The Process of Making a Top Ten- Blue1 Edition

If you recall, Skloop a little while ago when he returned to check up on CPAC for a bit. Now it’s my turn to make one of these- more of a reminder of his points and a bit of a rage post. This is the process of making a Top Ten. Continue reading


OPERATION: Re-populate Mammoth

Iceyfeet Edit: We had an unscheduled test run with only a small group of IW/ACP/AR troops and we were able to get Mammoth to 2 bars, which is a big jump considering only a couple of people were recruiting on populated servers.

After years of armies collapsing and rising back up, it’s time that we stop in our tracks and look at our mistakes. The main mistake was letting go of Mammoth, the recruiting hub of CP armies. When armies recruited, they rarely planned it. They would grab a few people, head to Mammoth Town, and then get a large group of people and head on over to the Dojo. Some of those people would take their time and join the army through Google, and those people would become loyal troops in the army. This is why armies wouldn’t collapse as often as they would today. This is why we have finally made the decision to re-populate Mammoth in a literal way. Instead of going on and battling, we’re going to get people onto the server WHILE battling.

The plan is to have a few armies battle it out on Mammoth Dojo and Mammoth Snow Forts (if needed). Then during the battle, we would have a large group of armies send their non members to have smaller battles on Mammoths, while their members go to heavily populated servers and persuade people into going onto Mammoth. One of the reasons why we cant switch servers is because most servers that are populated but not full have a large non member population, which wouldn’t be too good for CP armies. Instead we’ll aim for the members who would create an advantage for us.

All of the information for the testing has been set out. The 4 main armies participating are the Ice Warriors, ACP, Nachos, and Army Republic. All armies are welcome and highly encouraged to participate, but we are mainly looking for armies that get AT LEAST 8 or so people at EVERY event. Larger armies that joined will have to split onto 2 servers, while the smaller armies will just stay on 1. Battles will last for about an hour, but we will try to stay on for a little bit longer if we can maintain the sizes. Here is the info:

Invasion 1

When: Saturday, August 4th


Eastern: 2:00 P.M.
Central: 1:00 P.M.
Mountain: 12:00 P.M.
Pacific: 11:00 A.M.
UK: 7:00 P.M. 

Recruiting Armies and Server Match-ups

Ice Warriors: Abominable Town, Stadium, and Plaza
Army Republic: Zipline Town, Plaza, and Snow Forts

Battling Armies:

 ACP V.S. Nachos: Mammoth, Dojo


Invasion 2

When: Sunday, August 5th


Eastern: 2:00 P.M.
Central: 1:00 P.M.
Mountain: 12:00 P.M.
Pacific: 11:00 A.M.
UK: 7:00 P.M. 

Recruiting Armies and Server Match-ups

ACP: Abominable Town, Plaza, and Stadium
Nachos: Zipline Town, Plaza, and Snow Forts

Battling Armies:

Ice Warriors V.S. Army Republic: Mammoth, Dojo

RECRUITING ARMIES: Please have a max of 5 people in a room to recruit. When recruiting say phrases such as “HUGE BATTLE IN MAMMOTH DOJO”. Be creative, but MAKE SURE it appears on CP.


Please Comment with your army name/army sizes and you will be added to the post. Also, please post the info for both days after your army gets assigned a server. Your army will either be assigned to battle at Mammoth Snow Forts, or recruit at a populated server.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Light Troops vs ACP: Battle of Breeze

Recently, the Light Troops have declared war on the Army of CP. The LT have already scheduled a series of invasions on the ACP and have declared that they will not stop until they conquer DRACP. Although the ACP had planned to rebuild their empire however after LT declared war on them, ACP cancelled all their training sessions and accepted Light Troop’s declaration of war.

Yesterday, the two armies met for the first time in their current war on Breeze. Both armies arrived with sizes of 15-20 although LT managed to gain the sizes of 25+ at one point. ACP was led by their temp leader, KingFunks4 since Icey Cold had gone missing while LT on the other hand had switched their chat after Tymatt had gained access to it.

The battle begins at Town. ACP perform a E + L

LT and ACP move to Casa Fiesta. LT form a V and perform “Sick Faces” while ACP form a line.

ACP perform a E + 3 in a line.

LT and ACP move to Snow Fort. LT perform a “Surprised Face” while ACP counter with “Crescents”

Following this, Light Troops logged off claiming victory. The Army of CP also declared victory on Breeze stating that they had successfully defended the server. LT Leader Ioioluk had stated:

I am proud of all the Light Troops that attended this battle, you all fought hard and you have proven yourself worthy of being a warrior. ACP will crumble!

Overall, it was a close and intense battle between both armies, but who do you think won?


What do you think of the LT/ACP war? 

Ederan: Well, I think that the war is great for both armies, considering that it’s an old rivalry between us and it’s beneficial for training our soldiers.

Why did the Light Troops declare war on ACP?

Ederan: Well, I asked Ioioluk the same thing. He said that all armies weren’t a challenge for us, so why not declare war on the No #1 army?

Do you think AR will come to help their allies, ACP? 

Ederan: Well since ACP came to help AR during our war with AR. It won’t be a surprise that AR will come to help them as well.

 Who do you think will win this war and why?

Ederan: Well not to be biased, but LT. We have been rising lately and all our troops have been doing what they have been told. We have some great recruiters that can give us that size advantage and ACP recently had a leadership change. I don’t believe KingFunks4 was ready to lead yet, ever since he has been in charge they have been getting smaller sizes.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Ederan: LT will win this war and best of luck to KingFunks in leading that hectic army.


What do you think of the LT/ACP war? 

Stew: I think it’s annoying that LT are being noobs and are trying to invade us, but hey that is that’s CP Armies.

Why did the Light Troops declare war on ACP?

Stew: They declared war on us cause they are trolls, probably cause of the Nacho war and they wanted to invade us as well.

Do you think Nachos will come to help their allies, LT?

Stew: No, because in the war treaty it says Nachos can’t invade ACP for 2 months.

 Who do you think will win this war and why?

Stew: ACP obviously, I know ACP has been having “problems” lately but we need time to get back on our feet, you know? I think this war is the perfect time/place to do it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Stew: It’s great to be back as 3ic in the ACP, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to get ACP back to its strong point. ACP Forever. ❤


Well, it seems like the 3ic of both armies had different opinions about the war. Both 3ic believe that their army will be the one that is going to win. Now I would like to say Hi!

Comment with YOUR opinion. Will the leadership crisis affect ACP? Will LT be able to defeat ACP without Roberto? Will the Nachos ever get their salsa back?

– Rex Imperio,  CPAC Reporter

Bots in the ACP and Light Troops War

Hello my wonderful reading and beautiful looking CPAC viewers!  I am very excited to bring you a news post that some of you may have heard about, but I feel I may be the first person to officially report on a news site of this.  The topic of the day is: Bots in the ACP and Light Troops war.  I do not yet know the reason why that this has all happened, but, as I journey into this post, I hope to find some answers to these bots like who made them, what was the purposes of them.  Were they used to harm the ACP only in the battle, or were they used against the Light Troops as well.  Let’s find out!


The Time The Bots Logged On:

The bots all were logged onto by the main owner at the same time the ACP roughly logged on at, 8:05 PM EST to the server of Breeze.  Whilst the ACP were recruiting in the town, the bots were constantly chanting things to try and ruin the flow of ACP’s recruiting.  Below is just one of the many pictures that people had taken of what the bots had been saying on CP while cap were in the Plaza.

As you can see clearly in the picture above.  These bots were clearly trying to get the ACP to log off by shouting things like, “All ACP Log Off, and other chants.  I even saw a few of them say, “Green Peasants” which was a bit funny.  This, although amusing to some, was very harmful and annoying to others.  Talking to many of the ACP troops that took part in the event last night, they said the bots were very annoying and distracting.  As you can see clearly, the ACP were very annoyed with this.  I interviewed Cas on this topic.

Me: What did you make of the bots last night?

Cas: Well, I thought that whoever was using them has a sick sense of humor, they were obviously trying to interrupt a perfectly legitimate event and failed in their attempt of trolling us.

Me: Who do you think made the bots?

Cas: I have a strong suspicion based on the LT’s track record, that LT either made them or sponsored the making of what I like to call “bot terrorism.”

Me: Do you hope they stay out of the war?

Cas: Well, of course I would like to see the war play out fairly, but if the bots continue to harass us I think we can overcome them easily.


As we go on about how we feel that bots are wrong and stuff, whoever the owner is of these bots is laughing and just going to provoke people even more.  I personally think that this person is not actually to do with the Light Troops, and instead just doesn’t really like ACP and wants to annoy/troll them for their own amusement.  I personally feel that it is fine as long as it doesn’t reach the point where there’s 50 bots all spamming every room.  That of course, would become a little too far, out of control, and extreme.  Also, we go on about this effecting the ACP, say the person goes after both the Light Troops and ACP with the bots.  That would really ruin the war.



I hope you enjoyed my post today!  I always enjoy reading comments negative and positive as I love hearing opinions.


(Mummy my army got 10 today!)

Top Ten Armies: 07/31/12

I apologize that this is a day late, but we once again have an interesting Top Ten with some armies jumping into the top five. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Icey Cold27 Retires from the ACP || Kingfunks4 Promoted to ACP Leader

ACP is now coming out towards the end of a massive, multiple-week leadership crisis. With the retirement of Mchappy, ACP has made Kingfunks4 the leader of the army.

Continue reading

Inside the UMA: Coups, Rebellion and Civil War?

The Underground Mafia has been in a bit of a power struggle lately. The last day or two, internal problems have caused chaos within the army. Early on July 29, UMA leader Zak posted the following concerning the situation in the mafia:

Today has been a messy, MESSY day. We’ve had two coups, a rebellion, and quite soon, a civil war. Earlier today, it was announced that Wgfv had couped Coolster114 and I.

After alleged attempts of taking over the army to himself, Wgfv was fired by Zak with support of three-fourths of the Owners, claiming Wfgv “and his selfish lust for power shan’t be tolerated.”

Later on July 29, Zak made a post saying that he was wrong about Wfgv, claiming “Wgfv was not tyrannical. He didn’t do a thing, nor did he plan to. This was all a set-up.” According to Zak, it was not Wfgv who was the culprit but Tsar Seth. It was discovered that Tsar Seth devised the entire thing, intending to spread chaos and come out on top in rebellion.

After this, a certain “Operation: Valkyrie” was initiated. As part of this, 1ic Derek and 2ics Lootking and Reddbud were able to get back the chat pass from Seth and injure the rebellion. Lootking had the following to say about the Operation:

Today Me,  Redd, and Derek made a big impact on the rebellion. I tricked Seth into giving me chat pass and we affected them greatly, we showed them that we are SMART, and that we can really hit hard.

The rebellion is currently still active but the UMA are not worried. According to leader Coolster, the rebellion is too small and is mainly non-UMA troops. But will this distract the army from remaining high in the Top Ten? More news as it comes.