Club Penguin’s Response And News About Autotyping

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – I myself emailed the Club Penguin support time because I was curious about the banning of events. They are not banning events but they are banning the penguins that used the Rsclient Autotyper. Read on for more information. I would like to inform all armies that if you have an event, it’s okay. No need for a CP Army shutdown, no need for a moveback of the Top Ten. Continue on with events all armies that are worried.

I emailed Club Penguin yesterday like I said about the recent events of banning CP army events. I was wondering whether they would be responding ASAP or responding in the 3 days that I presumed. Below you will find the reactions of the CP armies to this and CP’s response.

It’s great to hear from you, Lord Jay!

First of all, I want to give you some inside info about the Club Penguin Team  — we all love Club Penguin armies! Even us moderators. We think you guys are amazing because you’re always planning cool events and parties, and you’re super welcoming to new players and want them to be involved in your ranks.

We would never, ever ban a player for simply going to an army event. We think your events are amazing, and you guys get super creative! The only time we would ever ban a penguin is if they broke the rules. A lot of times members of armies will advertise their army’s website, and will try to get players to visit the site — this is against the rules. Trying to advertise for another website while online Club Penguin is against the rules because we cannot guarantee that website is safe, and we take the safety our players very seriously.

Even saying things like “Search for”, “Open a new window”, “Look for”, “Find us at”, etc. is against the rules for advertising. If an army member doesn’t use any third party programs and doesn’t advertise for the army’s website, then they can go to all the cool army events they want!

I hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments. We’re always happy to help!

Club Penguin Support

In this email that they replied back to I would like to point out the “Even saying things like “Search for”, “Open a new window”, “Look for”, “Find us at”, etc. is against the rules for advertising. If an army member doesn’t use any third party programs and doesn’t advertise for the army’s website, then they can go to all the cool army events they want!” The words they quoted to us are defiantly autotyping words that a lot of armies used. Clearly CP is not tolerating the use of third party programs (being the Rsclient Autotyper) and will keep banning the penguins that do it.

CP Autotyping has been going on for a long time and it started small but then defiantly was advanced over the years. This could possibly be the end of Autotyping forever but it also may not.

Recently after the release of another post about Autotyping a few armies have decided to STOP autotyping all together. One of those armies being ACP. The ACP Leader Mrtchy released a post on October 10th, 2014 remarking these words:

I have come here, and posted this in response to Club Penguin filtering words relating to Armies that exist alongside the ACP. I hope that other armies will follow ACP, take a stand to what really is unnecessary.AutoTyping is an idea created over our own laziness, that could overall potentially lead to our destruction. This isn’t about this generation, it’s about whether there will be another generation of troops, or leaders. I want to come onto the ACP website in 4 years time to see us up and running, hitting awesome sizes. I want to be able to show my army’s colours, I want to be able to say ACP FOREVER, POWER IN THE CLOVER, showing the true might of the ACP.

-Mrtchy ACP Ausia Leader

Clearly after the blocking of many recruiting phases, Mrtchy caught on and new that this would lead to destruction, in which it did. CP is NOT banning armies for having events. CP is banning armies that use third party programs such as the autotyper.

So what do YOU think on this matter? Should CP Autotyping be stopped before Club Penguin starts massive banning some more? Or will autotyping continue without a problem?

Lord Jay

CPAC Executive Producer 


42 Responses

  1. I like how ACP said they gave up auto-typing, yet last night they had “AUTOTYPERS GO TO ZIPLINE!”

  2. On their chat scroller.

  3. Praise the lord, we are saved from terror.

  4. I can’t count the number of times I’ve warned people about auto typing.

  5. Wow, another cliché response from the CP Support staff.

  6. because Mrtchy realised they’d gotten smaller after they stopped and ordered they start to autotype again

  7. I see nothing revolutionary here, CP will ban penguins that autotype and won’t ban armies having events, I’d expect the bans we’ve been experiencing at events will stop soon.

  8. tfw I’ve been warning people about this since 2009 and people still act surprised every time the banning increases more than normal

    How many more times must we email Club Penguin before you realize they hate this?

  9. ACP didn’t stop recruiting they just stopped using the autotyper then ended up going back to it anyways.

  10. lol saw one on Blizzard

  11. I’m actually kinda honored they accept and acknowledge our community and our presence as a body of people on a children’s game. They accept that we get new recruits and welcome them best as we can and they respect our events and stuff that we do around CP

    Because let’s face it, we’re really just kids who are doing silly events on Club Penguin. It’s a way to pass the time and as club penguin’s slogan goes, less of the “waddling around” but much much more of the “meeting new friends”.

    That’s all we boil down to, especially in the eyes of anyone from the CP team.

    So for them to tell us they like what we’re doing and don’t mind it, I think this reply that we received is better than we’ve ever had before. They’ve treated us a lot more like an actual society rather than just a bunch of kids doing a stupid army game.

    So if you think about it, this email is positive. And we are kinda changing the point of Club Penguin, a game THEY MADE, by advertising pretty much another game (going on there only to chant things and do emotes).

    It’s like going into a supermarket whilst being the CEO of another supermarket, and telling all the customers to go shop at your supermarket. Disney have no real reason to put up TOO MUCH of taking their kids away from their game, but as long as we tame it a bit, they don’t see any reason to stop us doing what we’re doing.

    That’s all my take on things, anyways. Take from it what you will,

  12. 6789dinner time

  13. This is what their stance has always been, I don’t see why this post is pinned to the top.

    “The words the quoted to us are defiantly autotyping words that a lot of armies used

    “This could possibly be the end of Autotyping forever”

    You make the “a” in autotyping capital on an inconsistent basis.

    This post is also filled with run-on and awkward sentences.

  14. I know who Kendre is ! Its the nigguh I met in Canada while we were cutting Bear dicks for dinner 😮 The nigguh is cool

  15. Me neither, but you cannot change the world our world by ourselves, the only way to instill full change is to have a (Lack for better term) Cultural revolution of CP armies

  16. No wonder you’re not in DW. Just by glancing at those lines, I could tell barely any of them would actually show up on CP.

  17. I was about to say this, yes.

    Other than the errors, it’s nice to hear something from Club Penguin! Certainly a relief that they’re not banning insane amounts of people for just attending events, but people will still need to lay low.

  18. That was just an example, y’know?

  19. Just an example, Kyle. 😉

  20. gr8

  21. I never autotype for this exact reason. All I do is say “JOIN THE NACHOS” and hope some penguins are curious enough to search us. Sure I’d say stuff like “WE HAVE A SIGHT”, “FIND IT” but I’m stopping that now. Never really got us recruits anyway

  22. Every damn time someone sends an email to CP the response is pretty much “We like armies and their events. We don’t like them recruiting off CP.” This response is no different than all the 1000 emails that have been sent regarding CP armies.

  23. I have to agree. I remember when Max once emailed CP regarding CP Armies and I think they said that RPF was their favorite army. And the events are awesome and shit.

  24. Let’s not forget third party sources also include bots….

  25. That email is pretty much CP’s standard mail-merged response to emails from CP armies, when they discuss recruiting. Send them all the emails you want about them blocking phrases and banning penguins, but you’ll only get the same reply about them ‘loving armies’ but wanting to ‘keep their players safe’. Disney is a massive millionaire company. They aren’t going to listen to a few angry teenagers who are essentially breaking their rules.

  26. I think we either need to go back to recruiting events or let the heat cool down and then start autotyping again.

  27. The fuck kinda name is Kendre

  28. They told me the same thing lol

  29. See? Gets to show you, CP has NO brain to tell something different

  30. Oh no people can’t be lazy for recruiting what a tragedy!

  31. Did you just call me Kyle? You must be mixed up.

  32. I have never and will never Autotype. I have looked into it and saw what I had to do to do it just to see what the fuss is about. But I honestly don’t believe Autotyping is helping armies at all. YES it gets people to look up us armies and help us recruit new troops. HOWEVER, by doing this and telling troops and the new troops to auto type, imagine them leading in the future if they get taught that the lazy way to do things will help them. THEY ARE WRONG, it makes troops lazy. I have noticed this and I have only been in CP armies since April this year. I put all my effort I had into ACP and between April and few months ago I earned 3ic. I got a higher rank quicker by putting my own hard work towards the chat. I will also inspire future generations of troops that the best way is always the hard way. Without effort all armies will go downhill in the long run. Just think about that.

    ~Lauren/Wicked Wickz ACP 3ic (AUSIA)

  33. Why is it a surprise that you are banned for using third party software to essentially spam? Is it really that far fetched that the CP mods would be against bots spamming advertisements for sites outside of CP?

  34. Lmao

  35. Respect please.m

  36. Were gonna be k, guys. Were gonna be k. Except for DW, they autotype all the time, and it’s being banned all the time now, so i think the noobs from there army will start to think there evil.

  37. Oh, you mean ACP aren’t lazy? Lol, you mean the 5 bar army. And its proof tht you guys suck since yesterday you couldn’t even get 5 troops online when we wrecked you. GLORY TO THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I hate logging on 5 bar servers if I can help it. If I was leading the event I would probably just stick with Breeze like we normally do most days lol. I think I must have missed that event you were talking about. Been having some computer issues lately. I don’t know why the server has been changed each day but that was nothing to do with me.

  39. Let’s all just hope all our armies wil still get recruits

  40. yeah lol

  41. Oh, well just letting you know your army got shrekted by LT yesterday , we had like 40 and you had like 4.

  42. Site*

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