Advent Challenge: Day Six

REMINDER – Tomorrow’s Challenge is at 5:30am EST


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Jack Frenzy became the fifth person to win a ticket for the Advent Challenge Raffle, and today there is a chance to win up to three tickets in the first of our mega challenges. Will you be able to succeed?

The challenge tomorrow is the AUSIA challenge when people from the AUSIA community, and any early UK or American people, can win up to two tickets. But, for now, we have the mega challenge and before that, the on this day section.


On This Day…

  • 1978: Span votes on whether they should be democratic and end years of democracy.
  • 1983: The first heart transplant takes place in the United Kingdom.
  • 2005: David Cameron becomes the leader of the Conservative Party in the UK.


The Challenge

There has been one number put on the Small and Medium Army Press website and five numbers put across CP Army Central.

Simply the first to find the six numbers across our site and our small/medium army partners will win the mega challenge. Second and Third place will win two and one tickets respectively, with the winner getting three.


I wish you all good luck in the first of our mega challenges and hopefully as many of you as possible find the numbers.


CPA Central CEO

Advent Challenge


18 Responses

  1. 1st! also, the on this day was boring.. not to be mean or anything, but I’m being totally honest. I mean, what does it have to do with cp armies?

  2. 6, 10, 9, 4, 7, 1,

  3. 9 smap site. 10,1,6,7,4

  4. 9,1,6,10, 7, 4

  5. 21, 69, 666, 2014 , 3.14, 0

  6. 1: On the ‘Advent Challenge: Day Six’ post, below the signoff.
    4: On the ‘Leaders’ page, in between Ice Wariors and Underground Mafias Army’s sections.
    6: On the ‘Feeds’ section, above Light Troops’ feed.
    7: On the top of the ‘Legends’ page.
    9: On the ‘Greeks Reopen, Only to invade Takis’ Capital’ SMAP post, before the intro.
    10: On the ‘About’ page, in between the ‘What You’ll Find’ and ‘Staff’ sections.

  7. 1,6,10,9,7,4

  8. Stop posting 20-30 mins after guys. It is over/

  9. What the heck Sonic. You did not post right as soon as it turned 2:00 before. Plus, you changed all comments from the 2:00 hour to the 3:00 hour. D some admin changed this so you could win

  10. Oh, and to add, it is impossible to find all of them in 1 minute, screenshot them, AND post them. Some admin let you win un-fairly by adding your comment after I won.

  11. No, I saw a wreath on the CPAC page. Thinking the mega challenge would be a hide and seek sort of thing, I quickly looked over CPAC and SMAP and found them all and waited for Day Six to come out. That is the truth.

  12. Then how come, 8 minutes later, Ginger declared first? And how come the cpac time clocks are changed to the 3:00 hour?

  13. My comment was awaiting moderation. I had to ask Zak to publish it.

  14. Let Zak answer that then. And no other comments needed moderation.

  15. Well, maybe it was a glitch.

  16. CPAC is EST , and it did not change with the daylight savings

  17. You can dislike this comment now

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