Sky Troops: A History

Hello readers!  I am really getting a little bit bored on every day news posts but I will still be posting news but I just wanted something new and fresh for you, the readers of CPAC to view.  After a lot of thinking, I thought why not post the history of some armies that you may have all heard of, but not known a huge deal about.  So, todays post is about the Sky Troops, one of the most successful armies in a sense of never dying in their two year history.


The Beginning

The Sky Troops have not always been named their current name.  In fact, they used to be known as their current name.  They used to in fact be called the Club Penguin Elite Defenders.  Well, after seeing their name didn’t show on Club Penguin.  They had a poll to see what their new name would be.  After a few days, the votes showed that the new name would be the Sky Troops.  In October, 2010 Roxas89 and Alex Cone created the Sky Troops of Club Penguin.

Small Army Alliance

The Club Penguin Elite Defenders had been members of the Small Army Alliance, an alliance that consisted of 5 or 6 small armies.  They continued to be a part as the Sky Troops.  The Small Army Alliance had one high moment back in 2010 when they invaded a server from the Ice Warriors and went toe to toe in a battle with them and apparently they won.  The SAA abruptly ended as there was a disagreement as one of the army leaders de-framed another by faking identity and saying rude comments to others.


The Sky Troops went on a little bit of a run of getting themselves into wars with other armies from November 2010 to December 2010.  These wars were against the Purple Heads of CP who they ended up signing a treaty and becoming brother allies with.  They also would raid the ACP servers for a little while and tried to declare war but sadly that didn’t really work out for them.

Parka War – Depression

The Sky Troops had a very poor beginning to the year of 2011.  They had a war with the Parkas who were much bigger than them.  They eventually lost the war although winning a couple of events.  The Sky Troops then became very small averaging two troops at events.  This “dark age” lasted for a couple of months but eventually in the summer of 2011 it all came back to glory.


The summer of 2011 was one of the most successful times ever for the Sky Troops.  In the Legends Cup, they pulled a shock upset over the Golden Troops who had been number 1 in the CPAC top ten only 3 weeks before.  Then, in the second round, they did lose to ACP.  Although they were defeated, they proved many people wrong about their abilities and were getting 15 troops consistently in events.

Keep it Going!

The Sky Troops kept their rise performing superb in the CPAC Scary Showdown.(I really wish I was around on the internet during the Scary Showdown as I heard it was a great tournament, but I had no power for 8 days from a winter storm and Halloween was OFFICIALLY canceled in my town.)  They defeated the Ice Warriors and kept the momentum going and showed that they were not going to become one of those one and done armies that makes the top ten once and then does nothing.

Quiet Times

The Sky Troops had a relatively quiet time span between the beginning of 2012 to this current point in time.  The only real wars they have been in were between the Shadow Troops over the abbreviation “ST” and the DCP.  Both wars ended very quickly after beginning.  The Sky Troops are currently though going through a major reform trying to regain sizes as a tough Legends Cup battle with the Night Warriors looms in the balance.


So that’s it guys.  I want you to please comment two things, what you thought of this post, and what army I should do a history post on next.  More news posts will be coming soon!

Ajman not 9011.


The Club Penguin Army Central Reunion

Recently five of CPAC’s Heads were spotted at a reunion.

Thanks to Riot for help with the picture.


CPA Central Head of Site

The ACP Off to War Again: Light Troops Declare War

Earlier today, the Army of Club Penguin ended their war with the Nachos. However, the peace would only last a few hours as the Light Troops have officially declared war on the ACP. This declaration sends the ACP off to war once again. After struggling near the end of their war with the Nachos, the ACP planned to rebuild their army to their former strength. The Light Troops thought differently as they decided that they couldn’t let the ACP “rebuild and reign [Club Penguin] Armies again.”

The Light Troops also believe that the ACP need to be taught a lesson. They don’t think the ACP live up to their title of “protecting freedom and preserving justice.” Light Troops leader Ioioluk was quoted concerning this in which he said:

That is completely false! ACP does not protect Club Penguin, and ACP certainly does not preserve justice. Everything ACP does is against justice, and is unfair. ACP edits pictures and posts false facts on their website every day.

Slowly more people in CP Warfare realize and understand that ACP is bad. But still, there are some ACP troops that stay along Kingfunks and agree with every lie he makes up.

The Light Troops plan to start the war right away as they have already scheduled an invasion on the ACP’s capital server Breeze as well as Mammoth late at night. The ACP still have not responded to the LT’s declaration or have made a comment about defending Breeze and Mammoth tomorrow (Monday).

With the LT declaring war, it comes as a surprise to many. Most probably figured the Light Troops would continue their war with the Army Republic, but they instead ended that war seeing as they had accomplished their mission of getting the ACP to end the war with the Nachos. The Army of Club Penguin are probably the most shocked of all as the last thing they wanted at the moment was another war. The ACP wanted to rebuild not another war. In addition, the ACP are still without ACP leader Icey Cold27 making things even more tough for the ACP right now.

The ACP still have not issued a statement about this yet, so we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

What do you think about the LT declaring war on the ACP? Are surprised by it? How do you think the ACP will react? How will the ACP do in the war? Was this a good move by the LT? Comment and let us know!


Kingfunks hits a home run! : Mchappy is A.W.O.L

Today, Kingfunks4, the longstanding ACP 2ic was temporarily promoted to Supreme Commander of the Army of Club Penguin. This is unusual and new for many members of the ACP.

Kingfunks has been 2ic of the ACP for 29 days now. He was promoted from 3ic in the recent owner rank shuffle that happened once Mchappy took power after the retirement of ACP Leaders – Flipper and Kenneth.

Mchappy appears to have mysteriously disappeared from the ACP in the last week, a lot of theories have come up as to the whereabouts of his absense, the most interesting and perhaps far fetched one I’ve heard is  ‘Mch’s ship has been compromised by Nachos, we are sending help’.  But the unofficial line that ACP seems to be taking is that Mchappy is on a temporary break. As said by Kingfunks himself

”Mch[happy] is taking a break” – Kingfunks4, ACP Temporary Leader

This quote obviously gives us some insight into the issues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Mchappy. But a lot has not been answered for, the ACP website has made no comment on this issue. Could they be hiding something? or is this simply a case of a Leader who needs a break from the stresses of running one of the largest and most time consuming armies in Club Penguin?

Ekpenguin, ACP third in command and longstanding friend of Kingfunks, has generously provided me with this statement on his thoughts for the future of ACP under the new temp leader.

 Comment with YOUR opinion! What effect will Kingfunks’ temporary leadership have on the Army of Club Penguin? Is Mchappy really just taking a break from the stresses of ACP?

Max Cassius Brutus, New CPAC Reporter 😀

ACP vs. Nachos War: Ended/Postponed

For the past month, the war between the Nachos and the ACP has been the main event of the Club Penguin Army community. Several, huge battles involving multiple armies have been going on, with both sides sometimes having over 40 soldiers online.

Finally, an agreement was made between the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin, and the war was ended.

Continue reading

The Fired Staff

We have chosen to let go of four reporters and hire three new ones. Continue reading

DAY 3: Legends Cup First Round Results

Another day have battles have come and gone as we continue to move along in the Legends Cup III tournament. Yesterday, we had three interesting battles in Day 3 of the first round. Here, the Night Warriors took on the Watex Warriors; the Snow Troops faced the Fire Ninjas; and the Rebel Penguin Federation battled the Water Warriors. Continue reading to find out who the winners were!

Night Warriors vs. Watex Warriors

Winner: Night Warriors!

Congratulations to the Night Warriors as they now move onto the Second Round to face the Sky Troops!

Snow Troops vs. Fire Ninjas

No show! Since neither army arrived, the ROMANS will replace them in the next round!

Good luck to the Romans next round as they will take on the Doritos!

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Water Warriors

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation!

Great job, RPF! The RPF will battle the Shadow Troops!

Good luck to all armies next round! Read HERE for all the information about Round Two!