The Investigation: The Story Behind Tacos

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters As we look back into history of the Tacos army, new questions arise about who really created the Tacos.  We find a site that link from 2007 and 2008 that show possible evidence that Pringle64 was truly the creator of Tacos.

On the CP Secret Cheat News by “Bibingle” and “PenguinPeep”, Bibingle posts a thank you to Pringle64. The original post can be found Here .

Thank you Pringle64 for the sweet header. i just have one tiny little problem…hehe…..I don’t know how to make it my header. Do I just take a picture of it or what? If ayone knows please let me know. Well Pringle64 has a great website called

Pringle64 also has an army called the tacos. They are so cool. Here is the pictures about the tacos

1st Generation-

Pdiddyguin- Founder of the Tacos/1st leader

Pringle64- Co-Founder of the Tacos/2nd Leader

2nd Generation-

Rice44- Leader of the Tacos/3rd leader

Sergie717- Leader of the Tacos/4th leader

3rd Generation-

Pringle64- Leader of the Tacos/Co-Founder/5th leader

Rice44- Leader of the Tacos/6th leader

Pochoma123- Leader of the Tacos/7th leader

4th Generation-

Riffy888- Leader of the Tacos/8th leader

Houndy66- Leader of the Tacos/9th leader

Bowser50732- Leader of the Tacos/10th leader

Nintendo12cp- Leader of the Tacos/11th leader

5th Generation-

xMonsterEnergy- Leader of the Tacos/12th leader

Lordcody56- Leader of the Tacos/13th leader

6th Generation-

xMonsterEnergy- Leader of the Tacos/ 14th leader

-More to be added as legends

5. Facts

Date founded- 1/7/07

Founders- Pdiddyguin & Pringle64


On the site created by Pringle64, Pringle creates a page in which is summarizes the history of Tacos, Before the date of November 23 2008. The original page and summary can be found Here.

1. Summary

The Tacos are a very old army with currently three generations. Generation I lasted from January 7th, ’07 (the creation day) to the end of ’07. Then Generation I was back in action around the start of the school year of ’08. After a series of merges, the Generation I Tacos are now technically in the Nachos.

After Generation I merged to form FW/RFW, Retired General Pringle64 handed the reigns of leadership to Rice44 and Sergie717, but they didn’t do anything.

After FW merged into the Nachos, Pringle64 (Co-Creator), Rice44 (Former Leader), and Pochoma123 (Former Co-Leader/Leader) recreated Tacos into the current generation; Generation III.

The Tacos are the most awesome army in CP, because we are always festive and do not care about size, victory, servers, and greed. No. We are the Tacos. THE FESTIVE ARMY.

More to be added.

CPAC Reporter



12 Responses

  1. madting 4 riffy

  2. bad post didnt quote enough

  3. Nitrohawks generation leaders were very inaccurate, I don’t see him as a strong reliable source of information on the leaders. But the other evidence seems reasonable. This should be further investigated to determine if Riffy really did create Tacos and if so changes can be made to Armies and Leaders page about Tacos and history will be re-written if evidence is found that Riffy created Taco’s with the knowledge that someone else had created it. If he created it just cause he liked Tacos, then it means the two Tacos were different armies with no connections between the two.

  4. The story of the tacos made by a taco.

  5. This post is about an army called the Tacos which was written by a leader of the Tacos whose name on xat is Taco, and in the post about the Tacos, one of the creators names is Pringle.


  6. The day of the deface, I made a post on Taco’s history on SMAC in March, and I did some investigating. There is a post on a cheat site that talks about Pring’s Tacos in 2007, and Pring’s Tacos site is:

  7. Ok m8, you won the half life 3 game, now shut up please.
    Nah jk I lub you ❤

  8. his first site was also but it was deleted by a new leader.

  9. 😀

  10. no shit sherlock I already told you this

  11. pringyyyy

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