Smart Penguins Caught Using Old Pictures

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguins’ Capital – After landing a place on the Top 10 for the second week in a row, the Smart Penguins have been revealed to be using old pictures for events. 

At 1:30 AM EST, evidence was given to CPA Central by Royale Penguins Leader, Cheedu1, showing two results posts in which the Smart Penguins used the same pictures for. One of them was a post made on April 22nd by Smart Penguins Leader, Andy, showing the results of their AUSIA training on Ice Breaker, where they maxed 20 and had good tactics. The results post is here:

Smart Penguins doing an E+F tactic

Then, on May 16th, another Smart Penguins Leader, Vivek, made a results post for an AUSIA training on Ice Breaker they had that day, where they maxed 21. When you look at the results post, you can see that the same pictures were used as the training on April 22nd. The results post is here:

Obvious use of the same pictures as an old event


UPDATE #1: More evidence has been given to CPA Central of the possibility of Smart Penguins using fake pictures. Weeks ago, Club Penguin had an update which removed a shadow from being underneath your penguin. As an example, we’ll be showing a cleansing of Summit by the Army of Club Penguin on May 28th. It is shown that all penguins have no shadows underneath their penguins.

Now, look at the Smart Penguin’s UK event they had on May 29th

Shadows are seen underneath penguins.


UPDATE #2: Smart Penguins Leader, Andy, reports to CPA Central that Vivek, a fellow Smart Penguins Leader and the person who is supposedly responsible for using the old pictures, will be forced to step down from the Smart Penguins leadership.

UPDATE #3: Vivek has officially stepped down from the Smart Penguins Leadership and has become a moderator on the Smart Penguins chat.




What do you think of this? Do you think the Smart Penguins should be punished? If so, how? We want your opinion!

๖̶̶̶ۣۜ§ilverburg, CPAC Reporter


63 Responses

  1. First! And hopefully, SP should face a punishment.

  2. First!!Boo yah!

  3. second here

  4. Editor’s Note:

    It’s quite short, but I realize you were getting this out in a hurry and didn’t have a ton of material to work off of. The only change I made was a fix on the formatting, specifically the “ICE BREAKER – Smart Penguins’ Capital.” Hopefully, you can work on this some more and add information as the story develops.

    Another thing I noticed is a clear bias which you add at the very end. “It disturbs me to see once again that armies, particularly the leaders, continue to use old pictures for a high ranking in the Top 10. This will not be tolerated.” It’s clear that you set out to cover this story in order to punish the Smart Penguins, rather than simply to get the story out there. Bias like this will not be tolerated in the future.

  5. Fixed it, cheers.

  6. vivek should be punished
    I didn’t know he did such things
    I am editing the post, and I promise you such things won’t happen again
    I’ll be brainwashing vivek

  7. May I clarify that SP did NOT fake or reuse old pictures for the invasions against the LT empire.

    Vivek, don’t do this.

  8. All thanks to me! No claps please!

  9. Failure is the stepping stone of success thanks for letting me know this Cheedu 🙂 .

  10. Ya lol. Cheedu only thinks of praises. *wary*

  11. Yea he should be punished i never thought he would do like this

  12. Failure?It was more like cheating i guess.

  13. Same punishment as SWAT received imo.

  14. Good job CPAC,nooby SP is caught editing and faking.I will give xats to all CPAC staff for it,plz collect ur reward at ACP chat,Ban SP from top 10 for 2 weeks as its the rule for faking.
    Death to SP!
    -Earthing-Retired PR Dictator,CP cheats blogger


  16. Naughty, naughty.

  17. It’s strange, Cheedu1, I make an interview with somebody for a philosophy post and that’s when you were first mentioned.

    Since then, you make appearances all over the place!

    …Be my friend? Please?

  18. Sure,anyone could be my friend!! 🙂

  19. No credit to me?

  20. 😛 Where can I find you on xat?

  21. I didn’t expect this from Vivek. (ono)

  22. :p Almost any army chat,You can find me on acp or rp chat

  23. By the way it’s going, this will never be a fun war (world war). Please end it, keep it for summer or whenever ppl play the game fairly.

  24. Smart penguins and Royale penguins. Both armies are in the LoJ if I’m not mistaken. Why are allies exposing allies derp :s

  25. Allyception

  26. They can’t be that smart if they were cheating can they?

  27. Royal Penguins had a war with SP, now they hate each-other, although they are both on the LoJ.

  28. the editing/faking wasn’t done in any war result post

  29. Christ, Earthing calling people nooby;

  30. Looks like the smart penguins arn’t that smart for being caught

  31. Ikr, Have a different line or tactic ffs.

  32. cpac is slow at making updates

  33. There SHOULD be a punishment.

  34. I guess they’re not so smart after all.

  35. Exactly Vo Yo.

    Welcome to the AUSIA community! 😀

  36. Lets call this year ”CP ARMIES EXPOSED”

  37. Hyuk hyuk hyuk

  38. I always find it amusing when someone who is a complete noob calls someone else a noob, especially when they’re far more nooby.

  39. well, I think there shouldn’t a punishment, considering it’s an individual scandal, and no more than 1 SP person is involved in it.

  40. Smart penguins, well that wasn’t SMART

  41. Who the hell…. just why. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen but not as stupid as the cp illuminati thing with Snaily and Waffle lol.

  42. That wasnt very “Smart” (Wary)

  43. Where? I can’t find you.

  44. y u steal mah jokes :/

  45. Did you just offer to bribe CPAC staff?

  46. I should write a satire post on this.


  48. And not a single fuck was given that day.

  49. Time for Fix to come back and save the day even though I have lots of shit going on irl.

  50. you gotta change

  51. Hey Christopher! I wanna friend you too on xat. Where can I find you? I am desperate! 😀

  52. Okay,you wanna steal my friends? XD

  53. Smart Penguins? More like “Dumb Penguins”.

  54. XD yeah. I am a friend hunter.


  56. The deceitful tactics employed by the Smart Penguins were sly and well-executed. They fooled masses, except for a few keen observers that have a knack for detail. To call their actions “nooby” is unnecessary and unacceptable. All in all, Good robbers were caught by good cops.

  57. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8.5
    Structure & Language: 8
    Overall grade: 8.25

    This post was added to the staff record page.

  58. […] 1. This day SP got caught for using old event pictures as new ones. Andy and Vivek apologised in CP army community and Vivek stepped down from leader to advisor and moderator on chat. CPAC post can be found here. […]

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