Golden Troops Close Down

HALF PIPE, Former GT Nation – Earlier today Golden Troops Leader Max announced that the Golden Troops were over. This came hours after the Golden Troops crashed out of the top ten after an impressive 6th placed ranking on their first week back just 7 days before.

In a post announcing that the GT were over, Max had harsh words for his leadership partners and put the blame firmly at their feet. He stated that they were ‘useless’ and relied on him for everything.

As of today, the Golden Troops are dead. I messed things up big time by leaving for a week just after we placed 6th on the Top Ten Armies. The other leaders, Chuck and Cody were useless and relied on me to do everything, which isn’t possible. I returned yesterday and tried to get us back on track, but it’s practically impossible as Cody/Chuck messed things up so bad that everyone is treating us like a joke.

With the absence of Max, he said that the army failed to function and this was apparent with the army not having an event in the past week. Their last event was an unscheduled practice battle against the Golds, on Sunday 16th, where they had sizes of 10-15. This proved to be the last event for this generation of the Golden Troops.



The last GT event seven days ago.

The future for the Golden Troops looked fairly bright, with a successful week putting them just outside the top five armies and put a lot of hope into the troops of the army. However, an unsuccessful week saw troops leave and the activeness of the army drop to an repairable level, as said by Max who told the army that he tried to restore the damage of the past seven days.

This Golden Troops leadership and ownership was put together as the result of a long application process held by GT Legend and Advisor Riotors, following the death of the generation that saw leaders such as Sercan, Jerry, Vivek, Tempah and others lead to success and to the top of CP Armies. The process to select the new ranks of the army lasted for about a month and a result, the army ended in two weeks. Riotors has yet to comment on the end of this GT generation and if it is the end of the army for ever.

A picture of GT in their previous generation

Now that yet again the Golden Troops announce the end of a generation, questions will be asked. Were the right people selected to lead the army, should the GT have tried for another week or so and should the army have been remade at all? All of these questions will surely be debated on by many involved in the Golden Troops and we also want YOUR opinions. What do YOU think about the questions raised?


CPA Central CEO




22 Responses

  1. I made a comment

  2. Saw it coming

  3. prayers

  4. Bye, Golden Troops.

  5. R.I.P

  6. should’ve closed down a long time ago.

  7. Why did he just give up so easily?

  8. finally a one-time wonder army from the summer comes to an end
    I knew it ever since I left GT.
    we had a dream ownership consisting of sercan, tempah, jerry, lord pain, rose, dinesh, vivek, me, sidie, ajman, wenny, max, stromae, jay, popcorny, zashkal, teal and other loyal troops like chatman, enigma, macon, hibah, gobby, chip, jimstyle, pill parrot who made the summer generation a memorable thing

  9. Max and Chuckisthe2, are very inactive and don’t do anything. Max might have autotyped but they were damn inactive and max has the courage to blame us. Yet hes a fool who can’t lead and has the worst UK ever- Golden Troops

  10. Again?

  11. Chuck wasn’t on for 2 days, while Max was gone for a week. While you were the sole leader, you had 3 events during that time period and you failed to post any results. Instead of blaming others, maybe you were the “fool who can’t lead”..

  12. May we remember the Golden Summer as a good one. Although I was couped, I can’t help but say Long Live The Golden Troops.

  13. Lol okay maybe a “special somebody” forced me not to post them because he called himself the main leader of gt.

  14. What a shame. Hopefully their old army members will find a more stable army to join and be a part of for a long time. Good luck to them! 🙂

  15. Liek if u cri everytim 😦

    let’s see how long will it take them to get recreated this time

  16. One time wonder bro? Please

  17. The cring is real Lels

  18. Lmao

  19. Ifkr

  20. Ohh pish to the posh

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