xiUnknown Stages Final Coup d’etat Against Elmikey || DCP-DW War Ends

UPDATE 10:51 PM EST: The DCP-DW treaty remains in effect, and the war is now over. Elmikey has been removed from the Dark Warriors leadership after a precarious back-and-forth fight for the fate of the army over the last few hours by xiUnknown, and the final remnants of this era of the Dark Warriors’ history are slowly moving away from the chat Elmikey control to the new DW chat. Ambrosha, formerly banished Creator of the Dark Warriors, posted an address to the army earlier this evening, and fired/retired leaders Agent (Whats Up) 11 and Vo Yo have returned to lead the army once more, alongside former leaders xiUnknown and Pufpuf103.

UPDATE 10:17 PM EST: Hours after the attempted coup d’etat, Elmikey as given up on the Dark Warriors and has retired from Club Penguin armies.

UPDATE 9:46 PM EST: Xiunknown has regained control of the official Dark Warriors website, releasing his final statement of removing Elmikey from the leadership. A new chat for the army has been created.

UPDATE 5:07 PM EST: Because of all of this, Vo Yo has retired from the Dark Warriors.

UPDATE 5:06 PM EST: Whats Up11 has been removed from the Dark Warriors’ leadership by Elmikey.

UPDATE 4:20 PM EST: In typical fashion, Elmikey has staged a counter-coup and has seized control of DW chat once again.

UPDATE 4:00 PM EST: Elmikey has released his “final words” to the army community, see below.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In the middle of their war with the Doritos, the Dark Warriors have decided to remove Elmikey from their leadership.

A few months ago, or so, an attempt to remove Elmikey from the leadership failed. This happened again a few weeks ago. There is a reason for why these attempts failed; troops wanted to keep Elmikey, while others did not. Also, no one was able to remove Elmikey from the website, since he took control before any action was able to happen.

In the last attempt, Xiunknown was one of the two legends who tried to remove Elmikey from the leadership at the time. This time, the removing was done by Xiunknown, again. At this time, Elmikey has been removed from the website, and the Dark Warriors’ chat has been reset. Elmikey no longer has any control, what so ever, over the Dark Warriors army.

He’s a dictator -xiunkown, Dark Warriors Legend

Above is a quote made by Xiunknown. The context around this statement is, that, Elmikey has done great things for the Dark Warriors. Apparently, Elmikey took all of the credit for the well-beings.

One of the main reasons of Elmikey being removed is that he banished many Dark Warriors’ legends from the army. Whenever one of the legends would be banished, they would turn against the Dark Warriors. For example, Spi101 was banished from the army by Elmikey. This caused Spi101 to defect to the Doritos, causing a war. Although this have occurred during their war with the Doritos, the war will remain to go on.

Statement from Xiunknown

DW would rather die than be led and abused by a dictator.

Interview With Elmikey:

Q:  Was this removal a surprise to you?

Elmikey: Yes

Q:  What are your views on this?

Elmikey:  Well Agent 11 was somehow  rehired into leadership and hired terrible mods who talked about very inappropriate topics.  I fired them and kept the good ones.  I did that several times before this leadership and it resulted in a happier, stronger army.  I was still in a very detailed, important, growing process  to set up the perfect army for this summer to reach heights never thought possible in the game of CP armies.  Now since chat reset, all the enemies who I banished are there turning gullible troops against me.

Q:  Do you plan to go to another army?

Elmikey:  At this point I’ll just donate my skills to whatever may improve CP armies the most overall.

Q:  Do you have any interest in going back to RPF?

Elmikey:  RPF is a dangerous monster that I created which is on the loose.  DW is now the same, I reset that army and rebuilt from the ground up.  Now it’s highly viewed by the CP Community and also CP Army.  It’s allied with monsters and has become maybe the biggest.  I also believe that if I leave, CP armies will not see the upcoming  greatness it excepted.

At the moment, Xiunknown will be returning to the Dark Warriors. He will be replacing Elmikey’s spot. This is only, though, temporary.

Soon after the coup d’etat and his statement that he would “donate his skills to whatever may improve CP Armies”, Elmikey sought out CPA Central to give his last words to the army community. This is not the first time Elmikey has “retired” only to come back immediately after; we will have to wait and see if that is the case this time around as well.

Well Elm, here’s to you. That your denial of facts and boycott of reality will take you far in this world. 

What do YOU think will happen with the Dark Warriors, now? Will Elmikey end up leading another army to glory? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Associate Producer


CPA Central Executive Producer


132 Responses

  1. Step one complete.
    Step two: get this idiot out of the community.

  2. I also believe that if I leave, CP armies will not see the upcoming greatness it excepted.

    No. Just leave.

  3. vo yo, 11, and unk stronk

  4. madting

  5. elm is gt leader

  6. I said I had one purpose and that was to destroy Elmikey, and I have done it. DCP victory over Elmikey. 😉

  7. Once again, this happened when I was away. I left for 10 mins to help out my mom, 10 mins!!!!!!!! I missed out the action 😦




    whos unkown and why is a DW legend

  11. Good riddance

  12. i have promoted him to leader so dcp can reach new heights

  13. You would have thought Elm would have gotten the message by now. He’s getting couped again and again. He’ll run out of armies to join if this keeps up.

  14. “I long ago surpassed greats such as Oagalthorp and Pink Mafias.”

    Haha ok.

  15. Elmikey, if you are reading this, i want you to know some things. i looked up to you before you had second thoughts about RPF.How about creating an army instead of stealing one? one more thing, i would like to talk to you in pc before you leave CPA forever. i know it won’t happen, but it’s just i thought. p.s. can someone un-ban me from DW chat?

  16. clap clap

  17. You might be in the Pantheon but you’re a far cry from being Zeus.

  18. Yes.

  19. Viva los Elmikey haters.

  20. Unk is to DW what Shab is to ACP.

  21. “In a typical fashion”

  22. Not only did Elmikey come back, but Unknown tricked us.

  23. Kick the bastard off site and change chats god damn it

  24. Crazy, just yesterday I was reading a post about this guy. The way he used politics to recruit and gain loyalty is pretty brilliant if you ask me. However according to the community he was quiet a prick. Either way today we lost a very important member of our community, if thats a good or bad thing is yet to be known.

  25. Crap. Get this idiot out of my face.

  26. Really he is no where near oagalthorp like oagal will never be near me…. lol jk. Oagal da best

  27. Elmikey’s my bitch.

  28. Well that escelated quickly.

  29. I retired from DW, add that in this if you want. or just in case if post gets deleted

  30. If I had to guess, this is my theory.

    Unk wanted to end the war with DCP and possibly get rid of 11. But he knew he couldn’t end the war with Elmikey leading and he had no sufficient reason for couping 11 that he could feed to the masses.

    He made a plan with 11, but had already informed Elmikey about what was about to take place. With Elmikey gone, the war ends. He grants Elm control of site and chat all under the table. With Elmikey back in power, he can get rid of 11. Unk is called a traitor, but after all it boils down Elm would give him back mod. Unk didn’t account for DCP getting proof of him giving back Elm admin, or the stipulation on the treaty.

    It’s the only explaination that makes any type of sense.

  31. I couldn’t agree more.
    I thought Unk was my friend and and was actually serious. But I guess he’s still an Elmikey supporter.
    He betrayed us all and now because of Unk, DW’s entire nation is gone. I am disappointed in Unk for his actions.

  32. wouldn’t matter since unk supports elm

  33. Elmikey getting BTFO

  34. I know you enjoyed the leadership bro, but Elmikey is a dictator, Unk did the right thing but he took long enough.

  35. Never trust an Elmikey

  36. Why the fuck are we at war with fucking LT? Go to war with Elmikey and all the other DW Pricks.

    Elmikey was a bitch from the start, he Used politics and lies to get your loyalty and support, Somehow he thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread when any Five year old can kick his ass. He’s a far fetched from such Legends such as Pink Mafias and Ogalthorp, In fact He thinks he can become a legend? Make your own army, Recruit your own troops, I´m done with this DW Drama Bullshit.

  37. IS Free Agent, anyone want me 😦

  38. It’s a bit worrying for me that when Elmikey was originally couped he said something along the lines of ‘at least I got the ad money’ on ACP chat

  39. For everybody who wants to know, Elmikey owns that main admin account, I didn’t add him back. I forgot all about this when couping him, and I forgot he knew info of the account because it seemed unchanged.

    And @11 Nations are completely pointless in CP armies. Nobody keeps track of them, and nobody ever admits defeat in battles. There’s no point in servers anyway even if DCP do claim them. And besides, Elm didn’t agree to that treaty so he’s saying the nation is still his

  40. Did you really give him main admin. Wasn’t that the only thing I told you to never do :s Gj.

  41. lol elm is screwed

  42. He can’t “own” that account unless he owns your email account. Sure, he can know the password for your wordpress account and change it, but you can easily get it back in a few minutes and stop him ever accessing it again, which you would have done if you truly wanted to coup Elmikey.

  43. Even if he gave him that account, unk can easily take control of it again.

  44. Flipmoo, please tell me how to add Gifs 😥

  45. I finally have some respect for you.

  46. Yes he can lol, all he needs to do is log into the account (I gave him the pass) and change the email,. That’s done now, nothing I can do with it. Once he’s changed the email of the account there’s no way to get it back.

  47. There is a lesson to be learned here. Pj dishonored all of RPF with his words.

  48. Well, elm owns the WP account that’s the main admin of dw site and has control over the chat. Elm fully has dw in his hands.

  49. “RPF is a dangerous monster that I created which is on the loose.”

    It takes a monster to create a monster.

  50. I’ll take you.

  51. Elmikey wasn’t DW leader at the time when we made the treaty so it’s valid; the nation is DCP’s.

  52. you need to be added into the site

  53. Not like we can’t make Elm’s DW an unofficial DW and start a new official one.

  54. Try contacting wordpress. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get your account back.
    When I was ratted and my emails were hacked, I changed the email for my wordpress account. Two days later it had been changed back to my old email because wordpress had been asked to.



  57. DW…. Can you just decide whether or not you want Elmikey out? This is about the 3rd time he has been tested on whether or not you should kick him out. Make up your minds

  58. DW is hanging on. Elmikey or not, this army has been through hell this year. How much more can DW take? Remember under Freezie DW was respected and loved? Unfortunately I fear death is upon DW.

  59. Holy shit you are alive.

  60. lets say this is true, is your plan really to roll over? Pj is right, get back control of the account. What the fuck are you doing Unk?

  61. This battle is not for Elmikey. The troops here are fighting for DW only, regardless of leadership. The former DW leaders joining up with opposing armies with the purpose of taking Elmikey out, is also going against the DW troops. You are no better than Elmikey if you do this. The Dark Warriors will prevail for this is not Elmikey’s army, this is OUR army. And we will defend OUR nation.

  62. Elmikey is a dictator and nobody with a right mind will submit to him

    if DW troops cannot realize that then they must eliminated in order to bring Elmikey down – No choice.

  63. Did Elmikey really compare himself to possibly the two greatest leader in CP army history? He is no Oagalthorp and he sure as hell is no Pink Mafias. Also, great leaders don’t boast about their greatness, because they don’t need to. Elmikey wonders why people have attempted to coup him in every army he’s been in. He is a disgrace to this community and I am disgusted to be in the same community as him.

  64. Dictator Elmikey – Started From The Bottom (Explicit) ft. Mega-Queer Tompenguin6

  65. is it just me or is some serious deje vu going on here?

  66. well played, my friend. Well played.

  67. Uhhh Death is around the corner for u. DW could be saved by unk though.

  68. Elm you should retire. CONGRATS! You are 18 and still playing cp as serious as ever :d

  69. DW DW DW DW DW
    Elmikey is inferior.

  70. Shut the fuck up. Crose. Nobody likes you.

  71. once Elm leaves the CP army community, we are are peaceful and free.

  72. ‘RPF is a dangerous monster that I created which is on the loose.’ lol elm


  74. Does this mean Elm is back on the market?


  76. Peace has been restored.

  77. Listen to Viva La Vida and this is the same exact story.

  78. I seriously worry about Elmikey’s mental stability.

  79. what did i just see

  80. 😀

  81. >he’s a leader
    >on the internet
    >in a club penguin army
    >he does it for free
    >he takes his “job” very seriously
    >he does it because it is the only amount of power & control he will ever have in his pathetic life
    >he fires people he doesn’t like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack
    >he fires people he doesn’t like because they interfere with the large backlog of Club Penguin music videos he still has to watch
    >he will never have a real job
    >he will never move out of his parent’s house
    >he will never be at a healthy weight
    >he will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket
    >he will never have a girlfriend
    >he will never have any friends

  82. I like crose 😦

  83. It’s either Elmikey or Mustapha *wary*

  84. pretty sure is elm for once i take musta’s side (wary)

  85. and viva la vida is like elm’s leadership

  86. 1:33 is so true he is never honest

  87. join GT bro

  88. It’s my 19th birthday tomorrow.
    Elm! forever.

    If you do not stop impersonating people you will be IP banned from this site. I have edited all your comments to accurately reflect who you actually are.

  89. crose do you ever have anyting nice to say. I banned people because their acting up like bicthes and whiny babies. Just shut your mouth.

  90. I didn’t make that comment but lol.

  91. How bout you not act like a lil’ Bitch whenever your couped, You’re also far fetched from getting armies to 100, You think YOU Got them there? Pfft, Any pride for the Troops, Other Leaders? Hm? Didn’t think so.

  92. Only the first 3 things you listed are true

  93. wait so ur in college er a senior er somein and ya still play club penguin? how much free time do u have?

  94. barry meet me on rpf chat

  95. Lel, who’s this impersonator.

    P.S. Elm’s b-day is in February derp :p

  96. Bobby299 was impersonating me

  97. as much as i do hate elm, u gotta admit he does know how to make an army rise, after he leaves they take a fall the first week then go back to normal the next week

  98. which chat u on?

  99. Sorry for impersonating you.

  100. The fuck.

  101. Will the I.P ban be permanent, idefinite or temporary

  102. Lol cocky and butthurt.

  103. for as long as it takes for you to stop

  104. Hurray for freedom without Elm

  105. Inb4 Counter Counter Counter coup.

  106. Same Miyls. I don’t see a problem with her.

  107. lord pain v2

  108. Can we keep this Elm and ban the other? I kind of like this one more.

  109. Are you talking about me

  110. If he tries to join ACP, I will die.

  111. Get some kind of recording equipment and start recording at every chat. You will never miss out again! (And probably be accused to be a spy)

  112. I like crose too.

  113. Since this has happened to him 5 times in a span within 4 months so no.

  114. I mean yes.

  115. He have tried, a few months ago.

  116. Noo!!! 😦 Cries! May he leave forever.



  118. I said tried 😛 Never said he did xD

  119. Still. His evilness touched the ACP website.

  120. I hope not because Mikey is the worst Leader.
    So my answer is NO!

  121. oh srry i missed ur think ill check rpf now

  122. This post was added to the staff record page.

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