ACP vs LT: Battle of White House

White House, ACP Nation – The war between LT and ACP slowed down this week, leading up to a UK battle today on White House. LT began the invasion at 3:00pm EST with E+9 at the Ice Berg. ACP responded with clovers.

LT had 11 troops and ACP had 10. ACP followed up with a joke bomb while LT got into a new line and did E+5. ACP then got into a horizontal line and LT returned the joke bomb. 6 minutes into the battle, LT grew to 17 while ACP was held at 10. The Light Troops lined up along the bottom of the Berg, showing off their superior size while the two sides exchanged tactics.


ACP moved down to sit on LT and did E+T while LT used E+3. After saying “don’t hide” to ACP, LT moved into a vertical line again. They pulled off rapid sun and smile emotes while ACP remained clustered at the bottom. They took action with an E+8 waterfall.


At 3:13, the battle moved to the Town; LT immediately getting into a chatbar line, and ACP charging in with a rather weak “!” bomb. In formation, both armies put up good tactics here, but the Light Troops were pulling them off a little quicker. By this time, LT also had swelled to 20 troops, and ACP was still behind with only 11.



LT made the first move in this room by sitting on ACP and doing smiles, which ACP countered with jokes before moving into a chatbar line. LT followed and continued to bombard them with emotes. At 3:23, LT moved to the Snow Forts and got into a backwards L formation. ACP charged in with E+9 and formed a diagonal line.


LT’s size dropped down to 15, but remained slightly ahead of ACP’s 13. After 5 minutes, ACP moved in with a lengthy lightbulb bomb, and switched to an accurate E+N. LT responded with E+9 and claiming victory.


ACP switched again to flowers, and the Light Troops logged off. Purple and Maxy surrendered the battle to LT.


Today’s battle saw significant size drops on both sides compared to previous UK battles. With that being said, they are also preparing for the Christmas Chaos Tournament this weekend, and probably are not as concerned with the war as they normally would be. Here is the battle video:

Lorenzo Bean

CPAC Associate Producer


6 Responses

  1. first

  2. Very good post *clapclapclapclapclap*

  3. I like how it’s the only post you commented very good post.. oh wait those were all IW/ACP victories… sorry Elm 😦

  4. Lol XD

  5. This is a good post to me because it accurately states what happened at the battle I attended. I usually don’t see IW/ACP victory posts to comment on anyway.

  6. Good Post.

    SIZE- Light Troops
    TACTICS- Both was good in different ways.

    I would say this was a draw if the Army of Club Penguin hadn’t surrendered.

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