Controversy in Doritos Army │ Verum’s Resignation

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – The Doritos have been unstable lately. Arguments, Resignations, Protesting, and Commitments are what is happening to the Doritos army. This post will cover all of the details of what is going on in DCP. 


➜ The quarrel all started from DCP Legend Mustapha10. Before the brawl between Mustapha and the Dorito leaders,  Musta has forcibly instructed Sci and Alfrondo to have them step down and set Rishron back has Main Leader. As Alf and Sci defied his orders, both of them states that he is no longer in the position of notifying orders in DCP.  Before we get through what is happening, let’s look at the history of Rishron and his leadership in DCP.

Rishron’s Leadership in DCP – October 11 –  31


Oct. 11 - AUSIA Event Maxing 18

Oct. 11 – AUSIA Event Maxing 18


Oct. 18 - Quarter Finals Maxing 22 Avg. 18

Oct. 18 – Quarter Finals Maxing 22 Avg. 18


Oct. 24 - PB vs ACP Maxing 15

Oct. 24 – PB vs ACP Maxing 15


Oct. 31 - AUSIA Recruiting Event Maxing 15

Oct. 31 – AUSIA Recruiting Event Maxing 15

After leading over DCP for about a month, RIshron has resigned from DCP and joins Light Troops. But then comes back within a week after he has heard West left DCP after feeling a lack of dedication in the army from other troops. After coming back to DCP along with a returning event, he was couped the next day and was taken over by Sci, the new Main leader of DCP.

  • Post of his Resignation can be found here
  • Post of his Returning can be found here
  • And last, his Coup d’Etat can be found here and here


Departing and Resigning

➜ An average amount of troops has left DCP after hearing about Musta’s orders, showing how much they dislike Rishron for his way of recruiting or what they say, “terrible leadership”. Also Verum, 2ic of Doritos, has resigned from DCP exclaiming he rather leave DCP than to be fired from Rishron for betraying the Doritos for Light Troops.

Doritos, I love you and this army. In one day we built a UK division of 12 and have got over 20 UK troops in 2 days. I know this army was going to rise, but because of some people like Mustapha and Rishron, this current leadership is getting fired. This is not official yet, but we are pretty sure this will happen. I put a lot into this army and you did so much for me. The loyal troops here are great, some of the best in armies. I will never forget my time here, but I would rather resign then get fired by Rishron who betrayed us for Light Troops.  We have achieved so much, but never forget the true legends. People like Toy, Kingdra, Bam, Jester, Wwe and Alfrondo. DCP is and will be forever written in the history of great armies.

The Shield Will Always Be Feared.

I hereby resign from the Dorito Empire.

– Former DCP 2ic  Verum


 A demurral of Sci and Alf has started upon Mustapha10 therefore his orders will be completely objected and denied. Mustapha10 and Sci had a friendly argument in their Kik conversation about Musta’s decision-making. As Mustapha forced Sci to step down and place Rishron as Main Leader, Sci intentionally denied his orders and tells him he doesn’t order things around anymore. Mustapha getting on his nerves, he finally fires Sci from Doritos.

Arguement between Mustapha and Sci 

Sci's convo with Mustapha

Sci’s convo with Mustapha





Musta getting on his nerves


At last, Musta finishes the conversation firing Sci

➜ During the Conversation, Sci and Alf were discussing about the decision Mustapha made and plans to refund the Doritos CSS. The Name is cut off due to privacy reasons.   F6o3JR2 UpDvDTb

A viewpoint of the Doritos Website

A viewpoint of the Doritos Website

➜ Currently the Doritos are in a bit of a struggle. Site Domain expired, many troops departing, resigning, fighting and arguing is prone to change DCP. At the moment, the leaders are doing everything they can do bring back DCP and getting rid of this situation once and for all.

❗ Commitments ❗

➜ The Doritos Army made the final decisions at last. Alfrondo, Sci, and the rest of the administrations will NOT be going anywhere. Leaving the situation to the administrations as they are going to fix DCP as soon as possible.

To Mustapha: You are RETIRED. As long as I am still alive, I will see to it that you do not gain control of this army ever again. To DCP: You all are protected by your current Doritos Administration. No need to worry, we have it under control. To the CP Army World: We WILL be back. Fear The Shields Doritos of Club Penguin


➜ Everything in DCP has been under control, and the situation will be taken care of under the administrations. All troops who have left has returned. Verum, 2ic of DCP, has officially resigned from DCP.

  What do YOU think? Can DCP really be under control? Or will they struggle once again? Comment what you think!


CPAC Pressman


38 Responses

  1. Nice Post.

  2. First of all, I joined DCP in the last week of September, and secondly, ” An average amount of troops has left DCP after hearing about Musta’s orders, showing how much they dislike Rishron for his way of recruiting or what they say, “terrible leadership”. ?? LOL. Why would they join Golds with me then?

  3. Doritos who?

  4. Great post.

  5. Mustapha is an arrogant and sad excuse of a leader. I find it funny how he indirectly referred to himself as the “god” of DCP.

  6. Sci is a fucking genius – 10 points to Gryffindor.
    Go for the kill, don’t listen to Mustafag

  7. Interesting post. I think you should add more opinions from members – where did you get this information exactly of average numbers leaving DCP? Any news on the discussion between normal members and not the higher-ups? I’m interested in all opinions, big and small.

  8. How do you guys get those kik screenshots?
    BTW, those show that Musta has the orthography of a retarded monkey.

  9. “90% of DCPs troops…”

    Oh, DCP has troops now?

  10. Let’s face the facts here. Rishron has always been the type of character to leave an army the minute he gets a better offer elsewhere.

    Alfrondo is OG DCP. If he honestly feels he has what it takes to help rise DCP, why Musta try to stop him?

    Mustapha is retired. He should be trying to be more hands off in the army.

    This is more about Mustapha trying to retain control than about what’s best for the army.

  11. “The Doritos have been unstable lately”



    good one

    way to incorporate satire


  12. Whenever I hear of Mustapha and his Fuck buddy doing shit in DCP I wanna drop kick my laptop out the window.

  13. Wat

  14. What are you even saying lol

    I was hands off with Dcp ever since I retired and I still am lol the fact that I can come in and remove alf any time I want and I choose not to remains that I am hands off..

    “Trying to stop him” when did I try to stop him

    All those kik convos aren’t me

  15. Rip Dcp


    The guy who brought you up from maxing 5 and into the top 3 to only watch you guys fall out as soon as I retired

  16. LOL
    why am i not surprised
    he’s stupid af lol
    no wonder he tried to look tough against me, he was DCP leader.

  17. *2ic

  18. u failed hue hue hue

  19. well, under the assumption that it is you (bc thats what was reported) “firing” Alf is a stupid move

  20. (frown)

  21. Content: 9
    Structure and Language 9
    Overall: 9

    Loved the post.

  22. Agreed and he fucking abandons DCP whenever shit goes awry so he doesn’t get blamed.

  23. “The guy who watched everyone else do the work and then take all of the credit” sounds much better

  24. Wwe doesn’t like you. If he did, you would’ve gotten admin back. Whether or not Alf and Sci can restore DCP, and I have complete faith in them being able to do so, it was the greatest decision I ever made to take you off of the DCP site. You will never regain control again.

  25. lol

    Mustapha gets rejected by his own army

    gtfo Mustapha

  26. I haven’t asked wwe for admin back cause I don’t need to since I won the website (indirectly)

    I already told alf that I would give him a chance to prove himself without interfering. Since he’s failed miserably I will be back soon and this comment would be a good laugh for big mustyyyy

  27. sci shouldn’t have even got dcp leader cause look where dcp is going now we need rishron back on musta or wwe not someone who doesn’t no nothing about dcp except that he can show of that he is dcp leader bring in a true legend.!?!?! and musta is right 90% of the troops don’t recruit cause they got a useless leader like sci not telling them to recruit and hasn’t done a event for 2 weeks now I started recruiting ever since rishron was leader he proved he can make a noob into someone who actually knows how to recruit

  28. legends of DCP for this the last 4 months:Mustapha10, Rishron

  29. To be honest, I’d rather see DCP dead than the likes of you leading it. Just move on in life and give it up.

  30. If I’m not leading it then it is dead lol. Every time I’ve ever left your fat ass to lead alone I made sure we were at least top 5 and right when id leave you would fail miserably and fall out of smac. You should be moving on lmfao.

  31. R.i.p to Dcp

  32. If I wasn’t doing anything then why can’t you make it into SMAC without me m8

  33. mustapha10 we need you or rish it was a bad idea to let sci lead

  34. I did move on. And go ahead and take a look for yourself; the whole time you were gone Rish and I kept DCP in CPAC Top 10.

    You’re the one who needs to move on. The DCP troops don’t want you to lead.

  35. Reblogged this on Kwi3's Journey.

  36. Lol DCP died

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