Xxtoysoldier Fires Badboy and Demotes Pufpuf103

UPDATE, 5:10 pm GMT: xiUnknown has announced that Drake and Spi will be returning to the Dark Warriors. Badboy is also omitted from the leadership listed on the website.

UPDATE, 4:50 pm GMT: xiUnknown has dramatically overruled the decision taken by Xxtoysoldier and reinstated both Badboy and Pufpuf103 as leaders.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In an unprecedented post released today Xxtoysoldier announced he would be firing Badboy and demoting Dark Warriors legend Pufpuf103 to second in command.

There has been massive turmoil in the Dark Warriors leadership ever since their triumphant Champions Cup run. The Pirates temporary merge into the army and Freezie66’s retirement meant 4 leaders would be leaving the army only a few days after winning the tournament. During this time period it was announced that Dark Warriors legend Xxtoysoldier would be returning as leader. This was followed by a series of events involving Badboy which saw him join and leave the Light Troops, culminating in him defacing Light Troops site and chat for short period. He was eventually accepted back as leader of the Dark Warriors.

Xxtoysoldier announces the first firing of Badboy which led to him joining the Light Troops

Everything seemed to be on the up for the Dark Warriors. The leadership of Xxtoysoldier, Pufpuf103 and Badboy had seemingly brought the Dark Warriors back to fantastic sizes, pulling them out of the slump we had seen the week before this. They had a particularly amazing event where they claimed to have maxed insane sizes of 55+ on Club Penguin. Pufpuf103 called it ‘without a doubt the single best event we’ve had in a very long time.

The events after their 55+ max one were not as big but still showed impressive sizes of 30-35 on a consistent basis. It seemed the Dark Warriors were stabilising until Xxtoysoldier announced last nights news. The immediate firing and banishment of Badboy and the demotion of Pufpuf103 to 2ic. Xxtoysoldier described the decision as one that required ‘much thinking’, below is an excerpt from the post made by Xxtoysoldier.

I have made a decision that requires much thinking. In my situation; you’re a leader who is leading with someone who edits your battle schedules & is inactive and hated throughout the community, and someone who’s very loyal, slightly inactive, and recruits slightly. I believe you, too, would make the same decision I have concluded to.

Badboy is removed from the Dark Warriors, never to rejoin again.

Pufpuf103 is demoted to 2ic temporarily until I figure things out.

This is NOT prejudice. I took a very long time to think about this, trust me. I simply came across the idea, examined my options; picked it. I promise you this is for the absolute BEST for the Dark Warriors. We stick together through thick and thin, the rough times and the best of our golden ages. I just had to fix my path in order to ensure an easier way to the top.

This move leaves Xxtoysoldier as the sole leader of the Dark Warriors for now however he did confirm in the post that another leader will be announced later this week. This was a move that shocked a lot of Dark Warriors as there had been no rumours of any changes in the leadership but such was Xxtoysoldier’s frustration at what he saw as a lack of commitment from his fellow leaders. I decided to ask a Dark Warriors member for their views on the matter.

Simi, Dark Warriors Soldier.

I suppose that like so many others who have been banned/demoted for even disagreeing with Toy…. I will be suppressed on Toy’s orders. I think the firing of Badboy was EXTREMELY wrong because Badboy had a nice and organized outfit here in the Dark Warriors. There was order and no chaos and disruption by these redundant and belligerent purge/revolutions that Toy has been ordering constantly almost. They’re a gross violation of everything DW stands for. Now as for Puf’s demotion… that is just as wrong. Puf has been loyal to the cause of DW since he came here and yet here he is…. betrayed by his fellow Dark Warrior and Leader, Toysoldier. If that isn’t wrong then I have no what is wrong but several others including myself are beginning to put Toy on the same level as Elmikey or Waterkid.

Simi is clearly extremely against the changes and feels Toysoldier is trying to make himself the supreme leader of the Dark Warriors. Unfortunately this post was made during AUSIA time and there wasn’t more soldiers to ask for their opinion, so it isn’t completely clear if the view held by the majority of the Dark Warriors.

What is your opinion on the changes? Has Xxtoysoldier stepped out of line? Were the changes justified? Comment YOUR opinion below and thanks for reading.


CPA Central Executive Producer



8 Responses

  1. He had it coming.

  2. Nice to see a bit of opinion from a normal soldier/member of DW. The tension is definitely rising here, and they better get it together before it takes a turn for the worse.

  3. Toy is the new Elm.

  4. Don’t overexaggerate.

  5. pufpuf was very inactive, I see why he was demoted

  6. dw?

    more like leader musical chairs

  7. Content: 9/10
    Structure and Language: 9/10
    Overall: 9/10

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