Top Ten Armies: 12/07/14

The first round of the Christmas Chaos is underway, as is our brand new Top Ten formula. There is not much movement in this weeks’ top ten, but this week was most likely the worst statistical week throughout army history, with the bottom 3 armies all being record lows. For an in-depth analysis on why this was the worst week in army history, click HERE.

REMINDER: Like I stated before, this is the first week of the new formula. In case you forgot the changes we made, you can look at the previous top ten here, which has the changes in the formula. For some armies, your points for each division may not look right to you. This is due to us setting definite time zones for the Top Ten. Some of your events likely did not qualify for UK or AUSIA like you may have labeled. To see an explanation on time zones, click here. We ask you to please make sure you label your events correctly. If you don’t, we’ll know.

1. Dark Warriors [+2] [68.00]

2. Army of CP [+0] [67.64]

3. Light Troops [-2] [63.33]

4. Ice Warriors [+0] [61.50]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [59.58]

6. Nachos [+4] [47.20]

7. Striking Raiders [+0] [43.50]

8. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [35.09]

9. Chaos [-1] [33.50]

10. Romans [NEW!] [29.00]

To see the full statistics, click here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors reclaim once more the first spot in this week’s Top Ten. To start their week, they held a practice battle against the Water Vikings. In this battle they reached sizes of 35+. In a training session, they hit sizes of 35+. In the invasion of Ice Box, they once more reached sizes of 35+. To end their week, the army’s UK division held a training session with sizes of 23+.

2. Army of CP: As the ACP’s war with the Light Troops continues, they make a small rise coming in at 2nd this week. To start their week, the army’s AUSIA division invaded Half Pipe with sizes of 22+. In the defense of their capital, Breeze, they reached sizes of 25+. Their AUSIA division then invaded Migrator with sizes of 22+. Their AUSIA then reclaimed Breeze with sizes of 17+. The army’s AUSIA then held a war training session with sizes of 16+. In their defense of White House, the army’s US/UK division reached sizes of 12+. Their AUSIA division then invaded Mammoth with sizes of 16+. The AUSIA division then held a U-Lead session with sizes of 15+. In an AUSIA practice battle against RPF, they managed sizes of 15+. To end their week, they emerged victorious against the Elite Penguins in the first round of CPAC’s Christmas Chaos tournament with sizes of 20+.

3. Light Troops: The Light Troops fall two spots coming in at 3rd this week as their busy week of war continues. To start their week, they invaded Breeze with sizes of 50+. In the invasion of Mammoth, the army reached sizes of 20+. In the invasion of Fiesta, they reached 17+. In the defense of Jack Frost, they managed sizes of 17+. In the UK invasion of White House, they hit sizes of 25+. To end their week, they defeated the CP Anarchists in the first round of CPAC’s Christmas Chaos tournament battle with sizes of 30+.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors hold their spot, coming in at 4th this week. To start their week, they reached sizes of 32+ in the defense of Breeze. In the defense of Mammoth, they hit sizes of 30+. In their defense of fiesta, the army reached sizes of 25+. In the invasion of Jack Frost, they reached sizes of 23+. To end their week, they held a training session with sizes of 20+.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a busy week as they retain their spot at 5th. To start their week, they held a training session with sizes of 24+. In another training session, they reached sizes of 24+ again. In a US/UK training session, they reahced sizes of 20+. In an AUSIA training session, they reached sizes of 7+. They then held another AUSIA training session again reaching sizes of 7+. In a practice battle against the Nachos, the army’s UK division reached sizes of 15+. The army’s AUSIA division then logged in for a U-Lead session and reached sizes of 12+. Their AUSIA then held a training session with sizes of 14+. In a US training session, the army reached sizes of 16+. To end their week, they defeated the Lightning Strikers in the first round of CPAC’s Christmas Chaos tournament with sizes of 19+.

6. Nachos: The Nachos shoot up to 6th place this week, which is the biggest rise of the week’s Top Ten. They began the week with a training event on Fjord in which they hit 20. Nachos had a UK training event which they got 9 on. They continued the week with some practice battles with other armies – they were scheduled to hold a Practice Battle with the Golds, but they cancelled so the Nachos turned it into a training session and claim to have hit 15.  They then went on to have a proper practice battle with the Water Vikings in which they hit 7.  The Nachos had a rather disappointing AUSIA event, managing only to get 2 on CP. They finished the week by beating the Striking Raiders in the initial rounds of the Christmas Chaos – getting sizes of 25-30.

7. Striking Raiders: The Striking Raiders only had one event this week – which among other things might explain why they are 7th this week. Their only event was the tournament battle with the Nachos – which they lost in a 3-1 vote. They managed to get sizes of between 15-17.

8. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF moves up to 8th this week, coming 9th last week. They began the week with an AUSIA Training which they got 10-12 in, continuing on with another AUSIA Event (this time a U-Lead) which they also got between 7-10. They then had another training event (Division unspeficied) which disappointingly only got between 5-6.  RPF finished the week with two practice battles – one with ACP and one with the Saxons. They managed to hit 8 in the PB with ACP and achieved sizes of 10 in the PB with Saxons.

9. Chaos: Chaos comes in at 9th this week – falling down from 8th last week. They began the week with a UK Training Event which they claim hit 15, although they did not provide any evidence to prove this. The Chaos Army continued the week with another training event – which they got between 8-10 in. Chaos finished the week with a disappointing UK event in which they only managed to get between 4-5 on Club Penguin.

10. Romans: The Romans enter the Top 10 in last place this week after being revived yet again. They only had one event this week – a “SMAR” event which actually turned out to be a Training Event. The Romans managed to hit 12 on Club Penguin in this first event.

weekly poll

Recently, the Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin revived an old rivalry by declaring war on each other. It didn’t take long for this war to become an alliance war, with the Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors both joining ACP’s side, calling themselves the “Grand Alliance”. The question this week was which combatant would emerge victorious in the aforementioned war. After the polling was complete, one side was the clear favorite in this war, with the Grand Alliance favorited by just over 2:1 margin. The Grand Alliance received 75 votes, and as a result, 66.96% of the vote. The Light Troops received only 37 votes, which comes out to be 33.04% of the vote. So far, a multitude of the battles, as expected, are disputed, but so far the Grand Alliance has received more definite victories than the Light Troops.

weeklypoll11New polls released every Sunday!

So, what did YOU think about this weeks’ Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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101 Responses

  1. finally *wary*

  2. LT’s christmas chaos battle yesterday was at 7pm UK // 2pm EST which is a UK event, but we got no points.

  3. Good job DW + ACP

  4. finally?
    it’s not even 10 in the fuckin morning lol

  5. Good job ACP

  6. LT the one hit wonder… I remember going on WV chat last week talking to venom, I recall him saying “NUMBER ONE” Multiple times, well I guess they ain’t “NUMBER ONE!!!1” anymore

  7. A 29.00 reached here…?
    Wow this was a bad week.

  8. 29 points for romans welcome to CPAC

    now im scared to see how poorly smap armies are doing this time of year (wary)

  9. just seemed later than usual for me

    probably because I couldn’t get much sleep last night and woke up at 4:30am ._.

  10. All the points are Red lmao (except romans)

  11. The new generation of Romans will be bad…

    If you dislike this, you know it’s true.

  12. + nachos for gaining 4 spots in the top 10

  13. Not really a ”one hit wonder” if we were 1st 3 times in November. Also, when was the last time ACP was 1st? (Or the Watex Warriors, that small fry army you led)

  14. I also recall Waterkid declaring war on the Pretzels of CP back in 2013, on one of their invasions they maxed 2! lmfao

  15. well time for me to get into the holiday spirit with jingle camel

  16. Why didn’t you answer my questions and changing the subject? Also, post the result post of Pirates or LT, whatever army I was in, with us getting 2 against the Pretzels.

  17. Good Top Ten.

  18. Evidently a bad formula.

    Clearly it wasn’t too bad of a week, it’s just because of this formula. Had it not been there’d be high 70’s, it’s not a bad week, just a bad formula. The formula was made to suit the higher armies, but leaving the lower armies to struggle… Can’t wait to see SMAP -.-

  19. No, it definitely was a bad week. No army had a really complete week.

  20. According to CPAC you can pretty much only have UK at like 11am GMT – about 2-3PM GMT (idk exact)… On weekends that is btw. It’s the same with AUSIA, only from like 3am EST – 7:30am EST. It’s because apparantly there’s people from other divisions to help. Isn’t that the whole point of weekends? To maximise your size? Uhhh CPAC is stuffed…

  21. Falls under US/UK. In that instance, it goes towards US.

  22. According to LT archives that was an unscheduled USA event, which explains the sizes. You’re still avoiding my questions about your Watex Warriors, though.

  23. Saxons should be ahead..

  24. People complained of teutons with 61

  25. Waterkid, at least ACP don’t die each week. We’ve consistently been above you week after week, exception being every 2 months, when LT get fluky. ACP > LT, and you god damned know it.

  26. wtf did I listen to lmao

  27. ACP sure took a dive after this new formula was implemented. 🙄
    acp r gun die 4 sho wit dis new top ten formula!!!

  28. LMAO. Die each weak? LT has been in the top 3 for the past months now. ACP is a weak AUSIA army with no USA division. Your leaders are a joke and you live off 5 bar servers. LT > ACP

  29. The Light Troops has been 1st four times in the past month, what about ACP?

  30. Although the Water Vikings are 5th again, we had an excellent week and we worked very hard. Way to go Water Vikings! 🙂

  31. But not the worst week in history. As I said, this formula was made solely because armies abused 5 bars. Now look at the effect it has on smaller armies – not even reaching 30. Make the formula fit all armies, make new formulas if they’re needed, not if they are demanded by a few army hoppers.

    Armies work around the formula. Make it suitable for all of them, not just a few.

  32. It’s called an exaggeration. ACP doesn’t even live off 5 bars, 4 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars. We haven’t even been on any server other than one bars for about a month. GTFO with your pathetic excuses, you don’t even have an AUSIA because you’re too small. ACP has been in the top three since September. WBU? Died twenty times (exaggeration btw, note it)?!

  33. This formula was made to make ACP (a bottom army) appear as a top army. The CPAC top 10 has taken a bullet to the face. I feel bad for anyone who spent more time than they should have creating this new system.

    (Even if LT got #1 on this list I would have still said this…)

  34. I’d retract that statement if I were you!!!

  35. It’s suitable for all armies. You just try to blame it on us like everyone else loves to do. The fact that I had to struggle to find an army to round out the Top Ten speaks volumes. You think you know what you’re talking about, but in reality, you don’t.

    Gain a better grasp on your argument before you try and start one.

  36. You do live off 5 bar servers you moron, you know it and so does everyone else. We’re too small for not having an AUSIA? Are you MAD? Lots of armies don’t have an AUSIA (including DW). You on the other hand don’t even have a stable USA force, now THAT’S small. Why are you so proud for being in the top 3 by spamming AUSIA events and 5 bar servers? You needed 2 armies to assist you in a war you started. Show me a picture of ACP circling the Snow Forts from September to now, lmaooo.

  37. Elmikey, go to college and GTFO!

  38. Why? It’s the truth. ACP hasn’t been first for ages. You guys suck, lol.

  39. Go back to the old people place elm.

  40. teutons were stupid tho

  41. Here is evidence Chaos did max 15 in the event

  42. Technically doesn’t everyone live off 5 bar servers? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me. You autotype on 5 bars, you are the Kid who literally spends his life on here thinking he’s some God, but can’t take on the fact he’s a sore ass loser IRL.

    Your point being lots of armies don’t have AUSIA – lots of armies don’t have USA you fool. You didn’t even have one before Elmikey came on your face lmao

    Remember you getting Rishron to try and create an AUSIA for LT? Remember that failing, miserably? You are a bad leader. You know it.

    You’re the fools who as soon as we declared war, called ST and then Pirates to help you. I bet you tried to get other armies too, but people are too smart to believe your sorry ass…

    Remember the factors of a Club Penguin Army, Waterkid. Consistency is also a matter in war, if you manage to circle the forts one day, and max 5 the next (LT), you’re not consistent. LT were first a few weeks ago, now they’re third, truth being, they are inconsistent.

  43. But we’ve been above you pretty much every week, other than those few where you got first. ACP is consistent, LT are shite.

  44. GOOD JOB WV!

  45. a camel singing jingle bells *wary*

  46. You are such a dumb ass it’s unbelievable. First of you failed to show me a picture of ACP circling the Snow Forts. Second the Shadow Troops died and so did the Pirates. The Pirates helped in one battle whereas you got your butt buddy Ice Warriors to attend all your battles. I am from the UK, I don’t take this game seriously that I stay up on school nights to do USA events (something you did MULTIPLE of times). If LT isn’t consistent then why did we remain the top 3 for the past months? You make no sense. Every week we keep circling the Ice Berg or the Snow Forts. If I am a bad leader, then why have I been nominated for legend plenty of times whereas you haven’t? You’ve been irrelevent ever since you became ACP leader. LT doesn’t live off 5 bar servers. Sure, we auto type on 5 bar servers, but we don’t constantly have events on them and use the rogues to boost our sizes and get a higher spot on the top ten (ACP). If the AUSIA division that Rishron failed miserably, how come it helped us achieve first, knocking off DW from their streak of being 1st? Something your pathetic AUSIA has never achieved yet. You are a bad leader, you’re pathetic and so is your army.

  47. Gj DW. Still a horrible week for armies in general.

  48. Golds will get back on CPAC soon and easy trust me, we’re now currently fixing the situations.

  49. SMAR. Ew. Brb throwing up.

  50. I must say ACP did knock LT off their top spot this week.

    Mrtchy i read your argument with Waterkid. You go girl!

  51. During the week you would be correct since US troops are still in school at 2 pm EST, however on the weekends US troops are (usually) awake and online at 2 pm EST, so it’s a US/UK event which gets counted as US since the curve isn’t needed when two divisions are able to attend.

  52. LMAO

  53. It actually was the worst week in history if you go by size averages. It’s definitely worse than last year’s for number of events too. Keep in mind, we ADDED CURVES on sizes and they’re still worse. Only 6 of these armies would even have made the Top Ten in last year’s worst Top Ten. It’s a shame we had such a poor week to introduce the new formula, but we ran tests on it using past data and nothing changed dramatically. We just have a historically low number of armies that actually belong in the Top Ten, hence the extremely low numbers at the bottom.

  54. Literally last week everyone was saying this formula would kill ACP. People have said this about every single change to the formula we’ve made since the beginning. “This one will kill them for sure!!1” At what point do you recognize ACP is not nearly as bad as you’ve been trying to brainwash your troops into thinking it is?

  55. ” I am from the UK, I don’t take this game seriously that I stay up on school nights to do USA events (something you did MULTIPLE of times).”

    What? I actually go to USA events on weekdays occasionally, as it’s before school >.< I see you on at like 2 am your time, so stop being such a hypocrite. Learn some paragraph structure, noobkid101.

  56. Like DW

  57. I laughed at this top ten.
    Lt get 50+, are third
    DW struggle to get 35, get first.
    This is idiotic!

  58. good old mlg :^D

  59. Good job keeping 5th Water Vikings!

  60. I see LT getting 50+ once and struggling to get 20+ for the rest of the week, while I see DW 35+ consistently. Besides, all of the leaders in DW are busy irl. Might be a time for others to step up, however.

  61. No. The fact is that you’re the one who’s idiotic here, not the Top Ten. LT obviously didn’t get 50+.

  62. lol maybe, LT did less events, and dw did very much.

  63. That 50+ event that was actually 40, plus 5+ Pirates helping LT? Lol.

  64. like your poorly thought out comebacks

  65. Despite the bottom 3 being record lows, the only army with less points than ACP for a US/UK division is RPF.

  66. It’s an affair of the heart.

  67. Made a mistake here. I didn’t realize that the US and UK points are separate now and most armies have no UK points. Still pretty sad being the number 2 army and having less US points than everyone else except for 1 army.

  68. I don’t complain about other armies scores, I’m just shocked someone with 29.00 reached the list.
    If a 25.00 reach the list next week everyone will need too give me 1 xat.

  69. I like your poorly thought army.

  70. ACP isn’t bad, they are just annoying as shit. That can be said for most leaders in the community today as well.

  71. That doesn’t make sense lol.

  72. Yes it does

  73. And the brain.

  74. _▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄

  75. Your 3ic Badboy himself said that DW struggle to get 25+. So I went along with his word.

  76. Dude i’ve told you so much, don’t you ever listen?

    The number of AUSIA events extremely outweighed USA and UK events thus causing it to appear as UK & USA do badly, though they didn’t.

  77. The Cpac picture goes well in the middle.

  78. Doesn’t matter because ACP still has one of the worst US and UK divisions in the top ten and you refuse to even acknowledge that there is a problem when you lose your damn capital to one of your biggest rivals.


    I am quitting CP chats after December and then you can from now on find me here fegs! I didnt wanta say shit yet but thanks to a few ppl on Ice Warriors chat I had to because apparently being 20 is problem on there! And those ppl need to walk over to my pcs and say sorry right now because you think im strange for still visiting? Welp now you fcking know. There now you fcking know I bet you wont call me strange or tell me to get life now? You owe me an apology or else you will hear it from my other friends of Xat, and ima be on the DeadAloneNoob chat 3 days or 4 per week of my choosing! You should be ashamed of your selves making me have to announce this so early! I mean it too I am not gonna hide the truth anymore because people will start judging me and shit so news flash for ALL of you! I was scared before but not anymore hows that for reality. You messed with the BULL now here is the HORNS you slick asses. I might visit Water Vikings, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and Light Troops chat once per month IF ever, either that or just every Sunday! This was your anus Rocky. Get a life people please. And lastly Thank you ALL who gave a fck for helping with straightening me out I am still corrupted but not as corruped now! I dont see what the problem with that could possibly be I mean we are ALL human! I will stand by that still because its how I feel okay? I DONT WANT TO LOSE ANY XAT FRIENDS JUST BECAUSE I AM 20 AND STILL FKING VISIT A CLUB PENGUIN CHAT 24/7 OKAY!

  80. DW knocked LT out of the top spot as they’re first, ACP is second.

  81. I was supporting you, nvm

  82. While Teutons were not nearly as bad as the Romans and probably deserved a spot in the top 10, you can’t honestly say without the generous help of the timezone bias you guys would have 61 fucking points.

    These were some responses to the announcement to the change in the top ten formula.

  84. Who even are you…

  85. You guys care about the top 10 too much.

  86. if i had to bet, id say rocky.

  87. That 30 though. (:

  88. lol

  89. Bit late but, good job Water Vikings! 😀

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