Light Troops Raid Dark Warriors Capital

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – As the tensions between these two world powers increase, partly due to various actions undertaken by certain individuals, the Light Troops have made the decision to raid Frosty, resulting in a rather interesting battle.


Prior to this battle, the LT chat was defaced by none other than ousted DW Leader, Badboy00923. This did nothing to help improve the growing strife between the two great rivals, and it contributed in part to the raid that occurred today. Even before any of this happened, Elmikey, former DW leader, joined the Light Troops. With the new leadership, the Light Troops inevitably began to rise. Both DW and LT are getting impressive sizes of 30+ consistently, although the Dark Warriors have recently faced inner turmoil as well. However, things appear to have stabilized for the 1st place army and 3rd place army as of this week.


Both armies began in the Town, although the Light Troops quickly received orders to retreat to the Ice Berg. LT were then told to go to their Igloos, and this boosted the morale of the Dark Warriors. The Light Troops then switched to the Stadium, and the Dark Warriors followed in hot pursuit. Soon after this occured, Elmikey and Waterkid showed up on LT chat and began barking out orders.

LT’s sizes at the Ice Berg was a result of most of their troops being in their Igloos.

Elmikey soon began to tell LT troops to log off CP, and then told everyone that he was DDOSED.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Waterkid then began to tell everyone to log back on to CP and hide in their igloos. Waterkid stated that he would announce the “Battle Room” soon.

Unsurprisingly, both sides immediately claimed victory. Badboy claims victory in a post on the DW site:

In the last week in a half, LT has been getting sizes of 30-35 at events and claims to be maxing 50 consisently. Today they tried to raid us, and they got only 15 AT UK TIMES when they are mostly a UK army. Today the Light Troops completely humiliated themselves and this should be a lesson for them not to mess with us. We maxed sizes of 30-35 which is a great improvement for the UK Divison.

LT tried to fight us, but due to their small sizes they went and hid in igloos, before deciding to log off and surrender. However, after we logged off they decided to log back on because they were scared to face us. The fact is, you surrendered and the following pictures prove that.

Similarly, Waterkid and Elmikey make the following statements in a post on the LT site:

10 minutes before the battle I was DDoSed.
I wasn’t able to go on the chat or CP.
Elmikey told LT to log off
I came back on.
I then lead LT to victory and CRUSHED the Dark Warriors.
Light Troops > Dark Warriors

Elmikey edit: I did not say we surrendered to DW, I only told the troops to logoff. My plan was to restart and regroup since it wasn’t even battle time yet, but I was booted offline right after I said logoff. My internet came back up once battle ended. Waterkid and the great troops who showed up saved the day for me & LT. Shine with Victory

The Light Troops at the Ice Berg after their apparent surrender.


Me: Who do you think won the battle today?

Fish: DW because LT surrendered in Pre-Battle.

Me: What do you think of LT’s interesting tactics today? And by that, I mean the whole “hiding in igloos” and “re-logging in” business.

Fish: Yeah, I know, They were crying and relogging on, and they were getting owned so bad. They went to iggys in Pre-Battle.

Me: Alright. Any last thoughts or comments?

Fish: Elmikey, go to college, and Waterkid, stop lying about winning.


Me: Who do you think won the battle today?

BlizzardDefinitely Light Troops. We had great sizes of around 30. Tactics were well-performed. And, we managed to win despite Elm being DDOSED.

Me: What is your opinion on Elmikey’s actions?

Blizzard: I think his actions were reasonable. He told the troops to log off, only because he wanted to regroup and stabilize his sizes.

Me: I see. Any last thoughts or comments?

Blizzard: LT forever and always 🙂

Alright, what do YOU think? Who won the Battle of Frosty? What are YOUR thoughts on LT’s interesting tactics? Comment YOUR opinion below.

Magic, CPAC Reporter


70 Responses

  1. DW won

  2. lol “regrouping” they already surrendered

  3. elm saying hes been ddosed is an excuse used so many times that we all know hes lied every time

  4. Anyone else notice Elm always claims to get ddosed when he loses?

  5. Everyone know that Elmikey has just unplugged his internet connection. Of course, Dark Warriors have won. Light Troops were too scared that they had to hide in their igloos.

  6. magic m8 learn the meaning of ”deface”, also lt won :^)

  7. That interview is going to get Bingo fired from the Light Troops.

    1 Like = 1 Prayer.

  8. It sounds more dramatic XD

  9. Also, that interview is fake. No troop has ever been on chat nor is in the ranks, nor has ever made a join app with the name ”bingo”.

  10. Nah Tober it’s legit. I saw Magic ask for a LT troop to interview and some kid said “MEMEMEME!!!” and then they were PC’ing.

  11. The interview is real, unlike Elmikey’s ddoses.

  12. Elm’s indoctrinated brats are the only ones who believe the DDoS bullshit.

  13. They’re actually proposed to Elmikey’s false doctrines.

  14. Burned.

  15. As always, Elmikey uses “being ddosed” as an excuse for LT’s small sizes. Its not any of our fault that Elm isolates himself on farmland on the edge Florida with bad internet connection.

  16. Lol water was ddosed too .. LT still won. And I never surrendered. Why surrender a battle before its begun? Thats ludicrous. DW may have done better during the pre-battle, but once battle time came and the troops logged in LT slapped you. Now go ahead and claim you won cause of things that happened before the battle began.

  17. Remember Drake? He retired DW cause of the ddosings & youre gonna say it doesnt happen? lol pathetic. Ofc the ones doing it say Im making it up. Its ok tho idc cause I know the people doing it lose moral when they have to cheat, hack & spend money & and still cant win. Losers.

  18. Crysthalia just last week you were telling me the names of some of the people DDoSing me & my supporters…

  19. You’d think if you keep getting DDoSed by somebody you’d have the common sense to change your IP address.

  20. Funny how Elmikey gets ddosed every time LT loses.

  21. Elm go home your drunk

  22. Interview added, this time with a LT officer. Thanks for the interview 🙂

  23. I’m sorry but Elmikey is always DDOS’ed when his army is getting a beating, gets harder and harder to believe.

  24. .-. You can’t logoff from a battle and re-log on like you did nothing

  25. I did. It stopped for a week until they got my new one.

  26. I couldn’t relog back on.

  27. #1 My army didn’t lose
    #2 I’m usually DDoSed & still win

  28. & battle didn’t even start yet, that happened pre-battle. Actual battle LT won. Good job LT you pulled through!

  29. You would think Elms computer would be fried by now from all 566 ddos’s.

  30. They cannot get your IP unless you start commenting on other army’s websites.

  31. your mommy and daddy don’t count as supporters

  32. How convenient for your internet to be ddosed the moment you start losing a battle. Elm, when someones winning a battle they have no reason to Ddos you at all. If they were losing, yeah you may be able to try to bring this up but the fact that DW was crushing you it makes sense that you are simply lying about being ddosed so you can blame your failures on your co-Leaders. Just as you did in RPF.

  33. Not just that. Elmikey claimed you were ddosing him back in RPF. Now, the funny thing is whenever something good happened to RPF he was there and ready to take the credit. But the moment he got beat by you guys he would be Ddosed.

  34. Typical Elm saying he was ddosed. DW won this battle definitely.

  35. Read this post all LT.
    Nice spreading lies, again.

  36. Check this post Waffle, and you too Elmikey.

  37. What sore losers :I

  38. haha, dw needs to grow up and stop hatin. We did not surrender, we regrouped like a boss then smashed theme to the core. srsly DW is made up of noobs who ACTUALLY PLAY CP. dw is for babies, LT is for gaming pros who always win. HEIL WATERKID. GLORY TO THE LIGHT.

  39. Right and wrong can be determined by actions, short-term or long-term: the spin is up to you. It’s not enough to argue “I’m being DDoSed” anymore. And with such arbitrary figuring, it’s almost impossible to argue morality outright. I’m thinking meta-ethics might be the only way to go–an attempt to get individuals, specifically you Elm, to step back and see the bigger picture.

  40. Haha lol. DW are such noobs. They don’t even know the difference between regrouping and surrender. No wonder they suck at cp armies. Lol fyi they are mostly made up of people who actually play cp which is a babies game and should only be utilized for warfare purposes. Face it, Dw are noobs and LT are the real gamers.

  41. says the 18 year old hated by almost everybody except his troops

  42. Actually Jester admitted saying that LT lost when i brought it up to LT Jester kicked me and said in PC “Ik just don’t mention it”

  43. He thinks he was being hit offline by multiple people, so in his case it’s DDoS

  44. “mission failed” “log off”

  45. Exactly. So saying DoS would be false, as this is based on his claims. In reality, he isn’t being DDoS’ed/DoS’ed at all.

  46. Congratulations, you’ve managed to embarrass LT even more…

  47. So you’re taking CP as a serious way of gaming? Pffft.

  48. dayum.

  49. Shut up, I called your boyfreind gay and he hit me with his purse.

  50. No, im taking cp armies as a serious way of gaming. Anyway, LT won and there is no way around that. It’s time DW got with the times, they got decimated and can’t face facts. GLORY TO THE LIGHT!!!

  51. You’re new to armies arn’t you :I

  52. so,Whens Club Penguin coming out on ps4?

  53. What?

  54. Never, because 1. PS4 is crap and im all about that ninty + pc master race combo. and 2. Because cp is for babies, and like i said, should only be utilized for warfare purposes.

  55. You seriously do not understand my epic comeback, that proves your 8 years old, but i already knew since your in DW, the noobs of cp.

  56. Nope, been here since 2013 and still kicking ass and taking names like a boss.

  57. Again, what?

  58. More like totally unrelated comeback.
    When will kids learn to not use the word “gay” as an insult?

  59. Content: 8
    Structure and Language 8
    Overall: 8

  60. Content: 8
    Structure and Language 8
    Overall: 8

  61. are you okay in the head?

  62. but you’re saying how CP is serious Gaming :I and I bet you play minecraft on PC and not something like GTA IV or CS

  63. I wanted to reply to the previouscmment, but my phone was like “how about no”.

  64. Nope, I play all games i want that arent out on wii u or 3DS on my PC. I have about 63 PC games overall. And no, im not taking cp as serious gaming, im taking cp armies as a serious way of gaming. Can you even read?

  65. Yes, im quite alright, thank you for asking.

  66. cp armies isnt considered gaming gtfo bitch stop being a noob

  67. replied at the lt noob

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