Advent Challenge: Day Nine


REMINDER – Tomorrow’s Challenge is at 4pm EST.


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Soxsfan became the winner of the 9th day of the Advent Challenges, with nearly two weeks until Christmas. Chances are slowly running out for you to win a ticket for the giant raffle giveaway.

Tomorrow we have the challenge at 4pm EST once again, but today we have the American Challenge for all of the PST, EST, CST and MST troops to try and win the 9th Challenge. Here is the ‘On This Day…’ section of the post, followed by the challenge itself:


On This Day…

  • 1952: A huge fog clears away in London after days of chaos.
  • 1992: American forces land in Somalia to help with humanitarian problems.
  • 1993: Astronauts put the Hubble Telescope back in action after it is fixed.


The Challenge

Today we see the return of a question challenge, but this time it is related to a real-life event. The question is to simply comment what the film below is (obviously the title has been covered). The first to comment wins.


Enjoy the first of our picture rounds and good luck!


CPA Central CEO


9 Responses

  1. RED NO

  2. lmao get shrekt

  3. Elf: The Movie

  4. n000000000000

  5. stop crying :@

  6. Go Red!

  7. It is Elf

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