Yoangelyo Retires From Army Republic

BERG, Army Republic Empire – The past few weeks the Army Republic has struggled to solidify their position in the Top Ten. Yoangelyo, former leader and current Third In Command, has retired. She has served the AR for many months along side both Theory and the legendary VinDaily duo. 

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Ben/Surferboysc Retires from Ice Warriors

EDIT: Interview with Ben added.

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Territory – Not even 2 months after receiving the rank of Ice Warriors leader, Ben retires from his position at the top of the army, a position that only 5 people have ever been able to call their own.

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BREAKING: “Ambrosha” Impersonator Who Fired Freezie66 Revealed a Fake


FROSTY, DW Nation – With a crazy change of events, DW creator, Ambrosha, states that he has been impersonated to fire Freezie66 from his DW leadership position.  Ambrosha states that Freezie66 is still a leader and legend of DW and action towards this impostor will be taken.

This is a developing story, news will be reported – as it comes. All updates are after the Read More. 

As always, CPA Central is hosting a live discussion and debate on this subject at our chat HERE

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Freezie66 Removed in a Coup d’état and Banished from the Dark Warriors

UPDATE 4:00 PM EST: Freezie’s response post has now been deleted.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In the middle of their war with the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Warriors Creator and CP Army Legend Ambrosha has banished long-term leader Freezie66 from the army.

This is a developing story. More information will be added as it comes.

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Army Republic, Light Troops Declare War on Doritos || SWAT Declares War on Light Troops

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The newly re-risen Light Troops make a big move, declaring war on the Doritos in order to assist the Rebel Penguin Federation, as do the Army Republic. In response, SWAT declares war on the Light Troops to assist the Doritos.

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Something Cool is Coming to CPAC

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Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation ‘Hacking’ Scandal

UPDATE 10:28 PM EST: Added statement by Djgtjvgyhxgy.

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – Just one day after the Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation war has begun, there is new evidence that each party could be hacking the other.

This is a developing story. More information will be added has it comes.

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