Discrimination Against Tanner Movement

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – As the weeks start to fall in place for the Rebel Penguin Federation’s leader Tanner, an uprising has been created by troops in the army going against him.

Several weeks ago, Nacho’s leader Tanner/Danny left the army to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation. As we all know, the two armies seem to have a ever-lasting grudge against each other. Some troops, still, do not like the fact of this.

One specific troop of the Rebel Penguin Federation is going around in Private Chats, telling people bad things about the US Rebel Commander. This particular troop has been holding a grudge against, Tanner and the Nachos, from the start.

After hearing this, former Rebel Penguin Federation Commander, Snaily5 took action on this matter. She pleads her case, creating a whole new page on the website for this specific uprising.

Snaily5 states that she is complete in support for Tanner. She explains how you should not judge a person because of their previous background. Snaily5 again says how Tanner is the perfect person for his position in the army, with his great attitude and contributions. Again, Snaily5 says that Tanner has not yet done anything wrong during his leadership with the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The only way that Tanner will leave the Rebel Penguin Federation is if he wants to, or if a majority vote of the Commanders overrule the situation. Because of this situation, I was able to grab an interview with Tanner.

Interview With Tanner, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander:

What are your thoughts about this current uprising, since it is coming from one of your troops?

I am not fooled by his fancy and impressive graphics, but the Rebel Penguin Federation fights the good fight and I am committed to doing so. If anyone has some serious issues about me, then they can talk to me. I am not going to give out consequences. I have nothing to hide.

Do you know who is trying to control and start up this uprising?

Yes, I do know. I would rather not mention who it is.

Do you think, in any way, that this uprising can continue to turn out to be one big storm for the army?

No, I do not believe that it will turn into anything big.

Will you be taking any action against this movement, or has something already been done?

I personally will not, unless needed to.

As stated above, the person controlling the uprising is not yet stepping forward. Tanner, too, does not feel comfortable with revealing who it is.

What do YOU think will happen with Tanner/Danny? Will this uprising start to heat up within the army? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Associate Producer


17 Responses

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  2. I don’t understand how this is news worthy. It seems like every time RPF makes a post, it’s headline news. So some eight year old decided he wants to spend rumors? Lets go tell everyone on the internet!

  3. Just cause of one guy nothing is gonna happen……

  4. Why can’t they just say who started it? Everyone knows, they even made a CPAC post about it.

  5. It would be ironic for the rebel penguin force to have a rebellion

  6. We should take the snaily family and push them somewhere else.

  7. Already had one so not interested………

  8. We all know Cas is doing it.

  9. Guys, don’t start to disagree with Danny! He might just leave and join another army as leader!

  10. Hello Spambot!

  11. There have been multiple ones.

  12. Inb4 emily started the uprising

  13. This post was added to the staff record page.

  14. shhhh damnit cool why do u ruin everythin i do

  15. Nobody on cpac even knows how Tanner actually feels about being in RPF, which makes me cackle like an idiot but hey, who am I to speak, right?

  16. filthy female

  17. Inb4 cpac makes a post about nachos being sexist

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