World Empires and Server Conquerors

Will a ‘server conqueror’ who would conquer pages and pages of servers, be able to emerge, along with his own enormous empire in the world of CP armies?


Is the world of CP armies stagnant? It seems so. After all, year after year, it’s the same game. ACP dominating the top ten. The Nachos, Ice Warriors or another army occasionally snatching away the 1# spot.

However, let’s imagine a new scenario: what if an army, with an expansionist goal, is led by an amazing leader, and captures away server after server? What if in the end they end up with a giant empire, holding numerous servers that extend page after page?

First, let’s see if something like that ever happened in the ‘real world’ (which CP armies sometimes takes ideas from). There are quite a few really large empires in history. The first one would be Alexander the Great’s empire. For any of the younger readers around here who may not know who he is, Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire, which was quite a few times larger than his own kingdom of Macedon. Another example of a ‘world conquerer’ would be Genghis Khan. He started out as an unknown boy abandoned to live with his small family, and by the end of his life he’d conquered northern China, parts of Central Asia, and had sent armies into Georgia and Armenia (which is right under modern-day Russia). His successors extended his empire even further, and in the end at their largest extent the Mongols found themselves controlling this:

And that’s quite an achievement right? 😉

Would something like this be able to happen in CP armies? Let’s imagine the scenario:

Say, the army starts as a small army. The small army would hold about two or three servers. As is customary with small and medium armies, they quickly start recruiting, gaining a larger size, and along the way challenging other armies which are larger than them.

Once the army becomes a large army, say, what happens next? Well, their path would only be ‘really’ starting now if their goal is to conquer lots and lots of servers. So instead of challenging more armies that are larger than them, their goal would be to conquer all the servers of the armies that are smaller than them. 

Once they’ve conquered a lot of servers, the army would then look on to the Top 3 armies. Honestly, by this time, there isn’t much to fear about loosing; you’ve got so many servers that loosing a few servers in a war wouldn’t have much effect, which means that size wouldn’t be as important as an army with less servers. But then, if an army has conquered a whole lot of servers, they would have attracted a number of recruits and wouldn’t be too much smaller than an army they would want to challenge.

When the army starts to challenge the armies that are in the Top 3, the scenario can change in two ways. First, the army could loose too many battles, and in the end loose recruits. However, as I’ve said above, the amount of servers you have may help; if you loose 5 defenses, you would only loose at most 5 servers, and have a ton of servers left. Morale wouldn’t be so easily lessened.

Another scenario is that the army actually wins the war against the Top 3 army. This, of course, would add a lot more servers to the empire’s server collection, and increase the number of new people coming in even more, stacking the odds against the remaining armies.

In the end, if the army manages to win the army that is dominating the Top 10 (which may or may not be ACP), that new ‘army empire’ would be the new army dominating the monopoly. This would cause even more wars: the other armies which are now left pretty ‘server-less’ forming an alliance and battling the new army, and that would certainly make a full world war.

But why hasn’t this happened yet? A reason would be that the only thing armies are interested in is the #1 spot, and the only way to achieve that right now is simply be getting more size. Also, this will be needed:


A great leader who would win so many wars would have to have a charismatic way of leading, and be able to make new strategies to win a battle (example in history: Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, etc.).

However, the empire may not survive for so long after the retirement of the main leader, unless the main leader has carefully selected his 2ics and 3ics so that they’re ready so succeed.

And there you have it. An idea that a leader could come along with his army, invading and subjugating pages and pages of servers.

Today, the reason I’ve posted is because I saw a lack of posts coming, and if I post again here on CPAC I’m going to try to make it better than this (this idea is a bit too unrealistic anyway).

What do you think? Will world empires and server conquerers ever be able to appear in CP armies? Why or why not?

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you enjoyed it.



19 Responses

  1. Can’t the font be changed back to Ubuntu or Trebuchet MS like the old CPAC site?

  2. Oh, and btw, sorry if I referred to history a bit too much in this post. I’m a bit of a history buff and I couldn’t resist. 😛

  3. Nice post! But now I’m scared X(

  4. Splasher is a better poster than me *runs away*

  5. Wow awesome post!

  6. Genghis Khan<3

  7. Well, the reason empires back then were so large was the fact that technology wasn’t really at it’s highest. Now, technology is capable of cutting down advances of both sides of the war. Look at World War 1. The Germans, French and Russians were in a bloody stalemate. In the end, only 7 miles were fought over. People thought that the advances in technology would destroy their opponent, and it did. But their opponent advanced as well, which in the end it just decimated the number of troops of both sides of the war.

    Maybe at some point, technology will just wipe out the opposition, just like Albert Einstein said.

  8. Well, technology did wipe out Hiroshima.

    And that’s the reason why I chose the Mongols and the Macedonians as the examples; they didn’t have the technology, and in the world of CP armies there would probably be no ‘technological achievement’. But thanks for reading, thanks to your comment I learned only 7 miles were fought over in WW1 🙂

  9. Lol not really…

  10. Love history bro. Keep it coming.

  11. Yai for good posts! ❤

  12. AWSOME POST if armies actually were able to pull this off there would be a ton of more world wars

  13. I don’t think servers really matter, I mean all servers are the same, it’s not like you’re getting different scenery (which would be a brilliant yet difficult addition to CP). I guess it’s nice to have a lot in case you go to war, I mean there is really no point in declaring war on an army that has 2 servers. Like, you really don’t need 40 or 50 servers, but around 10-15 would be ideal.

  14. Servers will attract enemies, you may allow one server to be expropriated, but it will influence laziness. Soldiers minds will be molded into thinking that one little server can be taken, and that it is no big deal, until it spreads much like an unstoppable rebel force..

  15. I believe that armies should be more concerned with taking over all of Club Penguin. Yeah, people think servers are important, but nobody really strives to take over every single one of them. There’s way too many, but everyone just wants to make sure they keep their 3 or 4 main servers as much as possible. I wish that would change.

  16. hmm…

  17. Wow…. There’s no more words that I can use to describe this post, that’s how amazing it is.

  18. the more popular the server, the more recruits you get.

  19. […] my post on CPAC, World Empires and Server Conquerors, I talked about how a strong leader may arise, build a military macine and conquer the servers of CP. […]

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