Doritos Shut Down

SUMMIT, Doritoss Capital – One of the most legendary Club Penguin Armies of all time recently shut down. After a hard fall, the Doritos were shut down by their legend Bam117 following a tumultuous spell under the leadership of Sci and Alfrondo.

Although not on the pedestal of armies such as the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors, the Doritos will go down as one of the most legendary armies of all time. Seemingly ever present since their creation they have been a part of some iconic moments in Club Penguin Warfare history.

They have recently fallen upon hard times. At one stage a few months back the Doritos were on an impressive rise. So confident in the progress they had made they initiated war upon the powerhouse that is the Dark Warriors. A long and drawn out war ensued with many disputed battles with both sides claiming victory. The aftermath of this war saw a sharp decline in size that they never really recovered from. They found a little stability of a leadership involving Rishron but that soon ended in controversy with Rishron falling victim to a coup.

Rishron’s coup resulted in the leadership being handed to Sci and Doritos legend Alfrondo who made a surprising return to the community after a number of years out. Sizes declined under this leadership and they continued getting worse, forcing Bam117 to shut down the army.

In his post announcing the shut down Bam117 is extremely critical of the duo Sci and Alfrondo calling them ‘terrible leaders’. Below is an excerpt from the post in which Bam117 pins the Doritos death on Sci and Alfrondo.

Scientistnerd- This is the leader who coup’ed to retain power and ended up leaving a few days later, I wonder what his mind state was and still is. If you ever see this clown join your army make sure to never give this guy leader. This guy is like one of those funny looking Walmart workers that you aren’t sure about, so you try to avoid eye contact with.

Alfrondo- On the first note he is almost as old as I am, Meaning he shouldn’t have even THOUGHT of taking over DCP again, and epicly failing…Again.

This criticism takes up most of the post. Bam117 does not reflect on what the Doritos have achieved over the years in any great detail and keeps it short and sweet. He does mention he will be bringing out a post to commemorate their history, at the time of writing this has not been released yet.

Despite having only just down it would be wise to expect to see the Doritos alive again. Bam117 left an obvious hint at the end of the closing down post that this would not be the end of the Doritos forever.

At this point I, Bam117 am here by Shutting down The Doritos Army of Club Penguin in hopes that one day this army will truly go beyond the horizon.

the journey ends….for now

Was the leadership of Sci and Alfrondo the reason for the Dorito’s decline? How long until we see a revival? Comment YOUR opinion below and thanks for reading.


CPA Central Executive Producer


74 Responses

  1. 2nd

  2. “One of the most legendary Club Penguin Armies of all time recently shut down.”

    whoa dere tempah, whoa dere.

  3. I’m psychic: You are reading this!

  4. ?

    I’d suggest they are. Other than the likes of the Nachos, IW, ACP, DW and 1 or 2 others maybe I’d say DCP can rival them all.

  5. Also, 3rd!

  6. You’re Welcome 🙂

  7. this is as funny as RPF colonizing under golds before waffle got into it

  8. rip doritos

  9. As a former 4ic under bams leadership, i respect DCP so RIP.

    SWAT, RPF, now DCP. Mrtchy you planning a closure of ACP anytime soon?

  10. Dayum.

  11. Gorden plzz stop being fat

  12. Luke will you stop being a mentally decapitated retard and learn to spell my name right you fu***** retard.

  13. Dark Warrior victory

  14. Sorry i meant mentally decapped not decapitated.

  15. IW would win.

  16. back off lol.

  17. Victory? You didn’t do jack shit

  18. no one cares

  19. Many thanks for making this post with the resources available (My constant babbling)

  20. So how long until all armies cease to exist.

  21. A lot of former DCP troops may hate me, but none of that matters. Leading DCP has been some of the greatest times I’ve had in armies. I never wanted to see DCP dead. I thought leaving the responsibilities of leadership to Alf and Sci would be a good idea.

    One last time perhaps; Bang Bang Doritos Gang

  22. literally nobody blames you other than people in dcp

    if the ship is on fire, why go down with it

  23. I remember big musty carrying DCP to 1st

  24. Rest in peperoni.

  25. Rest in peace DCP. You were the best army I’ve ever been in and I still feel sad that I got couped for no reason, but just because of the power hungry clown Sci. I hope DCP gets revived soon.

  26. I know! 😀

  27. Soon hopefully

  28. lol I always doubted that alfrondo guy to be psychotic ever since I met him in RPF 2k13

  29. Gordon will u plzz stop swearing and picking fights with people.

  30. sorry for telling the truth

  31. R.I.P

  32. RPF? lol what

  33. Rest In Peace Doritos.

    You were the first army in cp I ever saw recruiting. I might have never been in your army, but you were the autotypers who first let me join CP armies.

  34. rip in hersheys pasta Doritos of CP :(:(:( joined FaZe clan in 420 AD, died of quiksc0pe in 1337 :(:(:( you will alwais be remembered and 1 w/ g0d 😦

  35. looks like bur got the last laugh

  36. I had a lot of spats with DCP in the past year, but they were a very great army who always gave an entertaining war. They also made several good leaders like Musty and Toy.

    Coming from an enemy, RIP Doritos.

  37. I cri, Everitim.

  38. rip dcp, you were a decent army

  39. hahaha you’re choking me with your lies man. #gordon4prezzie

  40. COUGH wuss COUGH

  41. Well, If my ship was on fire, I would go down with it because the supporting water below the ship would extinguish the incineration.

  42. no bc the supporting water would also catch on fire

    gosh Toy, do u even understand biology at all

  43. I consider DCP and Mustapha far from my greatest rival in armies.

  44. omg u so funny!!111

  45. I wonder who got the last laugh, Big Musty.


  46. Once they start to die out maybe we can all start playing games more appropriate for most of our ages.

  47. Luke your a mentally capped retard so Stfu. Sasha, idc who you are but go back to being Mrtchys ass licker

  48. Was Vo Yo gone again?

  49. lol I wasn’t even saying “back off” to you idiot. this luke is getting on my fucking nerves

  50. Once again Gordy backstabs his girl 🙂 not making any friends today are we and u only think im a retard because im always happy unlike you 🙂

  51. Its luke14963 to you we arn’t friends

  52. and gordon is? lol.

  53. I am saddened from this

  54. *facepalms*

  55. Funny? I dont think so my friend

  56. That is right you mongrels

  57. Lmao

  58. Banging Big Boobed Bitches Baby

  59. Indeed

  60. Rofl

  61. Doritos are the yummiest army we get pusseh

  62. Don’t even start.

  63. yeah, speechless aren’t you? gordon should be proud of me lol

  64. U go girl

  65. thanks babe it’s been great with your support.

  66. Chris its Rocky you know how I am when I trololololol 😛

  67. Its okay, Babyboo ❤

  68. Dude they were legendary. They were in the top 5 for weeks on end before they fell.

  69. May they rest in cheese powder 😦

  70. i shut it down for a reason the terrible leaders were good but not good enough in order for us to be legendary was rising and when we were rising it was perfect but later this year it became a bit smaller when they came so i decided to shut it down we shall rest in cheese R.I.C

  71. You got a bullet bill!

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