credited with co-creating Water Vikings right

    do you know anything about anyone, or…?

  38. i don’t know who to root for bc there is people i both hate and love currently in both armies, and this whole thing seems pretty childish

  39. Cheese is thicker than syrup

  40. cum is thicker than cheese

  41. Wow if the same can be said about our owners, then I wonder what the Nachos owners would be haha

  42. Surely your love for me trumps all? ;(

  43. ooo makes love.

  44. I didn’t even make this conclusion. Both armies said that the other blamed them, I didn’t just make this up.

  45. The funny thing is, this isn’t edited. If Strom says it is then WV are liars.

  46. We all know it’s not edited, I don’t believe anybody said it was XD. Somebody most likely you but don’t quote me on that just changed their name and picture to what strom has… And how can you say that if strom says it is then the WHOLE wv are liars ?

  47. Stalk much lel

  48. Lmao

  49. i read the comments. in what world is that stalking

    ive known jed for awhile now, im not even in WV and i know more about the army than you. you dont think thats sad…?

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