[PB In Review] Ice Warriors vs. Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – Just days before round two of the Christmas Chaos tournament, the Dark Warriors, currently Number 1 on our top ten faced off against the Ice Warriors, 4th on the Top Ten.

On the 11th of December, both the Ice Warriors and the Dark Warriors logged onto Club Penguin for a practice battle in preparation for their respective Christmas Chaos bouts that will be taking place this weekend. The two forces battled for half an hour until a decisive winner was crowned. On the current Top Ten, Dark Warriors are ranked 1st while the Ice Warriors are ranked 4th.

The Dark Warriors started in the Ice Berg with a complete circle formation in which they maxed 33. The Ice Warriors decided to start with the “Chatbar Formation” in the Town. In their pictures, they managed to max 11.

Both armies decided to battle in the Stadium. Both Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors decided it best to hit tactics from the get go. The Dark Warriors were first into formation as they were able to create a plus. The Ice Warriors seemed to wonder around somewhat lost as they struggled to get into formation.

Dark Warriors in + Formation

Dark Warriors in + Formation

As the battle waged on, the Dark Warriors hit such tactics as ET, E9 and also an impressive “MELTED” chant. The Ice Warriors however also had tactics in which they were able to respond to Dark Warriors with.

The Ice Warriors used a “No” tactic to object to a claim made by the Dark Warriors, as well as such tactics as EI and the coveted J-Bomb.

The Dark Warriors hit a "MELTED" tactic.

The Dark Warriors hit a “MELTED” tactic.

The battle went on with the Dark Warriors circling the stadium while the Ice Warriors scattered. At the end of the event both Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors agreed that the Dark Warriors are the winners of the battle with a good show of sportsmanship presented by both sides.


I spoke to representatives of both Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors. I asked them both about their Practice Battle, their Christmas Chaos tournament battles and other things. Here is what they said –

Interview with Haroonniaz (Dark Warriors 3ic)

You recently had a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors in which you won, what are your opinions on this?

I guess practice and punctuality makes us the most strongest.

What did you think of the Ice Warriors efforts in the battle?

After Kingfunks retirement, they got weak.

How do you feel the Dark Warriors will do in their tournament battle this weekend following the PB?

I think we will do good, we are working hard for it.


Interview with Snow (Ice Warriors 4ic)

You recently had a Practice Battle with the Dark Warriors in which you lost, what are your opinions on this?

To be honest, I feel a little disappointed even though I didn’t manage to attend the event, but it is good that the Ice Warriors are trying as they maxed 14 and averaged 12 which is not bad at all.

What did you think of the Dark Warriors efforts in the battle?

I was impressed that the DW were able to max 33+ in a Practice Battle, but I think the Ice Warriors can do better next time.

Do you think the loss has lost you some momentum heading into the Christmas Chaos battle?

No, not at all. I still have some faith that Ice Warriors will win this round in the Christmas Chaos leading up to the battle, if everyone can be active and recruit – that would help us win.

As you can see from the interviews, both armies believe they will do well in terms of the Christmas Chaos. It was definitely nice to see a lack of trash talking between the two armies – just respect.

What do YOU think? Are you surprised by Ice Warriors small sizes? Do you think the Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors will advance to Round Three of Christmas Chaos? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter + SMAP Vice President


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  1. Finally an army attempts they Lost!

  2. Admits* :$

  3. Admits* :$

  4. Good post Zing.

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  6. u know their allies so why did u not mention. seriously?

  7. A good solid battle.

  8. Content: 8/10
    Structure and Language: 9/10
    Overall: 8.5/10

    Good post. I don’t like the interview style though.

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