Advent Challenge: Day Four

REMINDER – Tomorrow’s challenge is at 4pm EST


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Yesterday Cody became the third person to win the advent challenge with the number 0 being the answer to the challenge given. We have yet another challenge today as Christmas gets closer and closer. Will you get into the raffle?

As stated by the reminder, the challenge tomorrow is at 4pm EST, 9pm UK, so make sure you are prepared to enter the challenge and get your ticket for the raffle. Make sure you also take a look at the interesting On This Day section to see what happened on the 4th of December.


On This Day…

Life Events:

  • 1961: Birth Control Pills are available to everyone on the NHS in the UK.
  • 1971: A bomb goes off in a pub in Belfast killing 10.
  • 1991: The last American hostage is released in Lebanon after 7 years.


The Challenge

This week we will have a CP Army related question. The question is as followed and I would like to remind everyone you are only allowed to submit your two answers to the following question once, no repeat answers or you will be disqualified:

Combined between the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos, which two armies have appeared in the most finals?


Have fun and again, good luck to you all.


CPA Central CEO


23 Responses

  1. Ice warriors

  2. no

  3. Combined between the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos, which two armies have appeared in the most finals?: The Ice Warriors and the Nachos

  4. Ice Warriors and Nachos

  5. Hmmm…..

  6. Ice Warriors or Dark Warriors

  7. Or ACP

  8. Good post

  9. iw and dw

  10. Ice Warriors

  11. IW and DW

  12. IW Nachos funny how you guys DW has won a Legends Cup LOL

  13. ice warriors and dark warriors

  14. iw and acp

  15. Could you repeat that in english?

  16. Dude english isnt my first language that was really rude

  17. IW and nachos

  18. IW and Nachos

  19. That was my 2nd guess, I went through almost all archives

  20. Doritos and IW

  21. iw

  22. iw and acp (Only thing that wasnt said yet)

  23. IW and Nachos

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