The End Of An Era: ACP’s “Most Loyal” Soldier Noka Retires

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Today marks the end of an era. After seven years service in the Army of Club Penguin – Noka 8 finally lays down his rank and retires. The well known former Second in Command and latterly Fourth In Command has been known to generations of soldiers in this community. ACP has risen and fallen many times over these last seven years – but we could always know for certain that Noka was still going to be there. Cited by many as ACPs “Most Loyal” Soldier – Noka will be fondly remembered for his eccentric nature – and of course for “grabbin pills”.

UPDATE: Boomer20 has officially awarded Noka with the Medal of Honour – in respect and gratitude for his long period of service under every leader ACP has ever had.


Noka took the decision to retire today, on the 31st of May. He wrote his retirement up in typical Noka fashion – brief, to the point and truthful. Defiant to the end – he has long been a critic of the leadership of Flipmoo and previously Jerry & Sercan – and a long time supporter of old friend Max/Cassius who joined the Army of Club Penguin around the same time as him. In his retirement post – he delivers his last testament to the army which he has loved for years. The full post may be read here.

 Well it is final I am retiring for good this time. No matter what happens I will not come back. My reasons for retiring are as follows:

1. Flipmoo and along with the rest of the leadership doesn’t want me as leader due to failed policies of the past no matter how hard I try I will never get promoted so there is no point in staying around you know
2. Following in for the 1st reason there is no point in being stuck at 4ic all I am doing is taking up a spot for someone that deserves it more you know what I am saying ACP?
3. I am going to be 18 in September it is time to retire due to age
4. I hardly know anyone anymore all these new people coming and going.

Now for my career summary- I joined on ACP on February 23rd 2008 I started off as the rank as Sergeant and moved up over time to mod rank then in may of 2010 I became 3ic and became a 2ic a year later. Maybe if I did not retire I could have gotten leader but I left anyways maybe there was a chance maybe there wasn’t. I rejoined ACP because ACP had been following hard and they needed every abled person. I helped lead the U.S division in the darkest of times when ACP hit an all time low of only maxing 3 ACP soldiers at a U.S event. As ACP started to grow I was no longer needed and got pushed out due to being here for many years and due to my age.

In my 6 Years as an ACP soldiers I have severed under some of the best leaders that I worked for and I have severed under some of the worst ACP leaders. I have seen ACP nearly get destroyed with my own two eyes to ACP reaching over 100+ on Club Penguin I have witnessed many scandals in the leadership it self. However despite all the good and the bad one thing remains the same. ACP is the best army ever. Every soldier that has been in ACP has helped make ACP what it is today either if its good or bad every soldier of all ranks plays an important in how ACP is and helps decide its future.
Over the years I have made many friends and also many enemies. I am going to admit I am not afraid to admit my opinion on politics and ACP leaders and soldiers. That however has led to me sometimes pissing off the entire chat room. I am a far right person when it comes to topics like this and I want to say I am sorry to anyone that I have made mad with my views and opinions on certain things. I am very sorry.
Flipmoo you finally got my wish of wanting me to retire.
For purple slime and the rest of the ACP please continue to make it good and maybe even make it even better and lead it into a new golden age! I would say thank you to people but I have so many people to think and most of them no longer come here so I will not waste time on them
With that being said Thank you for having me for 6+ years ACP!

So there you have it. Noka’s final few words of wisdom to ACP – the army he has loved for 7 years. It truly is the end of an era – and a much loved ACP institution who will never be forgotten.

I would like to pay a special tribute to an old friend:

Well Noka, what can I say? 1982 baby – those were the times 😉 . We’ve been through a lot of things together – from Oagalthorps last battle right up to the months of my leadership. You were a solid rock to me for a very long time. Whenever I logged onto xat, I would just wait for that private chat conversation initiated by you with the *wary* emote. Throughout the 6 months that I was banned from ACP chat- you really kept me going. I honestly think that if I met you in real life – we would be good friends. We share the same sense of humour – and of course we both love classical rock music. Half the time I was drunk – but I enjoyed every moment of it. It was one hell of a laugh. I’m sorry to see you go – and I wish things could have turned out differently for you. You were loyal right to the end – and no one knows more than I do that you’ve had to deal with people in ACP that you really didn’t like. As I write this – I feel a deep sense of sadness knowing that you and I are the very last of a generation in the Army of Club Penguin. But time moves on, and we have to move on too. Honestly I can’t imagine ACP chat without you. Who am I going to joke about Tori with now? Like me you’ve never been one to keep quiet – you always spoke your mind and I think everyone respected you for it. You were never politically correct, and some of the things we talked about got us into a lot of trouble. In your own special way – you made a unique impact on this community. You won’t be forgotten any time soon.

As you finally go off to wherever retired people go – Keep grabbin those pills – and give Tori a kiss on the cheek from me. 😉

When Noka reads this, I know exactly what he’ll be thinking – “k”.

Noka 8, 2008-2014

Lowlife living the highlife to the end.



36 Responses

  1. Goodbye Noka. Keep killing em’ in life too

  2. He wasn’t my friend. But I knew him as a royal and nice person.
    R.I.R-Rest in retirement Noka.

  3. A truly remarkable person, showed us again and again how dedicated he was not only to ACP but to the whole community. He will be missed.

  4. Grabbin’ Pills

  5. Noka’s service to ACP is quite possibly the most impressive in any army that we’ve ever seen. We’re talking about someone who joined under the leadership of ACP’s original creator, Oagalthorp, and served every leader in the army’s storied history. He was there for Oagalthorp’s last battle, Fort’s rebellion, the near-deletion of the ACP site, WWIV and the ACP Civil War, the beginning of my leadership, the 2008 Christmas Tournament victory, The Clash of the Unforgiven, ACP’s record-breaking size events, the 2009 Christmas Tournament victory, the 2010 Christmas Tournament victory, the war with NW, the entirety of Flen’s leadership, each defeat of the Black Alliance, the rise and fall of every leadership, every triumph, and every failure. Today we close the book on a legacy of loyalty and dedication that has never been and will never be matched by anyone, past, present, or future.

  6. Son of a bitch. Never thought I’d see the day when Hyper Noka wasn’t a part of ACP anymore. Your loyalty and dedication are going to be missed dearly.

  7. 😦 Bye noka! You will be missed. Please come on chat every time!

  8. darn im gonna miss being banned by noka, ah well you were a good soldier noka

  9. I saw Noka when I came on ACP to recruit for a army I was in during 2011 and when I retired and came back to armies I went on ACP to mess around and saw Noka. I won’t seem right when I go on ACP because someone will be missing. Even if we never talked I’ll miss Noka.

  10. What a guy

  11. The End of an Era.

  12. wow Elm just got couped

  13. Congratulations and goodbye, Noka.

    I don’t think there has ever been a more loyal soldier to his army than you, and that’s saying something. Truly. I discovered the Club Penguin Army Community in July 2007, and so I had a good vantage point in seeing ACP history; all the good times and all the bad times, which means I had the great opportunity in seeing you serve the Army of Club Penguin wholeheartedly.

    In eras of prosperity and poverty, you stood by them. Whatever post you served, you served it well. You were always loyal to the ACP and defended its principles from every adversary. I hope the ACP recognizes your relentless loyalty and would always use you as an example as THE ideal soldier. I know you never became the leader of the ACP, but you were one hell of an aide-de-camp in serving in whatever leadership was established, striving to accurately represent the interests of your leaders and fellow troops.

    Whenever we had our moments of conversation, you were always straight-to-the-point and honest, which were qualities that I certainly lacked during my tenure. You taught others well by being an example, which I believe is the most effective.

    In conclusion, I hope you find rest and relaxation following your retirement. May you find peace and live well in whatever context you find yourself in. You are an example for us all. Godspeed, Noka 8.


  14. Well said, Boomer.

  15. actually, if you talk to me. you can see that noka was anti-autism. he bullied me.

  16. My first time coming to an xat chat was ACP. It was remembered as Noka being the british old lady polluting many young minds, like myself.

    Noka will be missed as not only as a loyal troop and soldier, but as a key piece to ACP’s history.

    k, :p, grabbin pills

  17. Typical unbiased post. 😛

  18. stfu noob

  19. I can say whatever I want. free speech is in America and Britain

  20. Wow Noka is finally retired. Me and him were great friends and one point and im sad that I let our friendship die out over an army. Truly one of the greatest and most dedicated soldiers in our community. Not only did he welcome everyone with open arms,he was also a smiling face

    I know you’ll go places Noka have fun with the inky sauce

  21. Free speech is the right to say what you like without the government prosecuting you, we are not the government.

    So yeah, stfu.

  22. I think the only person who possibly rivals Noka’s loyalty is Johan. But Noka truly should be respected.

  23. Well you do seem Autistic.

  24. hey babe

  25. Noka should have gotten leader within those years, he is loyal as hell to ACP, no reason to reject him. But hey, at least he just got to 18 years old and thought CP armies was too old for him and that HE had a life, unlike *cough* Elmikey. Anyways, he will be missed.

  26. I completely agree with you. He just didn’t fit that stereotypical politically correct type of personality to be an ACP leader. He was a great laugh to have on chat and friend.

  27. Noka, although we weren’t great friends, there’s something that I will always respect you for, and that’s your loyalty to the Army of Club Penguin.
    Good luck in life man.

  28. bye noka :O

  29. People always treat retirements like it’s a funeral.

  30. Anyone with half a braincell can tell that’s joking not actual bullying.

  31. I look up to you Noka – good job you did for your army. (:

  32. This post was added to the staff record page.

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