Advent Challenge: Day Two

REMINDER – Tomorrow’s challenge is at 4pm EST


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – In yesterdays Advent Challenge we saw Fluffyboy, ACP 2ic, win the first ticket in the raffle. Today we have another challenge for you to join Fluffyboy in our giant raffle after Christmas.

With tomorrow’s challenge at 4pm EST, today we will see who can win the 7pm EST challenge to grab a ticket. Since you will probably read this after commenting your answer, I think you will appreciate that yesterday’s challenge was merely a warm-up and today we will have a more challenging… challenge.


On This Day…

Life Events:

  • 1954: USA President Eisenhower pledges to defend China.
  • 1977: South African police are cleared of the death of the leader of the black consciousness movement – to the outrage of many.
  • 1988: Bangladesh hit by one of the worst cyclones in the countries history as many die.

CP Armies:

  • 2012: CPWN merge into CPA Central, ending a recent strong rivalry.
  • 2010: Army Republic and Ranger Troops battle for Snowball.


The Challenge

This week we have a challenge where you have to figure out the answer to the riddle. The first person to answer it will win a ticket in the raffle and this challenge is a bit harder than the one yesterday, so good luck everybody.

I judge the behavior of the human race,

I reward those who have been good….

…but not who have been bad.

I’m overweight, but in good spirit,

and I can travel around the world in one night.

Who am I?


Good luck and have fun everyone.


CPA Central CEO


17 Responses

  1. You’re santa claus!

  2. Why wasn’t it out at 7:00 P.M EST?

  3. Too easy.

  4. SANTA!

  5. Santa- too easy

  6. banter claus

  7. whoops i mean santa claus obv

  8. Jesus

  9. frickin santa

  10. St.Nicholas
    Santa Claus
    Kris Kringle
    Sinter Klass

  11. papa noel

  12. Bantersaurus Rex

  13. santas

  14. my mother

  15. elmikey

  16. Congratulations Fluffy! Oh and Santa.

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