The Battle for Frosty – DCP/DW War

FROSTY, DW EMPIRE – While the League of Justice and the Black Alliance continue to clash, another war, one of equal rhetoric and fighting wages between the Dark Warriors and the Doritos of Club Penguin. On the 29th of May the Doritos prepared to invade the capital of the Dark Warriors – Frosty.

The war between the two stems from growing resentment between the two armies. In a post by the Dark Warrior’s they claim justification for their declaration of war against the Doritos.

Mustapha, you have brought hell upon yourself and your cowardly army. For the past two months, you have came on our chat and verbally insulted our great army and amazing members. You have also did ads on our chat daily because you can’t CP recruit.

You’ve always been carried, that’s been shown by DCP’s recent performances. It was Wwe’s era in 2012, and it was Toy’s Era in 2013/14. Your ego has just blinded you from the truth, and now you’ll face destruction because of that and your crimes against DW & CP Warfare.

Musta, you aren’t worth my time. You are one of the worst leaders I’ve seen and you actually think you’re a top dogg. For one, you’ve never even won a war, and you only got big sizes in DCP because you hyped events and you were being carried.

Your obsession with DW has not only ruined your own life, but your army too. I have never seen somebody so obsessed because leader xxToysoldier left DCP for the best army of all time & an army that actually appreciates him. You are pathetic.

Excerpt from Dark Warrior’s Site – 25 May 2014

With that declaration of war and a DW invasion of the Doritos’ Capital, Summit, DCP promptly responded with plans to invade the capital of the Dark Warriors – Frosty.

The pre-battle started in the Stadium. Ten minutes prior to the battle the Dark Warriors had size of twenty-two; the Doritos of Club Penguin having the same amount. However, as the battle’s commencement loomed, the DCP seemed to gain ground against the DW.

Ten Minutes Before the Battle

Five Minutes Before the Battle

The Battle Begins

As the battle begun, many DW found themselves locked out of the room. Soon thereafter they fell back to the Ice Berg. The DCP soon caught wind of their move and advanced to the Ice Berg with a joke bomb. When the charge ceased, the Dark Warriors formed an “X” formation while the DCP formed an “L.” At this point, both sides are evenly matched.

Three Minutes Into the Battle

Five Minutes into the Battle

Nine Minutes into the Battle

Yet as the battle raged on the DCP again found themselves gaining ground against the DW. The Dark Warriors soon launched another joke bomb in an effort to break DCP’s rising lead. The Dark Warriors then form a small circle on the left side of the Ice Berg. Despite claim’s by either side, fifteen minutes into the battle the Dark Warriors had a troop count of twenty-two while the DCP had a count of twenty-one.

Twelve Minutes into the Battle

Fourteen Minutes into the Battle

Eighteen Minutes into the Battle

The DCP maintain the formation while the DW regroup and forming a cross formation in the center of the room. Both sides a series of “emote-bombs.” This changes however, until the Dark Warriors engaged in yet another joke bomb.

Twenty Minutes into the Battle

Twenty-five Minutes into the Battle

With less than minutes remaining in the battle, the Dark Warriors spread out and create a circle around the perimeter of the Ice Berg. At this point, even more emote-bombs are exchanged. With less than two minutes left in the battle the DCP led the DW twenty-four to twenty-two. Moments before the battle ended both sides exchanged one more emote bomb tactic.

Twenty-seven Minutes into the Battle

Twenty-nine Minutes into the Battle

Moments Before the End of the Battle

Despite both combatants being of very equal size throughout the course of the entire battle, both sides did in fact claim victory and ownership of the server Frosty. In addition to the claim of Frosty, both sides came out with rather strong rhetoric in their respective victory post

Dark Warriors, the score is now 2-0, as we have successfully defended our own capital, Frosty! The Doritos maxed 25-30, while the Dark Warriors maxed 30-40 the entire time.The Doritos stayed in the same line the entire time. No bombs, no new formation. The Dark Warriors had 3 different formations and many bombs. We had superior tactics and sizes, and we clearly outnumbered them, even as stated from neutral people watching for entertainment. The Doritos have failed once again, and now the Dark Warriors are on a role, successfully defending our capital. The Doritos are too small to face an army like us, because we are the most successful army in armies at this very moment. Good job, Dark Warriors.

Excerpt from the Dark Warrior’s Victory Post – 29 May 2014

Today we successfully invaded the most prized possession of the Dark Side. Their capital server. It was done with ease considering we had many lockouts while the diaper warriors had their entire army in the room. All they did was Joke Bomb at least 10+ times to cover up their small sizes; let’s not even talk about their formations. The battle started off at the Stadium but they retreated to the Ice Berg so they could have the advantage, yet they still managed to lose.

Excerpt from the Dorito’s Victory Post – 29 May 2014

So what do YOU think? Who won the battle? Who do you think will win the war? What are your thought on both sides claiming victory? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Associate Producer


92 Responses

  1. This picture shows who won

  2. Not the first time you’ve used Pro-DCP pics in a DW/DCP post.

    Get a grip Wgfv.

  3. They both suck.

  4. how much weed did you take

    you missed like 5+ dcp troops

    the patheticness of el mickey right here

    it actually shows 24-25 DCP and 24 DW

  5. Unfortunately enough for you, the weed you have been smoking has fried out your brain. You missed LITERALLY 10 TROOPS in the picture you just linked. Here it is for you.

  6. Apologies, that’s actually my picture. That was a pic I linked on DW and I missed around 6 DCP at the top of your line I’m aware.

    However, I still count 27 DW and 24 DCP.

  7. The pic was sent to me and okay then the battle video will definitely prove who won. & No1 can say the battle-video is biased because everyone in the room has the same perspective and nothing is edited out. It’s just sped up so you can watch a 30 min battle in 1-2 mins so u can quickly see how the battle went and who won.

  8. Or just compare DCP Results post to DW’s…

  9. To be fair that is a real shoddy effort with a lot of DCP Troops missed..

  10. Can you just retire already?

  11. Yeah Boomer because rushing a pic straight after a battle is considered being on weed. I literally counted the amount in 15 secs and posted it on DW chat. And even if that’s not the accurate sizes DW was still much bigger throughout the entire battle + had superior tactics.

  12. As a neutral in this battle with no reason to be bias to either side I’d honestly say this was a tie meaning DW retain Frosty.


    Size – DW
    Tactics – DCP
    Formations – DW by a mile
    Consistency and Organisation – DCP

    (I’m Ronaldo Bear in the pictures)

  13. Yeah sorry I commented before I saw yours xP I deleted it once I saw it

  14. count 27 DW, because the highest I counted was actually 24

  15. Hands down, I did make a massive error. Counted it in 15 seconds, was rushing as I had to add detail to the DW post. DCP are still all over the place though.

  16. formations, DW by a mile?

    LOL, have you seen the stadium? DW was literally spread out all over the place while DCP had a line on chat bar

  17. The pic was sent to me from one of my mods..

  18. Stadium was pre-battle. Obviously DW Win on Berg.

  19. Stadium was before the battle scheduled time, DW moved to the berg about 2 minutes into the battle and DCP soon followed.

    Also DW being spread out everywhere is them being disorganised hence why I said DCP was better organised.

    DW used a lot more formations on the berg when compared to DCP who sat in that long L for the vast majority of the battle.

  20. Alright DCP, add that horrible counted picture on my part to the 4 dodgy pictures you have on your website lol. Doesn’t change the fact that you got waxed in this battle.

  21. even when DW retreated to berg

    DCP still won

    lol, go smoke the good smoke elmikey

  22. smoke the good kush

  23. U know it son. They have some pics of DW in circle formation cropped and the rest are us either changing formation or not doing tactics.

  24. You posted an old video lol

  25. We were bigger than DW, don’t listen to kids who do drugs!

  26. Anyways good battle Doritos! I like how the battles are spaced out in this war it allows both armies to keep getting good sizes rather than going on CP 3 times per day.

  27. That’s what most army’s do tbf.

    In my eyes you did enough to at least retain the server.

  28. tha unk smokin tha realest ye ye

  29. SMD, i take pictures of DCP not DW

  30. dank 420 blazin

  31. Shut up you junkie

  32. DW clearly won, hands down.
    The Doritos didn’t change their formation, and they didn’t bomb. We had superior sizes.
    DW is clearly the winner, no matter what kind of bs Mustapha and Spi think of together.

  33. Too bad unk already admitted he sent you the pic
    Nice lie thooo

  34. ignorance level over 9000

    doesnt even count his own pictures

    claims 45-50, realizes sizes were overexagged, edits post and puts in 30-35 to make it look like dw was bigger when they actually werent

    im willing to bet that DW’s entire administration took weed

  35. I don’t like drugs.

  36. That awkward moment when I myself went to the battle to take all the pictures to avoid people saying I was “bias.”

  37. look at this. of course its clear who won! dcp can kick dw’s sorry ass any day.

    dw was multilogging and they still lost

  38. Posting on behalf of DW.
    To further enunciate some of these bold claims of bias, I’ve taken some words from the OP into consideration. “in an effort to break DCP’s rising lead”. ” DCP again found themselves gaining ground against the DW.” “DCP maintain the formation.”

    Yeah… When one utilizes those statements, readers can clearly see the denotation of slight bias. Those particular dictions affect a reader’s perspective on who actually came out victorious by a substantial amount. My connotation of bias here is that for readers who didn’t actually partake in the battles or chat rooms, they might see your post heavily one sided in favor of DCP. Furthermore, you omit a lot of tactics used by DW, labeling them as “Emote bombs” rather than further clarifying or taking any pictures that implies that DW is taking the lead.

    Overall, you should contemplate the statements used in the post in general, and see that it wasn’t informative as expected from a CPAC reporter. I’m disappointed that you did not take DW’s chat sizes of 40 and the 6 DW troops locked out, with 3 unable to attend due to them being hit offline/connection problems into consideration.

    Flame comments begging to differ are welcome. I will gladly stand by my statement and say that DW still has full jurisdiction over Frosty.

  39. The only reason DW retreated to the berg is so they can try and get the advantage by trying to lock many of our troops out. Yet they still lost, lol

  40. tl;dr

    dcp won, dw lost, they’re butthurt

  41. And how is this comment relevant to anything I said? Butthurt and insults are a poor man’s vocabulary.

    I recall from one particular battle, DCP camps at beach for 30 minutes. This battle, DCP remains in the same line for the whole battle, while DW performs X, Circles, + formations.

    Face it Doritos. You made a tasty snack

  42. Unk is one of my mods..

  43. Here is a pic with about 33 DW. Might have been less or more. Good battle, good thing both armies went to the battle room

  44. Nvm, I forgot to count one Anyway, DW got around 30-35

  45. lol you try to act all smart but do you even know what tl;dr meant?

  46. It means too long didn’t read. You try to pretend that you comprehended anything I just said.

  47. what you said made no sense

    if i said too long didn’t read, I didn’t read your comment; so why would I pretend that I comprehended anything you said?

  48. You should stop lol. If you didn’t even read anything, then why would you be commenting?

  49. i think you should stop trying to sound smart

    i didnt read your first comment, instead i did something called skimming through it

  50. dw talks about how DCP is so immature

    but then theres this:

    wow so mature DW

  51. Did you just say that one of the reason you guys won was because you bomb DCP?

  52. They were a tasty snack ;3

  53. Lol. Well, that’s still less immature than diaper warriors or dork warriors :/

  54. DW kept bombing and formations were nasty.

  55. You missed 8 DCP, and there are 23 DW, I’m not even sure how you counted 28.

  56. lmao no it isnt?

  57. DW’s formation

  58. What lockouts? DW moved to the berg first.

  59. Thats why we moved to Berg… We had to many lockouts when we were battling at stadium. so we moved to Berg.

  60. don’t listen to this retard spi. you’re arguing with someone who calls people stupid and immature yet he puts things like cookie lord in his name

  61. who tha realest ioio

  62. Stop smoking weed kids. Just stop i:

  63. Diaper Warriors? Thats a lot more immature.

  64. Spi maybe your high you never shut up about weed. Thats a problem think not of your accusations but of CPA not your childish lies. I am here to make the point that Mickey is innocent to your lies. I respect you as a leader but shouting claims with out proof that is low. DW won Unk made a mistake. No one can be like you Spi and be perfect. Mistakes happing everyday. You do not accuse someone of being high because of it. Get over weed not just DCP but all the people that make accusations. I am sick of this and Pre battle is not the battle. We won DW won. We Burn The Light. Falc-out

  65. Regardless, half of DW were eating doritos during that battle. It was a good day.

  66. no it isnt, lmao.

  67. does it quite matter?

    lol, DW owners

  68. Where’s your proof of “multi-logging”
    Don’t make excuses unless you have proof.

  69. “what lockouts”
    Most of our troops were locked out.
    Just stop trying Cbass.

  70. i didn’t. tempah edited my comment (wary)

  71. is there a problem about it

    lol, DW owners

  72. spi you are dumb leaving to dcp now ur comments are hated

  73. Was it necessary to say it twice…

  74. LOL! diaper warriors. DCP are autistic/drunk whores.

  75. I would have to give DW the victory. I counted 20 DCP and 30 DW in one pic. VERY close battle though.

  76. That was not funny

  77. What word in that sentence indicated the attempt of being funny? I also find it hilarious that my comments have a sudden influx in dislikes. Either the entirety of doritos (15 penguins) were called upon CPAC to spam their downvotes with a promise of promotions, or a multitude of accounts made by a very jealous person.

  78. DCP won stadium, DW won berg… I don’t know, I would have to say the score ratio for my opinion is 1 – 1

  79. Stadium is prebattle. Berg was official battle.

  80. “I am here to make the point that Mickey is innocent to your lies”


  81. 15 penguins huh? And also accusing us of multi logging. We won’t make such a big deal about a comment from a DW soilder. This is not 15 penguins bro. And anyways even DW said we had more then that. 20 something.

  82. This post was added to the staff record page.

  83. Why is he impersonating me.HE hacked my account.

  84. First time I agree with elm

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