Advent Challenge: Day Ten


REMINDER – The Challenge tomorrow is at 7pm EST.



KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Red from the Dark Warriors won the 9th challenge of the Advent Challenge’s and yet again there is the chance to win a ticket, as it is just 15 days until Christmas.

Tomorrow the  Challenge is at 7pm EST for the final time of the week, so its the last chance for the Americans to have their own contest this week for a ticket. Here is the ‘On This Day…’ Section, followed by the challenge.


On This Day…

  • 1988: The death toll rises to 45,000 after an earthquake in Armenia.
  • 1990: Iraq release British hostages.


The Challenge

This challenge is a Christmas related, mathematical question. The question is as followed.

From midnight of your timezone (eg. 8 hours after this was posted for EST) how many hours is it until Christmas? 


Good luck to everyone involved.


CPA Central CEO



6 Responses

  1. 336 hours exactly from midnight 12/10/14 EST

  2. 360

  3. 319. Just a guess

  4. 336 im uk

  5. Well not a guess but my answer is 319

  6. 14 days = 336 hours (midnight)

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