Jacknat02, ACP 3ic, Retires From Club Penguin Armies

CPAC Headquarters~ In a mostly unexpected shock to the army world, Jacknat02 has retired from both ACP and Club Penguin armies as a whole.

Jacknat02 started his army career with the Global Defenders, earning the rank of Leader and as a member of the Hall of Fame. He joined a couple of other armies until he joined ACP, which he stuck with until he became 3ic. Jack will be surely missed by the community.

Here is an excerpt from his retirement post:

Hello, I am retiring. I remember way back in the day some leader made a one word edgy retirement post; I forget whom it was. I was all like, “what a dumb-ass!”, and vowed I’d never do that. I then looked at the very lengthy memento posts thanking all the friends for everything. I don’t think anything is inherently wrong with those, besides being rather egocentric. I would make one of those, but I am way  too lazy for hard work.

I’d like to thank ACP for providing me with an experience that broke the ice of a rather stagnant(but fun!), career in one army; that being the Global Defenders, of course. My advice towards ACP as a generalized whole would be to get off your asses and quit being lazy. If I can leave with any cliche thought provoking thing at all, it’d be to realize that you don’t need an overly successful career to enjoy yourself here. Don’t be an attention whore, you’ll deprive yourself of real sustenance.

I, Jacknat02, hereby retire from armies. Full retirement post.

What will this mean for the ACP? Will the US division keep falling? Will the ACP continue to survive when they lose an owner? Comment your opinions down below!

P.S, sorry for the short post.



35 Responses

  1. first

  2. My bae is gone 😦

  3. We’re going to miss you, I remember being Frog 3.

  4. ACP owner has been irrelevant since Purple and Mrtchy became leaders.
    But bye Jack, you were chill in Golds. Unfortunately you joined ACP, though.

  5. Like a real nigga

  6. You were cool when you were an owner in golds under me, then you grew up and turned into a liar and a meanie head.

    I forgive you. Enjoy life Jack.

  7. Awww Jack, me and you had good times since AR, Golds, and ACP. You were hella funny in ACP about stuff that you did.. x’D But when you retired like this, its sad to see you go. I can’t have fun with you anymore because you’re on the retired island and l cant take you to join my army. -wary-
    Anyway man, you’re my best friend, a good one. I hope one day you’ll visit, or you will so l can talk to you. Farewell man, l might not be there same time as you if l can’t meet up with you, or if l misses you. I’ll miss you man, stay strong and never get you down.

  8. jack gtfo i h8 u

  9. Bye Jack :(:(:(

  10. Obama: No problem son

  11. How many owners have quit ACP now? No seriously, the question we have to ask ourselves is…. Who is retiring from ACP next and why?

  12. Carson toke it though

  13. On the 20th of December, my true love gave to me..

  14. LOL

  15. Farewell Jack. You were really funny and really good at writing. A good owner, just a bit immature xD Had really funny moments, all the best xxxxxxxxxo

  16. The only acp troop that wasn’t a pleb

  17. Post was far to short and Im not even sure this is a post topic. I want to see improvement in your next post.

  18. Stfu you little gay in a sexual way puff, acting all cocky for a promotion from Mrtchy. Hey when Ahmed retires next, you can be Mrtchy’s 1# Ass Licker.

    As for you Mrtchy, remind me again on how many owners have quit ACP?

  19. goodbye jack

    you were nice before golds beat you

  20. I’m not retiring anytime soon

  21. Alot of owners have been leaving ACP recently. Sure, they are doing well now, getting top 3 nearly every week, but key owners are leaving. Their US division is dead and there UK is maxing 7. AUSIA is the only truly great factor left in them, and that will be decimated when Mrtchy leaves.

  22. comment was one “o” too short

  23. “In a mostly unexpected shock to the army world, Jacknat02 has retired from both ACP and Club Penguin armies as a whole.”

    jack was crazy inactive. pretty sure we all saw this coming.

    also, post lacked basically any information at all.

    “He joined a couple of other armies until he joined ACP, which he stuck with until he became 3ic.”

    gee how long did it take you to piece that work of art together? musta rlly done ur hw there, huh?

    also, why post the entire link? why not just embed the link?

    also, why hire sonic in the first place?

  24. cuz I have experience

  25. Goodbye, Jack. I remember all the good times we had together, sucks that we stopped talking as much, but you were always a cool friend. Good luck in life man. 🙂

  26. bigmail has had nothing to do with acp in ages, unless…

    CP illuminati at work !!!!

  27. Yeah, real apparent.

  28. Sadly

  29. ACP owner retires and its posted on cpac, no surprise there. Gordon should lead acp, he lead pbk to a golden age and they maxed 3 with multilogs.

  30. Literally Who?

  31. You need to add more detail, you hardly wrote anything, it was pretty good other for that. If you added detail it would be a great post.

  32. Content: 5/10
    Structure and Language: 6/10
    Overall: 5.5/10

    Defiantly needed more information. One of the shortest posts I’ve ever seen.

  33. Why are you here now?

  34. Going back and grading posts.

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