Advent Challenge: Day Three

REMINDER – Tomorrow’s challenge is at 7pm EST



KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Yesterday Rockorking won the Advent Challenge, to join Fluffyboy in the raffle on the 27th of December. The raffle is, again, slightly harder today as the Advent Challenge goes into the third day.

As the reminder says at the top, tomorrow’s challenge is at 7pm EST, midnight UK and it gives you yet another chance at winning a raffle ticket. We have 6000 xats to spend on powers and rewards for you to win and only if you won one of our challenges can you win something.


On This Day…

Life Events:

  • 1965: Many members of the KKK are arrested for the murders of many people.
  • 1984: Hundreds die in Bhopal, India, in a chemical accident.
  • 1989: The Cold War between Russia and the United States ends at the Malta conference.
  • 1992: Two bombs go off in Manchester, England, with several casualties.

CP Events:

  • 2013: DW threatens to declare war on RPF.
  • 2011: Luc returns to WW and AR are rumored to have declared war on the ACP – but this is proved wrong.


The Challenge

Your task is to find the number, hidden somewhere on the CPAC site, and comment what number it is. As usual, the first to find and comment the number will be the winner, but this time you cannot comment more than one number or you will be automatically disqualified. Here is your clue:

I am found with the red leaders list

and I am around the 38th one. 


As usual, I wish you luck in your attempt to win.


CPA Central CEO


12 Responses

  1. first and 0

  2. SWAG

  3. 0

  4. take away that number i pressed the wrong one i meant 9 *wary*

  5. No guys its a ten you can even see it

    jk :3

  6. Wait i won yesterday?!
    *insert sexy victory dance gif here*

  7. I command all of you to dislike this comment.

  8. It’s Thursday and 7EST. Where is the advent #4?

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